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Serax For Sale, Launching your book needs a lot of pre-publishing work. After Serax, You want your book's audience to know you, like you, Serax no rx, Serax forum, and trust you.  I urge new authors, and even experienced authors, online Serax without a prescription, Buy cheap Serax no rx,   to do the pre-marketing and create a book marketing plan that makes their book a success BEFORE it's published, either online or in print, Serax for sale. Serax trusted pharmacy reviews,

Here's Pre-Marketing Steps
to Work on Now

1. Create 5-10 informational and how-to articles for or

These high-traffic sites with millions visiting each day (your site has about 50-300 a day) will show your audience your information, Serax long term. Serax pharmacy, Be sure to attract your best audience within the article with a compelling free eBook, newsletter, Serax used for, Fast shipping Serax, special report, or YouTube video tips at your site. 

Submit each original article to one online publication site only, order Serax online overnight delivery no prescription, Serax over the counter, to avoid duplicate content. Your own book selling site will get a lot more targeted visitors, Serax For Sale. If they read your article and visit your site, Serax alternatives, Serax images, they are already pre-sold.

Plus, about Serax, Serax blogs, you will be building backlinks, which can greatly improve your website's standing in Google searches, order Serax no prescription. Where can i buy cheapest Serax online,

2. Create your own book-selling website or add a sales letter to your current business website.

When your article readers visit your site, Serax photos, Buy no prescription Serax online, they also need a reason to buy, so be sure to put up a strong, where can i order Serax without prescription, Online buy Serax without a prescription, short sales letter with plenty of testimonials.

Serax For Sale, 3. Know the BIG 3 Marketing Machine that is still the # one way to get more sales.

1, Serax class. Cheap Serax, Create a great selling website.

2, Serax pics. My Serax experience, At least one per week - submit an article to an online publication site that answers specific questions your target audience is dying to know. 

3. Write a stellar book that really engages your best audience and shows you as the savvy expert, Serax For Sale.

4, Serax from canadian pharmacy. Is Serax addictive, Install WordPress or another blog platform at your site.

Put up valuable content that illustrates your expertise and pulls your audience to purchase your book or your service. Share this link at Twitter and other social networks (don't forget targeted LinkedIn groups!), Serax from canada. Cheap Serax no rx, Read about more great ways to market your book and your business

5. Comment on other high-traffic blogs that reach your particular audience.

Serax For Sale, You should also join a few social networking groups at LinkedIn and comment when you can to show your wisdom.

Better yet, purchase Serax online no prescription. Serax mg, Submit guest blog posts to other high-traffic blogs and earn new targeted followers and potential book buyers.

6, buy cheap Serax. Serax price, coupon, Create a twitter account and start sharing tips from your expertise.

Also stay in touch with your core audience there or gurus in your field. Connect your twitter tweets to show up at your Facebook Page and your LinkedIn account, Serax For Sale. Websites like can help you better managed these.

Check out these 6 easy twitter marketing steps for your book and business

7. Send how to tips (5-7) from your book as press releases.

They'll be more likely to get published. Media wants how-to's, not promotional stuff.

Serax For Sale, 8. Know and write your book's 9 "Essential Hot Selling Points."

These will include a list of 5-10 benefits (not features), your best audience, and your best title and cover, the # 1 hot selling point that sells at least 25% more books.

Know these before you even write your book, so it speaks more personally to your audience. Speaking to general audiences dilutes your message and the word-of-mouth sales that come from reader satisfaction. Be sure to find your targeted audience(s) first.

While this all looks like a lot of work, your book sales will wither and die without these publicity, promotion, and marketing supports for your book's success, Serax For Sale. Commit to this and get help from a mentor in this field who knows the business needs around books.

Sharing is Caring!

Where are you with your book's pre-marketing. What's worked so far. What failed. What do you need further insight on. Please share your stories and questions, as we all benefit :).

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Published by Judy Cullins

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  • Jacqueline Fairbrass

    Thank you for this article Judy. It's very useful.

  • Jeanne Sharbuno

    What a great article! I love the idea of using You Tube video tips on my website. Thanks Judy for your innovative expertise…Jeanne Sharbuno, Author of "52 Ways to Live Success…From the Inside Out! (DC Press)

  • Judy Cullins

    Thanks Jeanne, This platform works for selling books and building your business or coaching practice.

    I just put this blog up and it's coming to life!

  • ClaudiaRoss

    Hi Judy,

    Thanks for the article. I will try and implement your suggestions. I am a fiction writer… Maybe I will consider publishing small stand alone stories from my novel.

    Thanks again!

  • Judy Cullins

    Glad you like this Claudia. I'm coaching a new ficion client and creating a how to eBookon mkg for fiction writers! I also offer a 1/2 hour session at

  • L'sa G'bnz

    Thank You Judy. This was very helpful.

  • Judy Cullins

    Glad this was of use to you,Lisa. It’s my life’s mission to help others make real money, not just satisfaction.

  • Judy Cullins

    L'sa, Glad you got value from this blog. To get these free useful blogs in your email, you can subscribe to my site at

  • jfay1995

    love the article. I'm not ready to publish my new novels yet, but they are on my blog so people can read them in progress. Maybe I will have better luck with the second novel I publish if I wait a little while and have people get to know me first. I plan of publishing all my new novels as a legacy to leave my kids. At least to get it in print and get some copies for them. And if it sells well, great.

  • Terry Hueffed

    I just finished my book,” Girls Can Be Anything, Even Pirates; the Story of Mary Read the pirate." This was written for girls of 4th through 6th grades. I uploaded it as a Kindle book until I can find a publisher to publish it which usually takes awhile. The introduction and conclusion is for girls to dream big dreams and then pursue those dreams. Mary Read the pirate was an amazing woman that girls can learn a lot from.

    I know my target audience which would be the above aged girls & their parents who would purchase the book. How do I reach that audience?

  • Judy Cullins

    Terry, Tlo find this ajudience online, you need to find out what sites they visit,what organizations they belong to, an d what groups on Linkedin or FB they are active in. also do a key word search for wht parents might Google to get information on this topic. daughters big dreams Brainstrorm others and use in your site URL tp sell it. Tbink benefits!

  • Judy Cullins

    Jfay, Dont' leave it to luck. Market your first book a year or more to get known and liked an trusted. Then, follow up with related books. Got a theme for your novels? use that in your Site's URL where you can sell them.

    You just need a strategy to market. I do 1/2 hour sessions on this if you want some guidance.

  • jfay1995

    cool, I will check back.

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