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How to Make Your eBook More Valuable and Increase Your Business

You may already have an eBook out in Kindle, PDF, or another format. You may not know that when you include certain final touches to your ebook, you add additional value. Value that widens your reach and increases your regular business sales.

11 Essential Tips to Increase the Value of Your eBook

1. Cover Page.

Use a photo for an easy cover. Include your website URL for non buyers – it’s free advertising!

2. Title Page.

Comes after your cover page. Include your book title and subtitle, your name, URL, and date. I put several hot testimonials on mine =)

3. About the Author.

Use a picture on the left side or right side. Tell something about yourself. Include your name or business brand here to get more visibility. Here’s where your reader can know you and trust you. Include your URL to your subscription page for extra opt-ins.

4. Table of Contents.

Includes your introduction, but probably not a foreword as you would in a print book.

5. Introduction.

Make it less than one page like a mini sales letter. Give reasons for the reader to finish reading your ebook.

6. 3-5 Chapter Titles.

These should brand your work. Include links within the chapters to other products you sell – even affiliates.

7. Screen Shots and Graphics.

You can use a service like Snagit. Place these on the right or left side of your pages. You can copy and paste them in. Pictures add value and make your book more interesting and readable.

8. “Pull Quotes”

Text you want to emphasize, usually in a larger font in a box.

9. End Remarks.

Here’s a chance to review the benefits to your new readers. You can include these at the end of your chapters and at the end of the ebook.

10. Resources and Resource Page.

Give short write-ups for these you already mentioned within the ebook and include links to purchase them.

11. Final Page.

List and describe other ways you can help your audience that include audios, coaching, seminars and other more expensive programs in your sales/marketing funnel.

Sharing is Caring!

What ahas did you get from these tips? Can you add any tips of your own? =)

Published by Judy Cullins

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Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription

Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription, Maybe you are wondering, “Should I write a book?”

You may not be sure if it’s worth it. You may not want to spend much time on it, buying Alprazolam online over the counter. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, You may not feel you’re a skilled writer.

I understand your concerns, Alprazolam pics. Alprazolam from canadian pharmacy, In the early 1980’s I didn’t even know about the power of book chapters—until I got a mentor to help me. Then, I wrote my first book “The San Diego Annotated Networking Directory.” My first printing sold out in six months, but more than that–it made me well known in the business networking community, Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription. I sold books, Alprazolam from mexico, Alprazolam trusted pharmacy reviews, but they led me to so many other opportunities.

That’s proof of the power of books, Alprazolam brand name. Buy Alprazolam online no prescription, If you are in business, you want to do several things to attract new customers and clients, Alprazolam dosage. Alprazolam long term,

Here’s Four Reasons to Write your Book:

1. Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription, You want credibility. You want people to come to you for answers about your particular topic or niche, Alprazolam dangers. Low dose Alprazolam, A book gives you more credibility than any other venue.

2, Alprazolam over the counter. Alprazolam duration, You want visibility–big visibility. You want more “targeted eyes” on your business, Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription. A book–even an eBook that you give away–will put your name on the internet big map, where to buy Alprazolam. Purchase Alprazolam, That means that your book-selling Web site gets an ample amount of unique traffic to it daily. I say unique, after Alprazolam, Alprazolam natural, because if you get any old “looky-loo” to your site, they may not even want your useful information, Alprazolam mg. Alprazolam canada, mexico, india, That’s why visibility goes beyond numbers; your audience should want what you have. Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription, This can be part of your pre-marketing to do’s before you write or publish your book.

3, no prescription Alprazolam online. Buy cheap Alprazolam no rx, You want to generate leads. One of my 11 business books led me to Dan Poynter, purchase Alprazolam online, Buy Alprazolam from canada, the self-publishing guru of us all, who was happy to do a teleseminar with me on book marketing for introverts and reluctant marketers, Alprazolam reviews. Kjøpe Alprazolam på nett, köpa Alprazolam online, His audience was far bigger than mine, so it really paid off, online buying Alprazolam hcl. A book can help you create profitable joint ventures, Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription. Online buy Alprazolam without a prescription, 4. You want to sell copies of your book, order Alprazolam online c.o.d. Order Alprazolam from mexican pharmacy, This goal is a good one too, because the more people who finish your book, Alprazolam pharmacy, Herbal Alprazolam, the more people will want to contact you further at your Web site and at your social media venues. They want to see if you are the right one to help further their education in such things as your trainings, Alprazolam recreational, Online buying Alprazolam, your seminars and teleseminars, your consulting, purchase Alprazolam for sale, and your other product packages. Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription, You can set up a perfect sales funnel with lower priced items to your higher priced items. This is good business.

Now that you know it’s a great idea to write a book, to help you with your next step, so you’ll write a saleable book your audience will love, you’ll need some professional guidance.

What’s your book title or topic, and what do you want your book to do for you.

Low Cost Opportunities

Get the book coach for around $15 inside the book, Write your eBook or Other Short Book Fast!

Or, bring your questions and get 1/2 hour coaching on what to do next and what not to do to make your book dream a success.

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Published by Judy Cullins

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Vardenafil For Sale

Vardenafil For Sale, Branding is a marketing concept that’s been around for decades.

Think of Donald Trump whose name is his brand, order Vardenafil no prescription. Canada, mexico, india, When you buy his books, you’ll know that HE is the brand, Vardenafil over the counter. Where can i order Vardenafil without prescription, Like Donald Trump, your business may be smaller, order Vardenafil online overnight delivery no prescription, Doses Vardenafil work, but can get a big boost when your write a book that educates your audience on your service, and its benefits that will attract them to your business Web site and also sell books, taking Vardenafil. Vardenafil use, A book is the number one way to brand your business and get big credibility as well as visibility.

You want to be known, be liked and be the best choice among your competition to help your audience to a better life, Vardenafil For Sale. Your book that brands you helps you stand out from the crowd, Vardenafil recreational, Vardenafil cost, especially online. Once you get help on writing a quality, buy generic Vardenafil, Where can i find Vardenafil online, short book, either in print or eformat, Vardenafil duration, Order Vardenafil from mexican pharmacy, you’ll want to expand even further.

Get Big Results for your Brand with Appropriate Online Marketing

  • Get the word out by doing several online strategies for your book and business.

  • Install a blog and put unique new material on it to increase your Google rating.

  • Join twitter and instead of follower madness, about Vardenafil, Buy Vardenafil from canada, just connect with those in your audience or gurus in your field.

  • Connect twitter tweets using With your FB fan page and LI profile page, what is Vardenafil. This one action really expands your visibility.

  • Vardenafil For Sale, Write and submit original articles to only high-traffic sites. Vardenafil from canada, Above all else, these really show you as the savvy expert in your niche.

You can do more, online buying Vardenafil, Order Vardenafil online c.o.d, but do what you do well. Schedule time to use each of these, purchase Vardenafil for sale. Buy no prescription Vardenafil online, We update all of my groups weekly at least.
Follow up each month with Google Analytics and see what’s working and what’s not, buy Vardenafil without a prescription. Buy Vardenafil online cod, When you have an effective, memorable, is Vardenafil safe, Vardenafil interactions, brand and use powerful internet tools you can get big results. Your audience will think of you when they need your information to improve their life or business, buy Vardenafil no prescription. Kjøpe Vardenafil på nett, köpa Vardenafil online, Get a breakthrough short session.

Download Judy’s free report on getting started with your book, Vardenafil gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Vardenafil dangers. No prescription Vardenafil online. Purchase Vardenafil. Vardenafil australia, uk, us, usa. Buy cheap Vardenafil no rx. Vardenafil schedule.

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Published by Judy Cullins

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Serax For Sale

Serax For Sale, Launching your book needs a lot of pre-publishing work. After Serax, You want your book’s audience to know you, like you, Serax no rx, Serax forum, and trust you. I urge new authors, and even experienced authors, online Serax without a prescription, Buy cheap Serax no rx, to do the pre-marketing and create a book marketing plan that makes their book a success BEFORE it’s published, either online or in print, Serax for sale. Serax trusted pharmacy reviews,

Here’s Pre-Marketing Steps
to Work on Now

1. Create 5-10 informational and how-to articles for or

These high-traffic sites with millions visiting each day (your site has about 50-300 a day) will show your audience your information, Serax long term. Serax pharmacy, Be sure to attract your best audience within the article with a compelling free eBook, newsletter, Serax used for, Fast shipping Serax, special report, or YouTube video tips at your site.

Submit each original article to one online publication site only, order Serax online overnight delivery no prescription, Serax over the counter, to avoid duplicate content. Your own book selling site will get a lot more targeted visitors, Serax For Sale. If they read your article and visit your site, Serax alternatives, Serax images, they are already pre-sold.

Plus, about Serax, Serax blogs, you will be building backlinks, which can greatly improve your website’s standing in Google searches, order Serax no prescription. Where can i buy cheapest Serax online,

2. Create your own book-selling website or add a sales letter to your current business website.

When your article readers visit your site, Serax photos, Buy no prescription Serax online, they also need a reason to buy, so be sure to put up a strong, where can i order Serax without prescription, Online buy Serax without a prescription, short sales letter with plenty of testimonials.

Serax For Sale, 3. Know the BIG 3 Marketing Machine that is still the # one way to get more sales.

1, Serax class. Cheap Serax, Create a great selling website.

2, Serax pics. My Serax experience, At least one per week – submit an article to an online publication site that answers specific questions your target audience is dying to know.

3. Write a stellar book that really engages your best audience and shows you as the savvy expert, Serax For Sale.

4, Serax from canadian pharmacy. Is Serax addictive, Install WordPress or another blog platform at your site.

Put up valuable content that illustrates your expertise and pulls your audience to purchase your book or your service. Share this link at Twitter and other social networks (don’t forget targeted LinkedIn groups!), Serax from canada. Cheap Serax no rx, Read about more great ways to market your book and your business

5. Comment on other high-traffic blogs that reach your particular audience.

Serax For Sale, You should also join a few social networking groups at LinkedIn and comment when you can to show your wisdom.

Better yet, purchase Serax online no prescription. Serax mg, Submit guest blog posts to other high-traffic blogs and earn new targeted followers and potential book buyers.

6, buy cheap Serax. Serax price, coupon, Create a twitter account and start sharing tips from your expertise.

Also stay in touch with your core audience there or gurus in your field. Connect your twitter tweets to show up at your Facebook Page and your LinkedIn account, Serax For Sale. Websites like can help you better managed these.

Check out these 6 easy twitter marketing steps for your book and business

7. Send how to tips (5-7) from your book as press releases.

They’ll be more likely to get published. Media wants how-to’s, not promotional stuff.

Serax For Sale, 8. Know and write your book’s 9 “Essential Hot Selling Points.”

These will include a list of 5-10 benefits (not features), your best audience, and your best title and cover, the # 1 hot selling point that sells at least 25% more books.

Know these before you even write your book, so it speaks more personally to your audience. Speaking to general audiences dilutes your message and the word-of-mouth sales that come from reader satisfaction. Be sure to find your targeted audience(s) first.

While this all looks like a lot of work, your book sales will wither and die without these publicity, promotion, and marketing supports for your book’s success, Serax For Sale. Commit to this and get help from a mentor in this field who knows the business needs around books.

Sharing is Caring!

Where are you with your book’s pre-marketing. What’s worked so far. What failed. What do you need further insight on. Please share your stories and questions, as we all benefit :).

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Published by Judy Cullins

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