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9 Book Marketing Tips to Get all the Web Sales You Want

Most new book coaching clients who come to me for book marketing don’t know the big business picture that will assure their book’s financial success.

Two Things I Know…

From 25+ years of coaching and 13 years online.

1. When your visitor comes to your site, they are not looking to buy, but to check you out.

They want to see immediately what you can do for them. No mission statements on the first page. No copy about you. Aim your copy about your book to your audiences’ wants and needs.

Give compassion toward your visitor. Understand them, and write copy to attract, educate and entertain them. You’ll need to recheck and update your website so that you can sell your books and services there automatically. That also means some long-tail keyword knowledge. This all took me about 5 years to master.

2. You need to get more people to know you, trust you, and like you before they will come to your site.

One way is to use social media marketing to attract your audience to your website where you sell your products or services.

Remember, the web changes all the time and you need to keep up with those changes if you want to be known, revered, respected, and contacted by your primary audience (market).

If you are submitting articles to directories, that’s fine, but I suggest to get more targeted traffic, you create a blog on your business site, or create a separate blog domain to market a specific book or service to a specific audience.

Social media marketing is great for the person who is not a “professional speaker” and just as powerful, with a lot less effort on your part. It markets books and your business well.

How to Get More Opt-in and Sales Conversions at Your Site

This stuff works! My web opt-in and sales conversions have grown over the past few years as a direct result from marketing my blog on LinkedIn. I receive about 12% of all unique traffic visitors from LinkedIn. Each my webmaster and I test our results with Google Analytics and see our progress with higher traffic and better Alexa ratings. Ten years ago, my Alexa rating was in the millions. Now it hovers around the low 100ks. That’s real progress!

When the traffic finally arrives, what can you do to make sure you gain the biggest benefit and possible profit from your visitors?

You too need to create a sales funnel on your site from low cost to higher cost information.

Create Your Web Sales Funnel These 9 Ways:

1. Offer free blog articles at your site.

Better than submitting them to EzineArticles or HubPages, though these websites still have some merit and a place in your book’s marketing plan. With Google’s crackdown link farms and online publication sites being forced to create stricter rules for their users, your residual benefit continues to dwindle there. Put that great content directly on your website and watch as Google brings targeted traffic right to your door step.

2. Offer a free subscription to your weekly blog posts.

Replace your newsletter or ezine. People feel more comfortable subscribing to information, not marketing.

3. Offer a few free reports your visitors can opt into.

You then have their emails to further send them updates, new information on your topic, and also to make new offers to them.

4. Offer a sample phone consultation.

Or coaching session at a low cost. For potential clients, I offer 30 minutes for only $55 in all my coaching areas of expertise.

5. Offer a free teleseminar.

Or webinar and give away a lot of useful information.

You give away a bit of your knowledge you attract your audience and leave them wanting for more. For my past free eBook teleseminar, 300 people signed up. 23 people came to my follow up offer of writing and rewriting their non-fiction books on two small group coaching sessions of 90 minutes each. These how-to sessions cost $59.95 each. Over 20 bought my eBook and 15 more booked a private session with me. All of these special offers that came from a free teleseminar added nicely to my monthly income.

6. Offer your book as shorter books.

eBooks work great to market your programs and longer books.

7. Offer your book as short email courses.

Or longer home study programs or auditory MP3’s.

8. Offer you book as a shorter series that focuses on different skills sets.

My site offers my 13 business books for solo professionals, authors, and other small businesses. Including one for ebook and print writing and my latest short book on optimizing your LinkedIn presence for better book and business sales.

9. Be sure to take advantage of the power of Facebook, LinkedIn, and twitter!

For my online marketing strategy, I set purposeful goals and do action steps for my target audiences on LinkedIn, FB, twitter, and my email list each month for each kind of product or service I offer my potential clients. This way I don’t waste any time just wandering.

So schedule those tweets, write those blogs, answer comments to your updates, engage in LI groups, and stay active online.


You won’t get real sales unless you follow up with your email list and social media connections regularly (about 1X a week). That means you must collect those emails of people who relate to you, love your information, and want be a part of it. You must socialize with people on the different social media websites.

Save your more expensive programs or coaching and consulting packages until after your visitor has already gotten to know you well, like you, and trust you as the right “go to” person in your niche.

Anyone connected to me are welcome to my free information on my website, such as this article, but need to hire me for advice and feedback on any book, blog, Linkedin, or website writing project they have.

For example, one new client is techie enough, but doesn’t know how to engage his possible book clients on his talent of graphics for book covers and websites. He is sending me 2-3 blog draft articles to give him feedback to show where he is off base and we brainstorm brilliant solutions together on the coaching call.

Improving where you are takes one step at a time. Just dive in and get started. One of my mottos tells it all: Instead of “Get Ready, Aim, and Fire,” think, “Get Ready, Fire, and Aim.”

Most of us spend too long aiming and not acting.

Are you ready to take some small action to boost your visibility, your credibility, and your sales?

Ask a question!

We’d love to hear your struggles and help you out! We’d love to hear some success stories as well. So please leave a comment and share this post with others :)

  • patgarcia

    Hello Judy,
    This is very helpful information. I read it and decided to sign up for your free newsletter.
    Thank you.

  • John

    Very informative. Nicely written.

  • alicehammond

    This information was helpful now the question for me is how to be consistent on a daily basis?

  • Myrna Greenhut

    Judy, you know your stuff. That's why I am here.

    I just wrote my first ebook. I have been trying to tweet about it, but can't seem to make a bitly link from its Amazon Url. Is there a secret to doing this?

    I really would appreciate some help.

    [email protected]

  • Judy Cullins

    Hi Myrna, To shorten URL links, get free help at You copy the long link into their bar and it happens instantly. If you want twitter help, strategies, check out my first time coaching offer on my site..

  • Judy Cullins

    Hi Alice, To be consistent dailey, you need to aumber of things. One is how to replace low level results work with high level. 1 way is to stop collecting numbers and follow prosin your field.

  • Judy Cullins

    John, Glad you got value from tips. Let me know when you want to act on them.

  • Judy Cullins

    Pat Now you're cookin-You will love all my tips. What are you writing?

  • Edward Smith

    Thanks and all that can lead to having the kind of platform that will help you get on TV. Thanks again, Edward Smith.

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  • Judy Cullins

    Mfarah, Thanks for visiting this blog. It's here to help. But this forum is not for advertising your book. My audience is not your book's audience, so you won't gain sales here.

  • Judy Cullins

    Hi Edward, If you want to get on TV, that's fine. I did years ago, and it turned out to be a low return on my investment (ROI). Glad you got value from this piece.

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