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5 eBook Marketing Gems to Help You Sell More Books with Your Blog

Last week I shared with you 5 of the most popular articles at I hope you enjoyed and found them valuable.

Today I would like to introduce you to five hidden gems on my website that will help you sell more books by writing blogs and sharing them on LinkedIn.

1. 3 Solutions to Market Your Book Online Using Blog Articles Today

Need help getting past writer’s block and focusing your blog posts in ways that will help you connect with your audience? Want to make sure you write blogs that will generate income and sales? This sparkling sapphire is for you!

2. 7 Tips for Book and Business Marketing with a Blog

After you’ve looked over gem #1 above, use this jewel of a guide to follow 7 simple steps that will keep your blog posts on track. You’ll soon be on your way to earning more comments and making more sales.

3. Blog Marketing Strategies – Is Short or Long the Best?

No need to view the world through rose colored glasses! Both long and short blog articles can serve you and your target audience well. Discover the benefits and uses for each.

4. Book Marketing with LinkedIn – Top Mistakes and Solutions

After you write your wonderful blogs, full of quality content waiting to be adored by your target audience, you need to take action. You can’t just rely on Google to find your diamond in the rough, you need to share it with the Web! And LinkedIn is a great place to do so, if you follow the lessons in this special gem.

5. Discussion Forum Etiquette – Promoting Your Book

With all your wonderful blog writing and LinkedIn activity, you’ll be sure to participate in some engaging discussions both at your website and in LI groups. If you want to sell your book well, you’ll want to know the best ways to conduct yourself when communicating directly with posters and commentors. Luckily, you’ll be prepared with these pearls of online etiquette wisdom.

Got some gems of your own you’d like to share to help us all sell more ebooks?

Please tell us about them by posting a comment!

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Book and Blog Coach Judy Cullins helps you gain confidence and transform your ideas into life-long money-making content. Author of 14 books for business people and authors include “Write your eBook or Other Short Book–Fast!”Judy offers free, up-to-the minute weekly publications on book and blog writing and online marketing at

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