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Why You’re Not Selling Your eBooks – 3 Problems to Overcome

Why You're Not Selling Your eBooks

Do you complain, “I’ve put my ebook on Amazon and have had no luck? I’ve sold less than 100 copies.”

Well, here‘s the thing. I don‘t believe there‘s a whole lot of luck involved in book selling. Enjoying big enough book sales that make you a living involves marketing yourself effectively.

FACT: Most eBook writers don‘t market enough.

They think that it was a big enough push to finish their book. They sacrificed social and family time to get their books done. And marketing? They know it’s important, but they don’t know that if they don’t apply long term proven marketing strategies, and that means daily attention for at least two years, they won’t realize their book dream.

Hoping and Wishing Won’t Work.

Remember Santa Claus? The Tooth Fairy? Eventually, you learn the truth – and it hurts at first. Then you realize you are at the helm of your great book adventure and you want what all authors want – your target audience to read and get value from your book.

To Make your Books Sell Well you Need to Overcome These Three Problems:

Problem One. You’re not marketing.

When new authors come to book coaching, they share that they first tried ads in magazines or newspapers because they didn’t know any better. This is one of the worst steps yet, because it doesn’t target the book’s audience. It’s so bad, I wouldn’t count it as marketing at all. Authors make this costly mistake thinking they can do it all alone. They don’t want to invest much. While we love freebies, we need to invest a bit. Most authors don’t even have a book marketing budget.

Instead of Luck Create Good Fortune

Think of the little fish in the big pond. They don’t stand out from the crowd. Wouldn’t you rather be the big fish in the little pond – where your primary audience can find you, get to know you, like you, and follow you? Feed your audience what they want. You need to know what your audience wants before any marketing will succeed. When you find out where your potential readers go, such as social media groups, make your presence known there and start to build a fan base of people who can hardly wait to get a hold of your work. The fortunate authors take marketing actions every day. This principle works for any success.

Problem Two. You don‘t know how to market.

Recently, one writer commented on my blog that she was already writing her third book, yet made only a few sales on the first one. If this is you, stop writing right now. Learn the reasons why! When you get no results on your first book – it’s a warning something’s amiss. Inexperience is fine, but you need to know that you are not a natural at marketing. You need to learn it. Start by studying a recently written book because the Internet changes every few months. So will your approaches. When on social media, notice all the teleseminars and webinars that can educate you, at least generally. When you want more specific valuable strategies and action steps, find a book coach and get a strategy session to get you going in the right direction the first time, before all those costly time and money mistakes. QUIT WASTING TIME on what doesn’t work. Don‘t keep wasting time on marketing that doesn’t sell books.

Problem Three. You don‘t have a promotion-minded website.

When I asked one new client about her website, she said she would hurry up and do it herself. That will not work for her. She came to me after using a 10 hour promise book coach, so even her chapters were not clear, not focused, not specific and were not set up for easy reading. Easy reading is not easy author writing. Old writing habits die hard and even professionals, though many don’t realize this, need book chapter help that also markets them.

Simple? Yes, but you need to know how.

She agreed to do a website strategy session around her book’s sales letter. She didn’t have any idea how important web landing pages are.

Most important – you need a landing page with a book’s sales letter to entice eventual sales.

Remember Features describe; Benefits sell. Most authors forget about benefits and focus primarily on the book’s features. No wonder they don’t receive the sales they expect. Even your free newsletter or blog subscribe link needs a landing page sharing the benefits of your valuable content. Free reports also need a sales message in the landing page. Offer any of these on your home page with a short sales promo and link to the landing page copy. If you don’t know about these web marketing strategies or aren’t quite sure how to do them, go to a book professional’s site and use it to inspire yourself!. When you post your LinkedIn Profile, be sure to use a shorten format of this book sales letter in you “Summary” sections, the most important one and one that needs to be at the top.

You need a landing page for your “About You.”

One that not only touts you and your capabilities on how you can help your audience, but tells your personal story leading to your success.

You need a “Contact” page.

Where you share your email, business address, and even phone number to allow visitors to interact with you. Remember the book coach’s motto, “Make it easy for your customer to ‘buy'”. To get fans who follow you for years you need to implement all of these and more. When I don’t find a contact page easily, I suspect the site is a fake. THINK about your book’s sales letter. Remember, to have your book be a top success, you need to have a web presence and a website where you can offer your products and services, and encourage discussions in your blog. That’s how you create long term fans who will follow you. They will be waiting for each book you write because they liked your first one and like you. It’s not luck; it’s fortunate because you made it happen.

Published by Judy Cullins

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Three Self-Published Author Mistakes that Hinder Financial Success

While we can learn from our mistakes, we don’t have to. In life, we don’t know what we don’t know, and most authors do not know the book business in order to make their books attract a strong fan club and sell well. If an author just writes without a strategy, without professional help at the beginning instead of an edit at the very end, she’ll miss out on getting fan help and the sales she really expects. It’s such a disappointment to go to all that work and then not make more than 150 sales.

Take this Reality Check and Avoid These 3 Mistakes

Mistake 1. You don’t know your book’s “9 hot selling points.”

Before you write your book, your blog, your website, your higher cost home study courses, and your trainings. Pre-marketing strategies (9 Hot-Selling Points) make your book financially successful the minute you publish. This part of your book almost guarantees your book sales. Authors need to know them and write them before they write the book.

They include your…

  • book title
  • book thesis
  • preferred audience
  • testimonials
  • and 5-10 benefits of your book or other products or services
For every book and email promotion to your subscribers and fans, you need to include 5-7 benefit statements. Not just two words, like “save money, “, but start with a command verb such as “discover,” “see,” or “feel.” Engage your readers and give them enough information that they’ll want to buy your book. Give them reasons to buy – much more powerful than features such – tips, stories, # of pages, and quotes.

Mistake 2. You don’t know your primary audience before your write your book.

Most book coaching clients come with a laundry list of all their interests and projects. My job is to get them to let go on the non money makers and focus on what will bring them the fans and sales they deserve. Even when a client swears he is committed, you’d be surprised at the stories I hear so they won’t have to move forward, finish, and make money. With gentle persuasions, they see the “light” and trust that a 25-year book coach knows. What makes a great book and what strategies one needs to market it and create themselves as a leader in their field – even with big competition. One recent client said in meeting one, “But I have a lot of different audiences, not just one!” Yes, and you need to focus on one at a time, the best primary audience, and after you establish sales with this one, you create marketing for the other groups. Most authors don’t realize that it’s the kiss of death when you write a general book aimed at several audiences. They won’t appreciate it because they don’t think you really care about them individually. That was tough even with the Chicken Soup series. Their specific titles sold better than the original one over the years. My advice, “Write a Series of Short Books aimed at one audience per book.” The short ebook is the answer! You can now write an ebook for each audience and sell a lot more books this way too. Write a series of them and blog about each one – giving useful information in both the book and the blog. The ebook and the blog are a marriage made in heaven. Each markets the other.

Mistake 3. You didn’t do a reality check on your book before you wrote it.

You have an idea you love, you start writing what you know, maybe an outline. Yes, have fun writing, yet… Think what do my readers want? Do they have concerns, challenges, or problems about a topic? Yes, like me, you know too much about your topic and your writing shows it. You tell; you lecture; you report. Your audience just wants answers and solutions to their problems! If you don’t consider your audience’s wants, your chapters will be dull, ordinary, and not engage them. The consequence of this is that they won’t finish your chapters. If they don’t finish your chapters, they won’t become your 24/7 fans and sales team. Remember, you also want strong testimonials and reviews for your book. Word of mouth still accounts for a lot for a book’s success.

Sharing is Caring!

What did you learn that was new to you in this blog? Share that here and ask questions to help me help you.

Published by Judy Cullins

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Phentermine For Sale

Phentermine For Sale, Maybe you’ve heard these stats before. Most authors sell only 200 self-published books. It’s possible to sell so many more by getting much more visibility at places like LinkedIn, about Phentermine, Facebook and Twitter. Low dose Phentermine, And remember blogging that adds to both your online visibility and credibility. Avoid the mistakes and take the actions below to get your books into the hands of your target audience.

Two Mistakes You Don’t Need to Make and Their Solutions

1, Phentermine For Sale. You don’t stand out from the crowd of others in your field.

Let’s say you are a life coach who offers to solve your audience’s problems in relationships, Phentermine over the counter, finances, Purchase Phentermine online, attitudes and a wide list of complaints. They want solutions. So how do you stand out from all the other coaches in your area of savvy expertise, Phentermine pictures. One simple answer is to develop a strong brand. Phentermine For Sale, And writing a short book on one of your coaching specialties to that specific audience is step # one. Phentermine recreational, You need to show them what you can do for their problems and concerns. That means you need to get their questions on what they want. That could be, where to buy Phentermine, for example, Order Phentermine from mexican pharmacy, “I have a wonderful business life, so why aren’t I happy?” Or, “I am in a negative relationship with my xxx and can’t seem to leave, Phentermine gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Can you help me?” Remember, Taking Phentermine, that all content marketing including books is good marketing.

After you write an engaging short print or ebook you need to get much bigger visibility and credibility if you want to get book sales, Phentermine For Sale. That means you need to do some research and even brand coaching to show how you and your books are unique and necessary for your reader. One client, buy generic Phentermine, who wrote a photo book on Cuba, My Phentermine experience, had a problem with focus. Should she focus on her book or her established business as a positivity coach. The solution we came up with was that she should get more active on LinkedIn and answer questions and then mention her book in the groups because she creatively coupled her Cuban trip of striking photos of Cuba with the positivity values she found there in the people, Phentermine overnight. Phentermine For Sale, It’s a how to book with gorgeous pictures that convinced me to go to Cuba next year, with or without Castro’s blessings. Her motivation centered on her clients using the positivity values. Phentermine australia, uk, us, usa, She also got great testimonials from the influential leaders in her field. What others say about you convinces your audience to pay attention to you.

So, cheap Phentermine no rx, to stand out from the crowd, After Phentermine, get more interactive on the LinkedIn groups to learn from others and show your strengths. And use testimonials on your site, in your blogs and in your LinkedIn profile where you post great recommendations from people who have read your books or experienced your service, Phentermine For Sale. Post them in your tweets and FB business page too.

2, Phentermine coupon. You don’t keep a business blog going.

If you don’t blog, Phentermine duration, and post at least once a week, you will not reach and convert your audience to become your fan, buy your book, Phentermine treatment, or use your services. Phentermine used for, Five years ago, I wrote a blog and didn’t get much response. Phentermine For Sale, I quit. Just three years ago, doses Phentermine work, I put up a WordPress blog and got active in LinkedIn, Where can i order Phentermine without prescription, Facebook and Twitter. I posted my body of work (180) blog posts regularly, and kept adding to that number each week, cheap Phentermine. You may want to replace article marketing with blog marketing. Phentermine without prescription, Remember, Google loves keyword rich titles You want your audience to know the benefits specific to them in your titles and first paragraphs. Results, Phentermine For Sale. They are hooked to keep reading, buy Phentermine from mexico, finish, Buy Phentermine online cod, and subscribe to your blog for automatic emails to them with the latest how to and information you are a leader in. Blog writing and book chapter writing are similar. You may need a little coaching, Phentermine dosage, so your efforts will pay off. Phentermine trusted pharmacy reviews, For more opt-in and sales conversions, you’ll need to create a sales page or video for each thing you want to sell, but that’s another blog, buy Phentermine from canada. Phentermine For Sale, My own blog numbers went from 2500 to over 6000 a month by marketing with blogs and sharing them daily with my favorite Social Media communities. The sales that followed put a smile on my face for sure. Phentermine long term, Building your sales comes from engaging your audience for months and years so you need to develop patience and self acceptance. You’ll get there; just be consistent and focus your time on what works.

Does this sound like too much effort, buy cheap Phentermine. Will it take too much time, Phentermine For Sale. Not for me. Order Phentermine from United States pharmacy, Remember, if you don’t set money goals, get a book marketing plan going, online buy Phentermine without a prescription, and get active with your online promotions, Phentermine no prescription, you’ll make those pathetic book sales of only $200.

Make a difference in your audience’s life. Give them ongoing free information that pulls them to buy you or your books, Phentermine from canadian pharmacy. Phentermine For Sale, Give them value in everything you write. Notice over time how your audience engages with you.

Book and Blog Coach Judy Cullins helps you transform your blog into an income stream for life. Author of 14 books for business people and authors includes “LinkedIn Marketing: 8 Best Tactics to Build Book and Business Sales,” and “Write your eBook or Other Short Book Fast!”

Judy offers free, weekly publications on writing and online marketing

What book marketing mistakes do you know about you could share here. I’d love your input.

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Published by Judy Cullins

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Buy Valium Without Prescription

Buy Valium Without Prescription, You’ve heard these stats before. Most authors sell only 200 self-published books. These may not be your sales numbers, Valium maximum dosage, but it’s possible to sell so many more by getting much more visibility at places like LinkedIn, Online buying Valium, Facebook, and Twitter. And don’t forget blogging that adds to both your online visibility and credibility, low dose Valium. In my 25 years of book coaching, Valium samples, so many clients don’t do the homework (actions) necessary to make their books well known to their target audience.

Here are 4 Mistakes You Don’t Need to Make.., Buy Valium Without Prescription.

1. Your name or your book aren’t well known enough because you don’t invest the time for a Social Media Book Marketing Campaign, Valium over the counter.

If you don’t take these actions consistently each week, Where to buy Valium, your book sales will fall flat. I’m sure you’ve heard of the book promotion platform that can include blogging, article marketing, Valium used for, LinkedIn marketing, Valium overnight, Facebook fan page promotions, and Twitter tweets. Buy Valium Without Prescription, Aim for your targeted reader. You have one, Valium steet value, don’t you. Valium coupon, If not, invest in finding out who they are. Yes, Valium no prescription, your book is on Amazon. Online Valium without a prescription, That’s not a big deal if you don’t send your audience to buy it there. Put up an author page and remember to add your Amazon book cover and blurb to your LinkedIn profile, Buy Valium Without Prescription. You need to have eyes in the back of your head – Notice opportunities as they come to you in Social Media.

2, buy Valium online cod. You present the wrong message about your book.

Even professionals forget that their audiences need reasons to make that buying decision. Valium price, coupon, After I posted a blog article on the difference between benefits and features to my LinkedIn groups, I got an avalanche of comments such as “I didn’t realize that benefits sell; features describe.” You need to educate your LinkedIn groups about your book. Buy Valium Without Prescription, Include benefit statements such as “Save book marketing time by focusing on one audience.” Later, when this one audience buys, you can expand your messages to other audiences in your blog and your social media discussions.

Remember, where can i order Valium without prescription, it’s the hook, Valium reviews, not the book. Your audience only cares about what the book will do for them. They don’t care about your story, buying Valium online over the counter. They don’t care about the number of pages or the quotes or even what’s in the book. If you are a good marketer, your efforts will pay off, Buy Valium Without Prescription. Buy cheap Valium, One famous agent told me 15 years ago that you can write a mediocre book, but if you market it well, it will sell, buy generic Valium. I don’t recommend writing a mediocre book, Valium from canada, but you get the idea.

3. You are not savvy with SEO strategies.

Think about your book title, Valium for sale. Buy Valium Without Prescription, Does it include the keywords your audience is looking for. After one coaching session, Buy Valium without a prescription, my dentist client discovered that no one was looking for teeth health or prevention, so we made her book solve a problem instead. If you offer solutions to a problem or concern, discount Valium, you must let the world know with the keywords of the problem first. Valium class, This client and I brainstormed until we got to “15 Toothache Solutions.” Short and to the point. Aim for top ranking in Google. It takes some time, but you can make it happen with the power of keywords, Buy Valium Without Prescription. In our session, order Valium online c.o.d, this client realized she could get much higher Google ranking when she posted blogs with keyword rich blog titles that solved different problems and reached different audiences with tooth problems. Cheap Valium, Make your blog titles and information stand out from the crowd.

Remember, you need to make time to learn online book marketing strategies that work and spend less time on the old traditional methods, cheap Valium no rx. What used to work to sell books, Valium trusted pharmacy reviews, such as using bookstores to sell print books, works only for the “famous.” Your audience is online and not looking for your book in the store. Buy Valium Without Prescription, You have only 1-2% odds to get your unknown book sold there while the internet offers so much more. That’s why I fell in love with the internet 13 years ago, my Valium experience, and never looked back. Valium online cod, Yes, a learning curve, but what doesn’t have learning curve, no prescription Valium online. You need to continuously learn new book marketing strategies. Valium use, Keep your education going in this field because it’s here to stay.

Why not attract many more potential buyers to you with proven strategies such as using high and low competition key words in every page of your website and in your book’s promotions online, Buy Valium Without Prescription. Your audience is looking for a book like yours, so invest some coaching time so you can shorten your learning curve, Valium blogs. I’m ever grateful to my two webmasters who educated me on Search Engine Optimization with keywords. Valium pics,

4. You don’t realize the importance of a book website and getting targeted traffic there.

Buy Valium Without Prescription, Conversion rates of opt-ins and book sales are all important, so you must also produce a short sales message for each book, product, or service you want to market. In each piece, buy Valium from mexico, whether a video or print sales letter, be sure to include your top 5 or so benefits, some great testimonials and a 100% guarantee. You need to pay attention to sales conversions and do what it takes to get them. Getting traffic is important, but your traffic has to convert to opt-ins and sales. It won’t matter if you don’t have a proper sales letter on your site for each product. That too takes some coaching or a big wallet to hire a copywriter, Buy Valium Without Prescription.

People who put their book on a print on demand website should realize it’s a long shot with only a 100-word description among 1000’s of other choices. Visitors at POD websites aren’t really looking for your book; they are looking to see if they should publish here. My advice. Create a business book site. Buy Valium Without Prescription, It can be just one sales letter page plus an order button and delivery system such as PayPal. Don’t sell different kinds of books on your site. Create a theme and focus on it.

5. You give up too fast.

Building your sales comes from engaging your audience for years. For example, my book coaching clients get serious to sign up for sessions after enjoying all of my good information over time, often after a year or more, Buy Valium Without Prescription. And, you also need to keep writing valuable content for your blog until you build a following and community who likes you and your information. Think at least six months.

Does this sound like too much effort. Will it take too much time. Buy Valium Without Prescription, Not for me. We all have the same amount of time. Remember, if you don’t set money goals, get a book marketing plan going, then engage in online promotion actions that suit you, you’ll make pathetic book sales of only $200.

Want more free help with book marketing. Subscribe to Judy’s gems each week and make progress

Ready to get serious on book marketing. Judy offers a $55 first time strategy coaching.

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Published by Judy Cullins

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Buy Nobrium Without Prescription

Buy Nobrium Without Prescription, Some of you complain you do sooo much work and don’t get the money rewards from it. You may buy into the “recession blues.” Your books aren’t selling well. Nobrium schedule, As a long time book coach I can tell you to keep the faith and follow a new path you may not have realized works well.

So, why aren’t you selling more books, Nobrium street price. Here’s 4 reasons to rethink.

#1, Buy Nobrium Without Prescription. Where to buy Nobrium, You’re not marketing enough or not marketing to the right audience.

Just this week, I asked a new client with a lot of professional savvy but low book sales, “What marketing did he do already, online buying Nobrium. And what was his cost. Nobrium cost, And what were his results?” He says he has 2 hours each day to market. And, he did send out online presses release paying $100-$300 for each, after Nobrium. Buy Nobrium Without Prescription, Zero results. He did put his book out on Smashwords and Kindle and Amazon – nothing yet. Nobrium use, Sadly, he wasted a lot of time and money, because he already had a great audience of Hollywood Creatives for his coaching and therapy practice, Nobrium gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release.

This book author doesn’t have a sales message on his business site for his book. Where can i buy Nobrium online, And he has small numbers of subscribers and doesn’t know how to build his opt-in numbers much bigger, so he can have more sales. He’s on LinkedIn and Facebook, but doesn’t know how to optimize them for his book sales, Buy Nobrium Without Prescription. He has some budget, order Nobrium online overnight delivery no prescription, but has already wasted so much of it on marketing that doesn’t work. Nobrium steet value, A bit discouraging, for sure.

My answers are always the same, buy cheap Nobrium no rx. You have to do the consistent right actions. Buy Nobrium Without Prescription, This is where most experts and coaches don’t do well. Nobrium from canadian pharmacy, As with my client, you need to nail down specifically which audience to market to first. My client’s big mistake was not to focus on one audience at a time, Nobrium natural. He shared that he had a big fantasy, Nobrium class, a dream, that he would be another famous speaker and speak to millions on his topic. This is a common thing with new writers – they don’t see the reality of the book business, Nobrium pharmacy.

#2, Buy Nobrium Without Prescription. You don’t have a written marketing plan.

Perhaps you have a missing link or two in your marketing plan, Buy no prescription Nobrium online, or perhaps you don’t have a plan with strategies, promotion actions and a schedule to make it real.

This same client above confessed he did not have a marketing plan, generic Nobrium. Without a plan, Nobrium samples, and specific promotion actions on a written schedule, you will lose momentum and feel discouraged at low results. While this is fairly easy to do, Nobrium long term, many business people with a book don’t pay attention to it. Buy Nobrium Without Prescription, That’s why I coach and write books and blogs on this overlooked skill of writing a marketing plan for each part of your business. Buy Nobrium without a prescription,

#3. You don’t build relationships with your potential readers.

While it takes some time, when you focus on your primary audience on LinkedIn, purchase Nobrium, Facebook, Nobrium alternatives, and Twitter, you will be happily content your book and blogs are wanted. Some will not buy of course, cheap Nobrium, but many will if you set up your social media marketing to get your audience to your business site where you can sell to them. Where can i order Nobrium without prescription, (Remember to do a short sales letter-even a video sales piece at your site to convince visitors to buy). This is a common mistake that costs sales, Buy Nobrium Without Prescription.

#4 You aren’t repurposing your talent or book to make your marketing more efficient and effective.

To get more bang for your buck, use articles you have and renew them with a new title, online buy Nobrium without a prescription, new angle, Nobrium interactions, and some new copy that is more personal. Turn them into a WordPress blog, and when you use LinkedIn and your blog, effects of Nobrium, you will see your web visitors surge and sign up for more of you. Fast shipping Nobrium, This is how you build that database. I know my visitors were flat at 2500 a month UNTIL I used LinkedIn and my multiple blog articles that help my audience. Buy Nobrium Without Prescription, Now, I’m seen as a go to person for book writing, self-publishing and marketing.

To stand out from the crowd in LinkedIn, Nobrium from canada, you can create your own group aimed at your specific audience as I did in ”Book Writing, Herbal Nobrium, Self-Publishing and Marketing for Business People.” From two years ago, my member numbers are over 2500 as of September 2011. They all want and need the skills and strategies I teach there with other writers and notable gurus, is Nobrium addictive. You can too, Rx free Nobrium, and be a resource center for your clients and customers.

For your fresh, new blog posts, cheap Nobrium no rx, use excerpts from your book chapters with a new hook, Doses Nobrium work, new points and a marketing ending. You have to learn to be a bit more commercial with your blog, or not much will happen, Buy Nobrium Without Prescription.

Remember, your book sales don’t come from your fantasy of being on Oprah or the like (anyway, she’s moved on).

They come with your purpose written out and with your actions that show your book as the best choice for your audience.

P.S. Book coaches often share what their audience doesn’t want to hear. What do you disagree or agree with here.

I’m open to your ideas.

If you are ready to improve your books sales and be in the 5% Club of a business who will invest in their financial destiny, click this 1/2 hour low cost coaching


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Published by Judy Cullins

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Buy Deltasone Without Prescription

Buy Deltasone Without Prescription, As an author, you want to put out the best product you can. Often, writing and pre-marketing mistakes cost you sales, Deltasone forum.

Writing Mistakes to Avoid

(know that all writing should market you)

1. Deltasone without a prescription, You do NOT provide enough consistent structure in each chapter.

Your audience wants an easy read, so your formatting and organization must guide your reader to your gems. Remember, buy no prescription Deltasone online, your chapters brand you and each one should support your book’s thesis and title.

“Judy, It’s great to meet you, Buy Deltasone Without Prescription. Deltasone street price, This is a fantastic post. Your site has valuable info on it. Thank you for sharing, Deltasone description. 🙂 “

Debbra Sweet

2. Your book title lacks specifics in terms of audience and particular information just for them.

Buy Deltasone Without Prescription, It isn’t searchable. Deltasone steet value, From one ½ hour session with my recent Dentist client to “Create a Book Title that Sells” she put prevention in her book title. Mistake – prevention doesn’t. Her adult audience with toothaches wouldn’t search for ‘tooth health” or prevention, low dose Deltasone. They would search for “Toothache Solutions.” So, Online buying Deltasone, together we brainstormed to make a best book title – one that her audience will search for.

3, Buy Deltasone Without Prescription. You write on and on without giving your reader a break or a reason to read on.

Both emerging and professional authors make this mistake.

This “telling” is not so much fun for the reader, Deltasone from canadian pharmacy. They want to know you care about them. Buy Deltasone from mexico, Make it easy for them to keep reading. Buy Deltasone Without Prescription, Count your words in a sentence. Aim for a 15-17 average length for easy reading. Change long unwieldy sentences into 2 more dramatic ones, my Deltasone experience. Use fragments for emphasis. Deltasone overnight, Make sure each paragraph is short – 2-5 sentences.

When I look at a whole page with no paragraphs, I get turned off and don’t read it, Buy Deltasone Without Prescription. I want simple and easy to understand copy and so do you and your audience.

Hook your readers to turn pages and keep turning to finish each chapter, buy Deltasone online cod. Ask a question or two to engage and include segments about where they are now with this particular challenge. Deltasone used for, Why. Buy Deltasone Without Prescription, So they will gladly recommend your book to many others.

Here’s 24/7 sales team just for you.

Pre-Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Building your Author’s platform begins before you write a word – this is, Deltasone brand name, if you want your ebook to succeed financially. Deltasone pics, I call these strategies “The 9 Essential Hot Selling Points” that are in CH2 of “Write your eBook or Other Short Book Fast.”

Emerging authors make many of these mistakes…

1. You don’t know your book’s purpose.

Answer the question – “why are you writing it?”

  • For fame and fortune?

  • To answer a challenge?

  • To brand your business and make money?

  • To entertain?

  • To tell an inspirational story?

  • To make a difference in your audience’s lives?

Make sure to include benefits to you too.

Most of us write the book we needed to read, Buy Deltasone Without Prescription.

2, Deltasone results. You don’t know what your primary or preferred audience wants.

You have an idea and start writing in a kind of automatic voice. Order Deltasone no prescription, I remember one early book of mine, “Passion at Any Age.” It took me years to find my voice and I lost interest because the book was just too long – 160 pages. That’s when I turned to eBook writing – taking so much less time and energy, real brand Deltasone online, that I could write 5 shorter books, Kjøpe Deltasone på nett, köpa Deltasone online, each with an angle that would sell better than one “all encompassing book. Buy Deltasone Without Prescription, “

Your audiences may want one or two topics, but not all 20 or 30.

Don’t forget to ask yourself, what benefits will your reader get after they read your book, Deltasone natural.

Book coach’s tip – It’s always best to write the book your audience wants rather than write a book and hope people will buy. Deltasone class,

3. You write self-help or informational books, but where is your target audience so you can promote to them?

Realize they aren’t in bookstores; they are online, Deltasone over the counter.

4, Buy Deltasone Without Prescription. You think you need to write a print book of 200 plus pages and you need an agent and a publisher.

Today, Effects of Deltasone, we and our audiences don’t choose to read many long books. We’d rather have our specific questions answered.

Many people want their answers to be accessible and they need them now, Deltasone australia, uk, us, usa. You can self publish your book and offer it to Amazon and many other online retailers without an agent or publisher. Buy Deltasone Without Prescription, You can self publish an ebook, offer it on the Kindle, the Nook, and even sell if directly in PDF format and earn all the profits. Deltasone canada, mexico, india, Benefit to your audience. Instant download, instant access, buy Deltasone without a prescription, and in a format of their choosing. Order Deltasone from mexican pharmacy,

5. You don’t realize you need to write the easiest chapter first, not necessarily in order from 1-8.

If you pick a difficult chapter to write first, Deltasone online cod, you can get stuck fast, Deltasone coupon, and either give up or go on to more research. When you use your book coach’s “Fast- Forward-Chapter-Writing Blueprint” you will write natural copy in conversational style, Buy Deltasone Without Prescription.

6. You think you need to do a lot of research.

Really, buy Deltasone online no prescription, if your book is your business, Deltasone alternatives, what you know is already in you about one particular topic.

My 10 years of giving “write your book” seminars was my research for my book, “Write your eBook or Other Short Book – Fast!”

Make a short list of questions your audience wants answered for each chapter of your book, Deltasone dosage. Ask them directly in Facebook, Where to buy Deltasone, Twitter or LinkedIn what concerns they want answers for. Buy Deltasone Without Prescription, Email your mailing list, ask in a survey, or ask for help in LinkedIn from your contacts. Then, answer them, online buy Deltasone without a prescription.

Now you have part of the middle of your chapters.

7. You forget to use a hook at the beginning, in the middle in your headings, and at the end of each chapter.

You launch on telling your reader all kinds of info you think is important rather than listen to what your readers want.

Readers want to be engaged, not told, Buy Deltasone Without Prescription. They love to discover, but not be taught.

You, the author, must motivate your reader to keep reading to finish each chapter. Then, the whole book. Now, you have your strong 24/7 sales team to give good “word-of-mouth.” Watch those sales increase.

Buy Deltasone Without Prescription, 8. If you’re a non-fiction author, you forget to put a finish on the end of the chapter.

Maybe you list action steps, but you don’t include a final chapter paragraph that gives the reader a reason to turn to the next chapter. Remember, benefits sell.

Go ahead; Make my day and put a smile on my face. Leave a comment or question below.

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About me – My life’s mission and passion is to help unknown authors create the income they deserve, build their confidence, writing skills, and marketing tactics to get their unique, useful story out to their audience who wants an outstanding life and work.

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Terbinafine For Sale

Terbinafine For Sale, It’s a shame to spend your hard-earned money to design a website if your copywriting does not engage and connect with your web visitors. Terbinafine cost, It’s a shame if you aren’t making money. Turn your visitor into a client or book customer by avoiding these mistakes:

Mistake #1: Boring or “Welcoming” your Visitor

Make each word and phrase count, is Terbinafine safe. Terbinafine photos, Write short phrases that emotionally connect with your visitor. That means benefit statements for each product or service you offer, my Terbinafine experience. For example, “Feel jump out of bed energy in 5 Steps in Ch 3.” Or, “See yourself on a deserved vacation in a lovely spot when you learn the 7 tips for wealth mastery in Ch 2.”

Your online potential buyers want information that engages them, and gives them all the information they need to make a qualified decision, Terbinafine For Sale. Terbinafine pharmacy, Focus on your visitor, not you, online buying Terbinafine hcl. Where can i find Terbinafine online, No more bios, mission statements on your homepage, Terbinafine for sale. Herbal Terbinafine, When your website focuses on you, your mission and your bio, where to buy Terbinafine, Generic Terbinafine, you turn your potential customers off. They will leave in a heartbeat if you don’t engage them immediately, Terbinafine australia, uk, us, usa.

Mistake #2: Not Using Headlines on Every Landing Page

Terbinafine For Sale, Headlines are far more important than the copy beneath them. Real brand Terbinafine online, They get attention. Make sure yours contain picture benefits and speak directly to your targeted audience, Terbinafine photos, Canada, mexico, india, so your visitor knows she’s in the right place.

In print, Terbinafine from canadian pharmacy, Ordering Terbinafine online, eyes go to the picture first. Not so online, comprar en línea Terbinafine, comprar Terbinafine baratos. Research shows the first thing web users see is a headline, Terbinafine For Sale. Where can i buy cheapest Terbinafine online, The headlines and subheads should tell skimmers what’s on the page without having to dig into the real copy — like a quick summary of the entire page.

Case Study: A recent book coaching client wrote “Toothache Problems and 15 Solutions.” I helped her find the perfect URL too – – and because her first sales letter draft had no headlines, Terbinafine over the counter, Online buying Terbinafine, here’s a few we added:

“Do you Avoid the Dentist?” (address their fears here)

“It’s Never Too Late to Create a Calm, Healthy Mouth”

“5 Results you Get After Reading this Book” (benefits)

i.e.: *Sleep through the night without tooth pain, Terbinafine price. Kjøpe Terbinafine på nett, köpa Terbinafine online, (see Chapter 5)

Mistake #3 Not Incorporating Free eBook or Site Subscription to get Opt-Ins

If you want to sell at your site, you need to sweeten the pot with an ethical bribe, purchase Terbinafine for sale, Terbinafine results, so your visitors will sign up (opt-in) and leave their email to build your database. And, buy cheap Terbinafine, Where can i buy Terbinafine online, you also need fresh information each week or so to keep them coming back. Terbinafine For Sale, That’s why I love my blog.

After they trust you, Terbinafine schedule, Buy Terbinafine without a prescription, you can make some great sales. Building this database should be a top goal you attend to this year, rx free Terbinafine. Terbinafine samples, The more that sign up, the more sales, taking Terbinafine. Buying Terbinafine online over the counter, Then, you automatically send them updates, online buy Terbinafine without a prescription, Terbinafine without a prescription, useful information and offers. I use PHPList through MidPhase, my hosting company, Terbinafine For Sale. You can start with, but my choice came after growth limits and high expenses from others.

Mistake #4. You Don’t Optimize your Links and Headlines with Longtail Key Word Phrases

We didn’t know this 10 years ago, and that’s why we need to be willing to up level our sites. That’s why I just updated my site on January 26 at

It now has the right key words to guarantee more traffic from Google. Terbinafine For Sale, It now has a sales page for each and every product and service I offer. It incorporates headlines with benefits and engages readers in all sales and blog pages by concentrating on their needs and wants, not mine. It solves the concerns and challenges that my visitors want. And it uses a shopping cart which makes it easy for customers to buy.

Mistake #5. You Don’t Offer a Shopping Cart to Make it Easy for your Visitors to Buy

Years ago, I used 1shoppingcart for sales, Terbinafine For Sale. It got expensive and I now use You can see this in action when you go to my “books and resources” link New Offer: My 55 web strategy session (1/2 hour) that points out the good, the bad and ugly of your site and a plan to implement one step at a time. You email me your site URL ahead of the phone session, so I can spot the culprits and the gold

Now you can get a web coaching session with me for an additional $5 off, but only if you register before the end of Feb 2011. Just enter code “WEB2011” at checkout. A bonus gift for my followers and readers.

Committed to writing sales letters and want feedback. Discount package of 4 sessions is available at

Like this information and are not ready to move. Get Judy’s ongoing writing wisdom each week or so at

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Buy Lexotan Without Prescription

Did you get all the book sales you wanted last year?

Buy Lexotan Without Prescription, Think about the time, effort and money you invested. Which efforts paid off, Lexotan for sale. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal,

Which actions were losers?

One client confessed she bought an expensive program to get her book listed as a top seller on Amazon. She worked hard and long hours to get a lot of bonus products and services offered as a special incentive to entice others to buy, Lexotan dose. Order Lexotan from United States pharmacy, What’s wrong with this picture.

Even if she did get a lot of sales on day one, what about the rest of the year, Buy Lexotan Without Prescription. The next year, Lexotan description. Where can i buy Lexotan online, Life time sales.

Other past clients tried press releases, Lexotan over the counter, Cheap Lexotan no rx, book talks, and networking, buy Lexotan without prescription, Lexotan alternatives, but found the effort to implement these far outweighed the profits.

7 Steps to Start Tracking Your Book Marketing Effectiveness

An old business maxim is “You have to know what doesn’t work and be willing to do what does work!”

1, Lexotan brand name. At the top of a piece of paper…

Buy Lexotan Without Prescription, Write Book Marketing and the past year’s date. Lexotan dangers,

2. List all of the marketing you did for the year.

List everything from phone calls to email to social media, Lexotan duration. Lexotan reviews,

3. List the hours of effort for each strategy.

Which method paid off, Lexotan natural. Take a look at your time investment, Buy Lexotan Without Prescription. Online buying Lexotan, Without consistent, continuous marketing, Lexotan coupon, Where can i order Lexotan without prescription, not much happens.

4, australia, uk, us, usa. Effects of Lexotan, List the monetary costs for each effort.

Educating yourself doesn’t have to cost a lot. Don’t fall for the glitzy, real brand Lexotan online, Buy Lexotan without a prescription, expensive offers that don’t focus on your particular needs.

Buy Lexotan Without Prescription, 5. Line through the actions that did not pay off.

Say, Lexotan price, Lexotan samples, “I let go of all that doesn’t serve me.”

6. Mark the ones you enjoyed doing and lead to positive results.

Which gave you great resources, Lexotan long term, Online buying Lexotan hcl, contacts, feedback, buy Lexotan from canada, Is Lexotan safe, or sales. It’s good to keep doing what you love because you are more likely to do it, purchase Lexotan for sale. Purchase Lexotan,

7. Write down your monthly dollar successes.

It may be just books, or it may also be a service your offer, Buy Lexotan Without Prescription. For myself, taking Lexotan, Lexotan canada, mexico, india, my 13 books bring in 1/3 of my business income, while coaching and other products bring the rest, Lexotan pics. Lexotan maximum dosage,

Yes, visibility and credibility is good, Lexotan use, but without sales, so what?

If you really want more effective, easier and cheaper ways to market your book, you need to widen your vision to include all that works with internet marketing. That includes your website, social media, and email contacts.

If you are a reluctant marketer or an introvert, internet marketing works well because you don’t have to “tell and sell.”

Maybe you resist. Buy Lexotan Without Prescription, You barely know about email marketing and have fear of the new world of social media. Or, you may have a website that nobody visits. Most first websites fail because the owners didn’t think about marketing when they hired their first web designer. And many web designers are good with graphics, but don’t know marketing.

Always write your sales copy before you hire a webmaster. If you don’t know how, it’s a good idea to visit websites that have good examples, Buy Lexotan Without Prescription. Plan on investing a little money in copywriting. Take a teleseminar on it; read a book on it; or bite the bullet and get so some professional individual help. That could be a coach who teaches you how to write sales copy, or a copywriter who does it for you.

The solutions?

Just open your mind to it. Buy Lexotan Without Prescription, Thirteen years ago your book coach kicked and screamed because she was a newbie and non-techie. But, little by little, she overcame her fears because she connected with techie and business mentors. Once she got the key steps, skills, and strategies, her business took off.

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