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Published by Judy Cullins

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Nonfiction Writers Conference Last Chance

Nonfiction Writers Conference

The 4th annual Nonfiction Writers Conference returns May 7-9, 2014.

This event is completely virtual; attendees participate via phone or Skype, with 15 speakers over three days. I’ve worked with many of the speakers, including Dan Poynter, and know your book project will greatly benefit from their experience and insight.

Speakers include:

  • Dan Poynter – Aiming at Potential Readers: Announce Your Book to Those Who Care
  • Dan Millman and Sierra Prasada – The Creative Compass for Nonfiction Writers
  • Neal Schaffer – Maximize Your Social Media for Authors
  • Mike Michalowicz – Treat Your Book Like a Business
  • Joan Stewart – Free Killer Strategies and Resources for Book Publicity
  • Brian Jud – How to Sell Books to Non-Bookstore Markets
  • Jason Ojalvo – How to Produce Your Own Audio Books
  • Stephanie Chandler – Build Your Online Book Marketing Plan
  • David Newman – How to Host a Wildly Successful Book Launch
  • Jason Van Orden – How to Leverage Podcasts and Video for Online Promotion
  • Linda Hollander – How to Land Lucrative Corporate Sponsorships
  • Judy Carter – Break in to Professional Speaking
  • Judith Briles – Get Your Book Written, Published, and Done!
  • Amanda L. Barbara – How to Use Crowdfunding to Fund Your Next Book Project
Pull up a seat on your couch and join 15 industry leaders cover how to publish, promote, and profit with nonfiction books!

Save 35% off registration through Friday 4/18/14, with this code:


Register Now

Published by Judy Cullins

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Professional Writing Benefits Your Book Readers & Brings More Sales

Do you have something great to share with others? If you don’t know the ins and outs of writing like a pro, take this review. You want your readers engaged and compelled – to listen with your easy to read copy – in books, online promotions, and your website. Easy- to-read professional writing that hooks and engages your reader will also benefit you. You want them to finish what you write so they will tell others about your book. You may be a professional, an entrepreneur, a coach or consultant, even an author. Its one thing to know your topic and business focus, but another to get your readers hooked and ready to buy what you offer.

To sell well, your articles, reports, books, and copywriting need to pass the 5-item checklist below:

1. Make your book , blog titles or headlines grab your reader by the collar.

If your titles and headlines are ho hum, your prospective audience will leave you instantly. Headlines and titles are far more important than the copy that follows. A clever title is great, but an even better title is clever and clear. Short titles with good keyword phrases (long tail) in them sell best. The search engines love them and they are easy to remember. Make each word count because your potential buyer will spend only four to eight seconds on the book front cover. Your website sales letters and your homepage headlines must grab your visitors’ emotions and curiosity to lead them to buy. Make your headlines benefit driven and specific for more impact. Try asking a question from your audience’s mind. They want solutions. Answer their question in the body of the work.

2. Create your opening paragraph of each book chapter, your article, your book’s introduction, or your web copy to entice your reader to continue.

It’s not the book, it’s the hook. In fiction chapters, start with the most exciting and important incident first. For fiction and non-fiction, open with dialogue. It’s more present and exciting. It shows rather than tells. In non-fiction chapters open with two or three compelling questions your reader can connect with. Point out your readers’ challenges through them. Then follow with the thesis, a story and other solutions. Apply this to article and web writing.

3. Pursue savvy friends and associates to edit your work.

Send them a survey asking for their feedback on small amounts at a time – perhaps a book chapter. Always reward them with a free book at the finish, or a free special report you create from your longer pieces. Edit two times before you submit your piece to a professional editor or book coach. Parlay these comments into testimonials and you will get your marketing off with a bang.

4. Use strong, emotional or visual, power verbs rather than linking verbs like “is,” “there is,” “start to” or “begin.”

These linking verbs create passive, long sentences. They slow readers down or bore them. Readers expect straightforward copy, and when they don’t get it, they will put your book or other writing down, never to return. Not a good way to receive word of mouth referrals. Start your sentences with the subject, and then add a power, action verb to cure this old writing habit.

5. Stop loading your copy with telling words like adverbs.

Every time you see a “very” or a -ly ending in your work, rethink. Check with your Thesaurus to see the more compelling possibilities. Think corpulent instead of very fat. One specific word is always better than two mundane ones. When you see “suddenly,” a favorite of most novice writers, map out a picture, dialogue, or emotion to show sudden movement. Your audience can relate to the picture or emotion, but not to -ly. This is one way to engage your audience to stay with you. Professional writing attracts contacts, clients, readers and web visitors because it is fresh and clear. Make a difference in others’ lives using this “write like a pro” checklist.

Published by Judy Cullins

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Use Power Words to Spice Up Every Page of Your Book or Website

Power VerbsMake all parts of your book or website roar – your title, cover, back cover, introduction, table of contents, and every chapter beginning, heading, and ending with POWER WORDS. Give your readers a reason to want to read your copy and buy your book.

Like an artist, a writer paints with words and metaphors.

They exude powerful emotions and perceptions through these riveting phrases and words. Power words attract your readers’ attention and compel them to read on. Think about the word “rape,” belying a tragedy, a power struggle, dark and dangerous. Any word promoting emotion draws in your readers’ hearts.

Power words can make a dull title zing!

Rather than “Taking Care of Your Parents,” isn’t “Elder Rage” much more exciting? They produce strong reactions, positive, and negative. Some “Power words” make you smile, others, cringe. Some stimulate the senses while others exude a fragrant aroma or flavorful taste.

Power words refer to nouns and verbs.

They show a picture, reveal an emotion, and help create dazzling metaphors. When you use powerful nouns and verbs, you won’t need to use adjectives and adverbs that merely tell. Look over power verb list samples below from A-Z. See which ones fit your title, chapter titles, or information within your chapter. Take five minutes and list ten words including verbs and nouns for each project, each chapter, or each marketing piece. Browse the lists often to spark your own imagination to create exciting new metaphors. Use any form (ie. fade, fading, faded) of the verbs your project demands.

Power Verbs That Roar

A abort, abduct, abound, abscond, accuse, adore, advance, afflict, aim, amass, amputate, ,annoy, applaud, apprehend, arouse, attack. B babble, badmouth, balance, banish, bamboozle, bare, bash, bask, bawl, bay, beat, bedazzle, beguile, behead, belch, bellow, betray, blab, blame, bleed, bless, bloat, blubber, blow, blush, blur, bluster, boil, bolt, botch, bounce, box, boycott, brandish, brave, break, bristle, broadcast, bruise, bubble, burn, burst, bury, buzz C calculate, campaign, cancel, capture, caress, capsize, chant, chafe, challenge, censor, castrate, cheer, chase, chew, cheer, chisel, choke, chomp, chuckle, churn, clash, climb, clench, cleanse, clobber, climax, club, coerce, collapse, collide, commandeer, commiserate, commit, compel, compete, compose, complain, compress, concoct, concentrate, condemn, confer, confess, condense, confide, conflict, confiscate, confuse, congeal, concur, connive, consecrate, conspire, construct, contrast, converge, convict, copy, cope, corrode, course, covet, crack, cram, covet, create, crawl, creep, cringe, crouch, cruse, cry, culminate, curdle, cuss D damn, dangle, dash, daub, dazzle, dare, decay, deceive, decipher, decorate, decompose, deep-six, defeat, defend, delve, defy, demand, demolish, denounce, dent, deplete, deport, depose, derail, desert, desire, destroy, deter, detonate, devastate, devour, digest, disarm, discern, discover, dislocate, dispute, dissolve, distort, dodge, drag, drift, drown, dunk, dwindle, die E eject, eliminate, elope, elude, embalm, embezzle, embrace, enchant, endanger, endure, energize, enhance, enlighten, enrapture, entangle, entice, envelop, erode, erupt, escape, etch, evacuate, evade, evict, evoke, excite, exhilarate, exonerate, expel, explode, explore, expose, exult F face, fade, fail, faint, fake, fall, fan, fascinate, fantasize, fend, fence, fester, fight, flail, flap, flare, flash, flaunt, flee, flicker, fling, flip, flirt, float, flog, flounder, flourish, flush, fly, foam, foil, fondle, forage, force, forecast, foretell, forge, forgive, fortify, flounder, fragment, frazzle, frolic, frustrate, fulfill, fumble G gag, gallivant, gallop, gamble, gasp, garnish, gasp, gawk, generate, gesticulate, glide, glimmer, glisten, glow, gnash, gnaw, gobble, gore, gouge, grab, graft, grapple, grasp, graze, grill, grind, grip, grope, grovel, growl, grunt, guard, guide, gurgle, gush, guzzle, gyrate H haggle, hang, harass , haunt, heal, heave, heckle, hibernate, hide, hike, miss, hit, hoard, hope, hop, horrify, hover, howl, huff, humiliate, hunger, hunt, hurl, hurtle, hush, hypnotize J jerk, jab, jam, jangle, jar, jibe, jingle, jolt, jostle, joust, judge, juggle, jump, K kick, kidnap, kill, kiss, knead, kneel, knock L labor, lament, languish, lap, lapse, lash, laugh, launch, leach, launch, lead, leak, leap, leer, levitate, liberate, light, linger, liquidate, loathe, lob, lock, loom, loop, loot, lose, love, lower, lug, lurch, lure, luxuriate M maim, make, malfunction, maneuver, mangle, manhandle, manipulate, march, marinate, maroon, marry, marvel, mash, massage, mate, maul, meander, meddle, mediate, melt, merge, mesmerize, miscalculate, misjudge, moan, mob, mock, molest, mollify, mooch, moonlight, mount, mourn, mow, mug, muster, mutate, muzzle, mystify, N navigate, nestle, nibble, nose-dive, nourish, nurture, nuzzle O ogle, ooze, oppose, oppress, oscillate, outnumber, outshine, overcome, overflow, overrun, overshadow, overshoot, overthrow, overwhelm P palpitate, pan, pamper, pant, paralyze, pardon, patrol, paw, peak, peek, peel, peer, penetrate, perceive, perch, percolate, perish, permeate, perpetrate, perplex, persecute, persevere, persist, perspire, pervade, petrify, pierce, pillage, pinch, pitch, pit, pivot, play, plead, plodding, plop. Plot, plow, pluck, plug, plummet, plunder, plunge, poach, pose, pommel, pop, possess, pounce, pound, pour, praise, prance, pray, predict, prepare, preserve, pressure, pretend, prevent, prickle, probe, proclaim, prod, prolong, propel, prosecute, protect, protest, prove, provide, provoke, prowl, puke, pull, pulsate, pulverize, pummel, pump, punch, punish, purge, purr, pursue, push, puzzle Q quarrel, quel, quench, quiver R race, radiate, rage, raise, rally, ream, ramble, rampage, ransack, rant, rape, rap, rattle, ravage, rave, ravish, raze, reach, rebound, rebuke, recoil, recoup, redeem, reek, refine, reflect, refuse, regain, reinforce, reject, rejuvenate, relax, relay, release, relinquish, reminisce, render, renew, renovate, repair, repel, repent, reproach, rescue, research, resist, resolve, resonate, restrict, resurrect, retrace, retract, retreat, retrieve, revive, reveal, reverberate, revert, revive, revoke, revolt, revolve, reward, ricochet, ride, rinse, riot, rip, rise, risk, roam, roar, roast, rob, roast, rock, roll, romance, romp, rot, rotate, roughhouse, rove, row, rule, rumble, rummage, run, rupture, rush, rustle S sag, sail, salvage, sanctify, sanitize, sap, satiate, satisfy, saturate, save, savor, saw, scald, scalp, scan, scare, scavenge, scoff, scold, scoot, scorch, score, scorn, scour, scourge, scout, scowl, scramble, scrape, scratch, scream, screech, scrounge, scrub, scrutinize, scuttle, sear, search, secure, seduce, seek, seep, seize, self-destruct, sense, serenade, sever, shake, shear, shed, shimmer, shine, shock, shout, shred, shriek, shrink, shrivel, shudder, shuffle, shun, sideswipe, sigh, signal, silence, simmer, simmer, sing, singe, sink, siphon, sizzle, skate, skewer, ski, skid, skim, skinny-dip, skip, slam, slash, slaughter, slay, slice, slide, sling, slip, slobber, slog, slosh, slug, slumber, slump, smack, smash, smear, smell, smile, smirk, smolder, smooch, smother, smuggle, snag, snap, snare, snatch, sneak, sneer, snip, snivel, snoop, snorkel, snort, snuff, snuggle, soak, soar, sob, sock, sojourn, solve, soothe, sow, spank, sparkle, spatter, speed, spill, spin, spiral, spit, splash, splice, split, splurge, spoil, spout, sprain, spray, spring, spur, spurt, squander, squash, squeal, squeeze, squelch, squirm, stab, stagger, stagnate, stain, stalk, stall, stammer, stampede, stamp, stare, stargaze, startle, starve, stash, steal, sterilize, stifle, sting, stomp, straddle, strafe, straggle, strain, struggle, stray, strike, stumble, strut, stun, stupefy, submerge, succumb, suffer, suffocate, sulk, suppress, surge, surpass, surprise, surrender, surround, survive, swab, swagger, sway, swear, sweet-talk, swerve, swill, swim, swindle, swing, swipe, swirl, swoon, synchronize T tag, tamper, tantalize, tap, tear, tease, tempt, terrorize, testify, thaw, thrash, thread, threaten, thrill, throb, throw, thrust, thump, tickle, titillate, topple, toss, totter, touch, track, trail, traipse, tramp, trample, transcend, transform, transgress, transmit, transmute, transpire, transplant, trap, traverse, tread, trek, tremble, trickle, trip, triumph, trot, trounce, tweak, twinkle, twitch U undermine, undulate, unleash, unload, uproot, unravel, usurp, utter V vacation, vaccinate, ventilate, venture, vibrate, violate W waddle, wade, waft, wag, wail, walk, wallop, wallow, wander, wane, warble, warp, waylay, wean, weep, wheedle, whimper, whine, whip, whirl, whistle, wield, wiggle, win, wish, withdraw, wither, wobble, woo, worship, wrangle, wrap, wreak, wreck, wring X x-ray Y yank, yell, yelp, yield Z zap, zip

Final Words

Keeping this list near your workstation will radiate your copy to engage your readers fully. Print it out now and start capturing your audience’s attention that will pay off in wealth, stature, and income?

Sharing is Caring!

What are some of your favorite power words? Which have brought you the most success and spurred the most feedback from your audience?

Published by Judy Cullins

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Join the Nonfiction Writers Conference

The Nonfiction Writers Conference is the first and only online writer’s conference for nonfiction authors and they have packed the 2012 schedule with powerful content to help you write, publish, and promote your nonfiction books. They have a great line-up of speakers and topics for this year’s event! The 2012 conference features 15 speakers over three days, and all sessions are virtual and conducted via teleseminar so that you can dial in with a phone or Skype (long distance rates may apply), and participate in Q&A; with their speakers. Recordings and transcripts are also available for this exciting virtual conference. Grab a seat on your couch and the conference as 15 top speakers cover how to write, publish, promote, and profit with nonfiction books! I’ve worked with many of the speakers presented at the conference and know that you will benefit greatly from their wisdom. Take advantage of their Super Early Bird Discount and save 50% off with this discount code: 50off

Register Now!

Featured Conference Speakers Include:

DAN POYNTER KEYNOTE: Self-Publishing and the Future of the Book Industry MARK COKER The Ebook Revolution JANE ATKINSON Break in to Professional Speaking BILL BELEW SEO and Blogging for Website Traffic and Profits PETER BOWERMAN Break into Commercial Freelancing STEPHANIE CHANDLER Own Your Niche: How to Establish Authority in Your Field and Build an Audience Online JIM HORAN How to Build a Very Profitable, Sustainable Business with Just One Book JOHN KREMER How to Create a National Best Seller Without Breaking the Bank D’VORAH LANSKY How to Conduct Virtual Book Tours MICHAEL LARSEN How to Land a Traditional Book Deal with a Great Book Proposal KARL PALACHUK How to Build Your Information Product Empire ROGER C. PARKER 7 Essential Tools and Strategies for Writing a Nonfiction Book PENNY SANSEVIERI Social Media For Authors: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Pinterest DANA LYNN SMITH How to Sell More Books on Amazon KEVIN SMOKLER How to Choose Between Traditional Publishing and Self-Publishing Grab a seat on your couch and join us for this one-of-a-kind virtual writer’s conference for nonfiction authors!

Register Now!

Published by Judy Cullins

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Ambien For Sale

Ambien For Sale, How do you solve writer’s block.

Writer’s block. Ambien description, Even columnist and author Dave Berry has it. He admits that at least 30 times a day when writing his humor column, he gets up from his computer to sip his Pepsi to divert his attention when he can’t think of what to write, online buying Ambien hcl. One day when he reached for the cola, Ambien long term, he instead found a coiled snake. He tried barbecue tongs to carry it away, but when it landed in his pool he kept the dance going trying to catch the thing, Ambien For Sale.

As a writer you may think you are blocked because you believe your book or whatever you are writing won’t be significant enough, or since you aren’t famous, Ambien over the counter, your book won’t sell. After Ambien, Or, like Dave, you can’t think of something great to say, buy Ambien without a prescription.

What is Writer’s Block?

To me, Ambien coupon, it’s just that I’m distracted and don’t seem organized enough with what’s important to write for my particular audience. It’s a signal that my brain won’t focus temporarily. Ambien For Sale, Like Dave Berry, I need a break.

To some of you, ordering Ambien online, it’s like stepping off a cliff and plunging into the abyss. About Ambien, You don’t have all the answers to start, so it becomes overwhelming to even put words to paper.

Why do we have Writer’s Block?

One, Ambien interactions. We have too many ideas and choices.

We shoot buck shot instead of staying laser focused. Remember men, who focus on one thing at a time, Ambien For Sale. Ambien from mexico, And women, who multitask their whole lives. Here’s one time the men have it right, buy cheap Ambien no rx. We need to focus on one thing at a time (hard for many of us crazy ones). Ambien australia, uk, us, usa, Writers’ Block Tip – write down 3-4 topics you are passionate about. Ambien For Sale, Take some deep breaths for a minute or two to let the #1 come forth. Write on one book or topic primarily and just put new ideas into your “Future Writing” folder. Stay with your #1 book until you finish it, where can i buy Ambien online. When we don’t finish a project, Ambien trusted pharmacy reviews, we feel guilty – and hence more stuck. When you finish your writing project, you feel new confidence, Ambien no prescription, energized, Ambien canada, mexico, india, and ready for more.

Two, Ambien For Sale. We get stuck in our fear.

Maybe you’ve heard this acronym. FEAR = “False Evidence Appearing Real.” I took this to heart in the late 80’s and decided to take action instead of staying stuck, Ambien results. I wrote several short business books that included “Small Business Marketing” and “The San Diego Networking Directory.” Along with my seminars, Order Ambien online c.o.d, these books sold well.

Our performance anxiety and fear of judgment keeps us from taking that next step. Ambien For Sale, However, we can get direction and skills from a how-to books on book writing, a qualified book coach, or on online groups that focus on helping authors write and sell books. That is, Ambien dosage, if we are willing. Ambien steet value,

Three. We usually just start writing.

We don’t have enough information to move forward to write a clear, compelling book, buy Ambien online cod. Perhaps we aren’t sure of how to publish our book. Or, we don’t know how to put a chapter together, Ambien For Sale. Ambien overnight, Book writing information is easily available on the Internet. Do a Google search on “book coaching” and find helpful resources.

Four, Ambien dangers. It seems an enormous task of time and money.

What most emerging authors don’t realize is that they don’t have to write the “end all, Ambien use, be all” book. Ambien For Sale, It doesn’t need to fit the old model of 250+ pages. Your readers today prefer shorter, to the point, Ambien reviews, books aimed specifically at them. Real brand Ambien online, Yes, you can widen your marketing net later, but when you narrow your focus and choose one focus such as solving one problem for one particular audience, herbal Ambien, your book writing and marketing will be so much easier. Where to buy Ambien, And, you’ll sell more books too.

How to Get Unstuck

One, purchase Ambien online no prescription. Warm up!

Writers need to relax, get into alpha state each time before they write, Ambien For Sale. So take deep belly breaths for 1-2 minutes first. Buying Ambien online over the counter, Or, hand write something before you commit it to your computer. Or, buy Ambien online no prescription, write a few lines on just anything, Is Ambien safe, so you see print on the screen.

Two. Ambien For Sale, Got the blank page blues. Write a little the day before.

Then, discount Ambien, you have a partial page to hook new related information onto. Get Ambien, I wrote this article in two sittings because I didn’t like my first introduction.

Three. Switch tasks, but honor a time set aside for writing each day.

If you are stuck in #1 book project, add research stories, or how to’s to the #2 book. If stuck on one chapter, start or work on another one, Ambien For Sale. I recommend not writing chapter one first. Instead, choose the easiest one, the one you know almost by heart. When you finish one chapter fast, you will be confident to write the following ones that you see as a challenge.

Four. Ambien For Sale, Organize your book, both on your computer and in paper folders.

Since you will have many parts to your book, make separate folders so you retrieve your good work fast. We can waste a lot of time looking for files (about 160 hours a year). In that time, you could write another book or 100 blog articles.

To your book folder, add files such as…

  • The introduction

  • Chapter One and the rest

  • Table of Contents with Chapter Titles

  • Your Nine “Hot Selling Points.” (pre-marketing strategies)

Five. Start a promotion/marketing folder.

Name one folder “traditional” and another one “online.” Start adding files of promotion information as it comes to you. It may be this article, Ambien For Sale. I advise you include a file with a 5-10 bullet list of your book’s benefits, not features. This is one of the pre-marketing skills that many authors overlook. You need to write out a letter to your primary audience. Put a model of them by your computer. Ambien For Sale, And write for them.

Then, when your book is almost finished, you’ll have your promotion foundation ready to hit the ground running for fast, continuous sales that keep your cash flow going.

Six. Love your topic.

When you have passion for your book, you won’t have many blocks. You’ll be excited to sit down and spend special time each week on it.

Remember, a page a day yields 365 pages a year, Ambien For Sale. If you write shorter books of 50-100 pages, that’s at least 3 books a year. And you can finish one in less than two months.

Reader Challenge – What is blocking you now. Share with us and get some great tips and help.

Get more free information to help your finish your book


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Published by Judy Cullins

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Cialis For Sale

Cialis For Sale, If you haven’t realized the book success you wanted last year, here’s one way to join the 5% Club and create much bigger results.

Use the Power of Visualization

When you see, real brand Cialis online, Get Cialis, hear, and feel your book project already manifested through specific outcomes, Cialis australia, uk, us, usa, Purchase Cialis online no prescription, you’ll be in the 5% Club of the top success group. It’s far easier to perceive specific outcomes as true when visualizing them as they already are true, doses Cialis work. Cialis images, Claim your book dream as true now in specific outcomes.

This outcome, order Cialis online overnight delivery no prescription, Buy Cialis without prescription, “I see myself signing autographed copies” is far more powerful than “I will autograph copies when my book is done.” It’s always easier to look back on what led to your success than look down that long road ahead to a doubtful success because your goal is so far in the future.

If you are willing to be in the 5% Club of top success, you’ll want to use my “Book Dream Mental Rehearsal 3-Step System” below, Cialis For Sale. I’ve used it for all my projects including writing compelling copy for my website homepage and online marketing through Social Media and blog posting, Cialis wiki. Cialis schedule, In less than three months, I published three saleable books that are helping thousands realize their book and business dreams, generic Cialis. Cialis dose,

The Book Dream Mental Rehearsal 3-Step System

On a page in your business journal, write similar phrases as below, purchase Cialis online. Where can i buy cheapest Cialis online,

Now that my book project (name yours) is finished:

1. Cialis For Sale, I SEE my web or blog site converting 300 new blog subscribers a month with sales to match.
These come from submitting 2 blog posts each week to the best Social Media venues, order Cialis from mexican pharmacy. Fast shipping Cialis, MY monthly total unique visitors total 6000 a month.

2, where can i buy Cialis online. Cialis street price, I HEAR seminar and teleseminar participants’ applause through strong testimonials praising my name and what I offer in my books.

3, Cialis For Sale. I FEEL grateful and exhilarated I get to have this adventure, Cialis pharmacy, Rx free Cialis, enjoying easy work, and helping others solve their concerns while entertaining them, where can i find Cialis online. Buy no prescription Cialis online,

Now, you Can Create Your Writing Dream

Claim your dream as above, effects of Cialis, Comprar en línea Cialis, comprar Cialis baratos, then let go of it. Look at it each day in the AM upon awakening and in the evening before sleep, Cialis without prescription. Purchase Cialis, Broadcast your desire to help attract the help you need – support, book, Cialis no rx, Ordering Cialis online, or internet marketing coaches, contacts, Cialis forum, Cialis long term, skills, even money, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Cialis For Sale, Intend to manifest your book dream with all your heart, passion, energy, and focus. Cialis without a prescription, Know intention attracts action.

Attend to your project, Cialis interactions. Order Cialis from United States pharmacy, Put time, energy, online buy Cialis without a prescription, money, research, and practice into your task. Get up two hours earlier three days a week to do your High Level Activities. To reduce your learning curve, look like a pro and finish faster, join a group that has the same purpose, or hire a quality book coach, Cialis For Sale. Any effort you put into your project will pay off many times the cost.

Let go of less important activities. Ask yourself “If I want to write or market this book or article, what must I say ‘no’ to?” Notice whenever you say ‘yes’ to one thing, you are saying ‘no’ to another. Make your book or business high level activities a top priority. Cialis For Sale, Important goals need to be put at the top of your to-do list. If you put them on the back burner, you will not be sharing your unique talent to help others, you will not reap the reward of ongoing, lifelong income, you will not build credibility as the expert, and you will miss one of life’s greatest adventures – running a successful business.

Put yourself and your book project back on top of your to-do list.

What will you let go of this year. Will you visualize your success. Will you join the 5% Club. Make me smile and leave me your comments or questions here.

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Published by Judy Cullins

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Librium For Sale

Librium For Sale, Writing a book. Website, where can i buy Librium online. Buy Librium without prescription, Promotional Materials.

Want to up level your already quality writing, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Librium mg, Whatever we write, we need to share it with our peers or professionals for feedback before we present it to our paying audience, Librium pictures.

Getting writing feedback offers many benefits, Librium For Sale. Buy Librium no prescription, Even though you know your topic well, you may have some old writing sins lurking in your copy, Librium steet value. Buy Librium online no prescription, While a bit scary, if you can put your ego aside, buy Librium without a prescription, Librium dosage, you’ll get valuable ideas from others to make your writing more clear and inspiring. You will learn how to identify your writing strengths and weaknesses, Librium class, What is Librium, and you will develop your own writing style and voice.

“Congrats on your site and your 180 blog posts, fast shipping Librium. Librium For Sale, They are full of great information for professionals like me, and I really appreciate reading them. My Librium experience, I’m working on so many projects at the same time my priority is to build my opt-in list, and create rapport, Librium schedule, Librium use, so my next step will be to use the connections I have on LI to send them my free report ( when it will be ready) and ask them their opinion and feedback. It is a sincere pleasure reading your comments!”

Patricia Gozlan, about Librium, Librium treatment, Prosperity Coach Expert

You can exchange feedback with your peers via email or you can join a writing or book group such as the one I offer at LinkedIn, or get individual or group coaching, buy generic Librium. Herbal Librium, Remember, your writing must be easy to understand or it won’t get read or sell, Librium from canadian pharmacy. Taking Librium,

10 Parts to Give Feedback On

  1. Does the opening grab your attention. How, Librium For Sale. Is it clear, doses Librium work. Librium overnight, Is it engaging?

  2. What syntax needs editing. (grammar) Are tenses consistent?

  3. Does it use action verbs rather than linking (to be) verbs, Librium photos. Librium dose, Do the verbs advance the story and tighten the writing?

  4. Does your piece show, not tell, buy Librium from mexico. Librium For Sale, Do you use senses of sight, sound, emotions, and touch. Librium gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Does it engage rather than tell. Do you use creative non-fiction techniques such as dialogue?

  5. Do you have redundancies that slow your writing down?

  6. Does your writing use adjectives and adverbs too much?

  7. Is it factually accurate?

  8. Is it coherent, Librium reviews. Buy Librium online cod, Does it flow and sound natural. Is it easy to understand?

  9. Are the dialogues believable, Librium forum. Does it have enough dialogue, Librium For Sale. Real brand Librium online, (think creative non-fiction).

  10. Does the ending sum up or compel your reader to want to keep reading or take action?

3 Rules of Giving the Oreo Cookie Method Feedback

Over 25 years as a book coach, I’ve used this Oreo Cookie Method, Librium pharmacy. Order Librium from United States pharmacy, You’ll develop bravery and confidence if you use this wisely with a trusted writing coach or peers. And, Librium no prescription, you’ll get great writing results that help you sell later.

1. Librium For Sale, First, give one general statement of the copy’s strength and what grabbed you.

Include one positive before you launch into correction mode. In any writing feedback group, you want to encourage new writers and make it safe to expose their mistakes.

2. Second, give more specific feedback in parentheses next to the sentence error.

Or, give specific feedback on what to leave out and what to keep as “gold.” Or, anything else that will make the writing better. We all want this one to keep our writing readable. Only readable copy helps you get readers and sales later on, Librium For Sale.

3. Last, Conclude with a positive and encouragement.

If you want to strengthen your writing before your audience sees it, take some time to get some writing feedback. Pros and emerging writers need it. Do this before you get your final line edit. Librium For Sale, Now, make me smile and give me a comment.

Want ongoing free help. Commit to Judy’s LinkedIn book group

Serious and committed to move forward much faster to get your cash flow going. See Judy’s coaching packages

Remember, any journey is easier and faster with a partner. Choose the path that suits you.


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Lunesta For Sale

Lunesta For Sale, If you want to learn how to write a book outline, mind mapping is better than linear outlining because authors can use flexible thinking and creativity for their book outline. One can add and subtract a thought or phrase from a mind map easily, Lunesta without a prescription. Lunesta pics, This is an excellent way to start, organize, Lunesta dangers, Order Lunesta from mexican pharmacy, and finish your book–fast.

What is Mind Mapping?

Mind mapping is a color-coded outline of main ideas, Lunesta used for, Lunesta from mexico, sub topics and details, printed on different colored branches connected to the center, Lunesta brand name. Buy Lunesta online cod, In the center in a circle, you will list your main idea, Lunesta alternatives, Buy Lunesta from canada, such as your book or chapter title.

For “The One-Minute Sales Person”, Spencer’s mind map would have had seven different colored vertical branches coming from that center, so details can be put on connected horizontal branches, Lunesta For Sale. For most of us, Lunesta no rx, My Lunesta experience, mind maps are easier to read than the typical list outlines. For all of my 14 business books for authors and small businesses, Lunesta pharmacy, Where to buy Lunesta, I mind mapped each book title in one mind map of 20″ by 36″ and others of 8 1/2″ by 11″ of each chapter title and its related chapter titles. I taped them to my office walls where I could see them every day, Lunesta duration. Lunesta price, coupon, Then, I could add on new points, real brand Lunesta online, Kjøpe Lunesta på nett, köpa Lunesta online, and clarify other key words on the branches coming from the middle subject.

What are the 4 advantages of Mind Mapping?

Lunesta For Sale, One. Mind mapping is open-ended and open-minded, Lunesta blogs. Buy cheap Lunesta no rx,

No more squeezing new “aha’s” or ideas into the strict, tight form of the linear outline, Lunesta price. Lunesta photos, You can make mistakes in your mind maps. Imperfection leads to creativity, doses Lunesta work. When you get an idea for chapter one, you can just add another branch off the main one, Lunesta For Sale. Order Lunesta online overnight delivery no prescription, Mind mapping expands flexible thinking that makes for better writing.

Two, Lunesta for sale. Lunesta dose, Mind maps use only three to five concrete key words on a branch.

These key words help jog our memory. Under Chapter One “Attracting Passion, Lunesta trusted pharmacy reviews, Where can i cheapest Lunesta online, ” I added several horizontal lines that represented the format that follows. Lunesta For Sale, One line had “opening quote,” the next one “introduction,” the next one “Jerry’s Story,” the next “Food for Thought and Action,” the next, “Passion Hot Line,” the last line, “Practice.”

Three. Mind maps speed up your writing because you only write key phrases.

When you sit down at the computer, Lunesta forum, No prescription Lunesta online, from your color-coded map, the answers will flow naturally, canada, mexico, india. Purchase Lunesta online no prescription, If you need to fatten up your chapter, just go to your chapter file folders where you keep your research, buy Lunesta without a prescription. Comprar en línea Lunesta, comprar Lunesta baratos,

Four. In mind maps you see the whole related to the parts.

Your thesis, ordering Lunesta online, chapter titles, and chapter contents all flow because you answered each question your readers had. This fast-forward technique allows me to write at least two or three books each year, Lunesta For Sale. Mind maps makes each book more organized, more focused and clearer, easier to read, and finally, brings more sales because people can understand the information quickly and easily.

How Do I Create My Mind Map?

Use a large sheet of paper, at least 8 ½ by 11 inches, but I recommend a large square of butcher paper or poster board, so you can spread out and enjoy the process. Have at least six or seven colored felt-tip pens in primary and bright colors ready.

In the center, encircle your book title. Lunesta For Sale, Arrange your chapter headings, each on a different colored vertical branch, around the center in any order (you can number them later). If you can’t think of a title, place a few key words. Use only one color per branch. Off each main branch, put five or so color coded horizontal branches of particular chapter parts. (One chapter=one color of main line and those connected to it.

Even though you later change your mind about the contents, this initial mind map gives you the overall picture of what your book is and what it will share with its readers, Lunesta For Sale. I made several mind maps of my Passion book before I settled on the best information to include.

Practice: Create your book’s mind map on a separate large piece of paper.

Practice: Create one chapter’s mind map on a separate piece of paper now.

Practice: Create the rest of the chapter’s mind maps on other separate pieces of paper. Lunesta For Sale, Wow. You are up to speed. You have your thesis–what challenge your book will solve, your chapter working titles, your rough draft evolving with a Table of Contents, and you have questions to answer in each chapter.

Mind mapping is an excellent way to start, organize, and finish your book.

Need free help writing a book. Want the tools and skills necessary to start your book now to promote your business and brand yourself.

Judy Cullins, 25 year veteran book coach who has published over 14 books to help authors make profits including “Write your eBook or Other Short Book Fast “and “LinkedIn Marketing–8 Best Tactics to Build Book and Business Sales.” She has coached over 80 authors to publish, and 1000’s to market their books with social media and blog writing. Join her site to receive free weekly fresh tips.

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Buy Ultram Without Prescription

Write Your eBook or Other Short Book Fast by Judy Cullins

Buy Ultram Without Prescription, Reviewed by D’vorah Lansky, M.Ed. Purchase Ultram online, and Author of of the Amazon bestseller, Book Marketing Made Easy: Simple Strategies for Selling Your Nonfiction Book Online

“Inside a story brews, Ultram schedule, Cheap Ultram, information you must share. Unique, canada, mexico, india, Ultram coupon, needed information you knowwill benefit lives–hundreds and thousands lives.”
– Judy Cullins

Have you been wanting to write your first book, or your next book, buy Ultram online no prescription, Ultram brand name, but you don’t feel that you have the months or years to put into the project. Well, comprar en línea Ultram, comprar Ultram baratos, Buy no prescription Ultram online, delay no longer because in Write Your eBook or Other Short Book Fast, author, after Ultram, Buy generic Ultram, Judy Cullins outlines fast, simple, online buying Ultram hcl, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, effective tips that will have you celebrating the publication of your new book, in record time, no prescription Ultram online. Where can i order Ultram without prescription,

In this clearly written, gem of a book, buy cheap Ultram no rx, Purchase Ultram, you’ll discover:

  • How Judy frees the reader up and illustrates creative ways for developing content for their book, such as not having to write the first chapter first!

  • Powerful ways to effectively brand your book and set yourself apart from other authors

  • Build a community of loyal readers who want to do business with you

  • How to answer questions as a way of engaging readers

  • How to use mindmapping to generate powerful content and address the who, Ultram schedule, Ultram for sale, what, where, my Ultram experience, Ultram no prescription, when, why, discount Ultram, Where to buy Ultram, and how of your subject matter

In Write Your eBook or Other Short Book Fast, you’ll discover the “nine essential hot selling points” of your book, taking Ultram, Kjøpe Ultram på nett, köpa Ultram online, before your book is even written. And if your book is already written, Judy will illustrate how you can apply these marketing strategies to your published book, Buy Ultram Without Prescription.

Along with the nine essential hot selling points, Ultram from mexico, Get Ultram, which includes several tips in each area, not only does Judy share specifics on the mechanics of writing your book, buy Ultram from mexico, Purchase Ultram online, she goes on to show you how to actually get inside the heads of your readers to deliver the content they are searching for. Talk about writing for a niche market of thirsty readers, what is Ultram. Ultram no rx, As I read through this guide I realized that this book could be used in a college classroom as the textbook on book writing or “authorship 101”. Bravo Judy, where can i cheapest Ultram online, Order Ultram from mexican pharmacy, you have delivered an essential guide that every author, both new and published, Ultram from canada, Ultram class, can benefit from. I know that I’ll be rereading your book before I write my next book.

D’vorah Lansky, M.Ed. and Marketing Wizard has been marketing online since 1994. She is the author of the Amazon bestseller, Book Marketing Made Easy: Simple Strategies for Selling Your Nonfiction Book Online. Visit her blog at: Get your free guide to Guest Blogging and check out D’vorah’s upcoming course on Virtual Book Tours for Authors at

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Buy Librium Without Prescription

Buy Librium Without Prescription, Sure you can write, but can you write crisp, compelling copy that blog readers, your website visitors, and book audiences will clamor for.

To sell well, your blog articles, Librium photos, reports, books, and copywriting need to pass the checklist below:

1.___ Make your book, blog title, Librium used for, or promotional headlines grab your reader by the collar.

If your titles and headlines are ho hum, Librium pics, your prospective audience will leave you instantly. Headlines and titles are far more important than the copy that follows. A clever title is great, but an even better title is clever and clear, Librium street price. Make sure your titles contain benefits to readers and important keywords to make Google happy too, Buy Librium Without Prescription.

When your readers type into Google a search term for what they are looking for, if your title is there near the top of the first page, Librium mg, you are likely to get more recognition for yourself, your business, or your book (In the blog title above, “book coach” is a great keyword for me), purchase Librium online. I’m the first website resource listed on page one of Google out of 254,000, Generic Librium, 000 listings for book coach. Being # 1 or on page one is so important because this brings your site traffic you want. I’ve been #1 with this term for 12 years and going strong. Buy Librium Without Prescription, Funny, with the Bing search engine, I’m on page one, but lower in the list.

Shorter titles sell better than longer ones, Librium from canada, because they are easier to remember. Google likes them too, Where can i buy cheapest Librium online, so keep them under 65 characters. Make each word count because your potential buyer will spend only four to eight seconds on your titles to decide whether to read the rest of your piece.

In your website sales letters and your website homepage, your headlines must grab your visitors’ emotions and curiosity to lead them to buy, Librium over the counter. While some long titles have succeeded, usually the shorter, the better, Buy Librium Without Prescription. For example, on my coaching pages I offer this headline “Writing Coach Helps You Finish Your Book or Marketing Project and Profit from Them”

2.___ Create your opening of your book chapter, Buy cheap Librium no rx, your blog, or your web copy to entice your reader to continue.

It’s not the book, it’s the hook, buy Librium from mexico. In fiction, start with the most exciting and important incident first. Librium description, For a non-fiction, self-help chapter, open with 2-3 questions your readers want answered about their problem. Buy Librium Without Prescription, Use this question format to hook blog readers too.

Making your blog title a question is a great idea because your audience thinks to themselves answers to it, Librium price, coupon. Your audience wants solutions. For each chapter, What is Librium, include some dialogue in your case studies or stories, because it’s in the present and more engaging and exciting. It shows rather than tells. Past tense narrative tells, Buy Librium Without Prescription. Be sure to keep a balance of them, Librium from canadian pharmacy. Entice and engage your readers. They don’t want to be told. Herbal Librium,

3.___ Pursue professional writing friends, a writing coach, or associates to give feedback and edit your work.

Even blog posts need editing. Buy Librium Without Prescription, It’s embarrassing to have an editor critique your blog based on mistakes instead of the value you give. Before you approach someone, buy no prescription Librium online, be sure to read aloud your writing to see if it’s coherent.

For myself, About Librium, I exchange with a writer I coached for her books and her website. She’s good at copy now, so her eyes catch my little mistakes. We only send a doable few pages at a time, after Librium. I write a blog in two separate days, Buy Librium Without Prescription. The next day, my writing friend edits it. Librium mg, The next day I post it on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. 13% of my traffic comes from LinkedIn and many subscribe to my site to receive weekly emailed tips for writers who want to sell. I keep a schedule of 2-3 blogs a week, order Librium from mexican pharmacy. Buy Librium Without Prescription, Over the years this strategy propelled my ranking from 1 million down to 200,000 in October, 2011. That’s a huge improvement. Check your site’s numbers out here. Buy Librium online no prescription, This site compares your site’s success with others.

4.___ Use strong emotional or visual power verbs rather than linking verbs like “is,” “there is,” or “start to” or “begin.”

These linking verbs create passive, low dose Librium, long sentences. They stop movement and slow readers down, Buy Librium Without Prescription. Make it easy for them to “buy.” Readers expect straightforward copy, Librium reviews, and when they don’t get it, will put your book or other writing down, never to return. Not a good way to receive word of mouth referrals, is Librium addictive. Start your sentences with the subject and then add a strong action verb. This one sentence pattern will save you from slow writing.

Buy Librium Without Prescription, 5. Librium dangers, ___ Make sure all your verbs are consistent in their tense.

Use present and past tense rather than past perfect or gerunds. “Ing” verbs like “lingering” really does slow the action down. One recent business CEO client wrote good information for his entrepreneurial audience, Librium use, he simply loved the –ing format. In just one sentence we found four of them, Buy Librium Without Prescription. We fixed them right away to make his copy more readable and tighten his lecturing style. Cheap Librium no rx, As a former teacher, I used to lecture – but in today’s internet audience, we need to simplify and make our writing clear enough to get our messages listened to.

6, buying Librium online over the counter. ___ Stop loading your copy with telling words like adverbs.

Buy Librium Without Prescription, Every time you see a “very” or an -ly ending in your work, rethink. Check with your Thesaurus to see the more compelling possibilities. Librium photos, Think corpulent instead of very fat. One specific word is always better than two mundane ones. When you see “suddenly,” a favorite of most writers, Librium treatment, map out a picture, dialogue, Librium online cod, or emotion to show sudden movement. You win with showing, not telling, Buy Librium Without Prescription. One recent client loved –”ing’s” and –ly adverbs with verbs. Show the motion rather than use this common bad habit.

7, buy Librium without prescription. ___ Corral your writing into concise, compelling, Librium interactions, active sentences.

Buy Librium Without Prescription, Know that the standard sentence is 15-17 words. Any number over 17 treads into a difficult level of reading. Today’s business readers want shorter and to-the-point writing. Yes, you want some variety.

Just remember what your audience wants. Redundancies fill your first draft, Buy Librium Without Prescription. Make your first edit hone in on these. Slash and burn them because they talk down to your audience. Take one page of your writing and count the words in each sentence. Mark the difficult ones and see if you can divide and conquer into 2 or more shorter sentences. Buy Librium Without Prescription, Use fragments and drama words such as, “FACT” “TIP” “TRUE or FALSE” Don’t use capital letters except on these short words.

8.___ Make your dialogue believable.

No long speeches, please. Short dialogue reflects real life situations. Use “said” rather than “screamed” or “pouted.” Show these in your character’s action. “Said” is like a comma, and readers don’t like to be slowed or talked down to, Buy Librium Without Prescription. Put the dialogue phrase in front of the paragraph, followed by said for a more dramatic, natural speech. Remember to start a new paragraph each time you change voices.

Attract contacts, sales, clients, and make a difference in other’s lives using this “write like a pro” checklist.

Will you leave a comment. I’d smile if you did.

Want more writing and marketing help. Subscribe to my site at and get a free tips book

To stand out from the crowd, trust Judy Cullins’ advice and examples. Check out her book and ebook writing posts

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Erimin For Sale

by Michael Larsen

Erimin For Sale, Michael Larsen is a long time top non-fiction agent and knows the game. He mentored me years ago.

Now is the best time ever to be a writer, and what follows is a new model for what it will take for you to build a successful writing career in the digital age. Every part of the model is essential. Erimin samples, You need to use the whole model to succeed.


Writing begins with a boundless enthusiasm for words, ideas, writing, books, people, publishing, communicating about your work, and serving your readers, Erimin For Sale.


Writing starts with reading. You can only write as well as you read. Read what you love to read and write what you love to read. An acquaintance once came up to me all excited and said: “I just finished my first novel!”

“That’s great!” I said. Erimin For Sale, Then he asked: “What should I read next?”

Well, if you’re a novelist, you should read as many novels as you can, and read like a writer. What works for you in the books you love will work for your readers, after Erimin. Reading enables you to establish criteria for style, length, content, illustrations, Buy generic Erimin, and back matter.


Reading will also enable you to choose books and authors to use as models for your books and career. Telling agents, editors, and readers your models will enable them to understand what your book is instantly.


It’s been said that goals are dreams with a deadline, Erimin For Sale. You must have literary, Erimin pharmacy, publishing, and personal short- and long-term goals that are in harmony and motivate you to do whatever it takes to achieve them. One goal that clarifies your other goals is how much money you want to earn a year, because it determines what you write, Erimin wiki, and how you write and promote it.

A Sense of Mission

To transform passion into profit, you must believe that what you love to do is what you were born to do. Imbue what you do with a sense of mission. Erimin For Sale, As my mother used to say, “The world always steps aside for people who know where they’re going.”

A Plan

Sue Grafton advises writers to have a five-year plan. Once you decide where you’d like to be in five years, you can figure how to get from where you are to where you want to go, buy cheap Erimin. Read about how authors of books like yours succeeded and ask them for advice.


You must have goals for what you want to accomplish every workday and the discipline to make sure you accomplish them. William Faulkner once said: “I write when the spirit moves, and I make sure it moves every day.” Even a page a day is a book a year. Balance your goals, and choose the most productive way for you to spend your time, Erimin For Sale. Is Erimin safe, Take care of the minutes, hours, and days, and the years will take care of themselves.


The path to success leads through failure. Doing things wrong is how we learn to do them right, online Erimin without a prescription. I once got a fortune in a Chinese fortune cookie that read: “When you’re not afraid to do it wrong the first time, you’ll eventually get it right.” Keep learing from your models, your mentors, and your mistakes, Is Erimin addictive, and success is inevitable.

Creativity Erimin For Sale, How can you make you and your work stand out in the growing explosion of books and authors. Creativity. In a world awash with media, creativity is essential for making you and your work memorable. There was a New Yorker cartoon showing a man standing over a cat, next to a litter box, online buying Erimin hcl, and saying: “Never think outside the box.” To be creative today, it’s not enough to think outside the box, you have to think outside the room the box is in.


To succeed, Purchase Erimin for sale, you have to serve, not sell. There are more ways to serve your readers than ever, and the better you serve them, the better they’ll serve you, Erimin For Sale.


You must have faith in yourself, your idea, your book, and your ability to make it succeed and build a career, cheap Erimin no rx.


To face a blank screen and dare to believe you have something worth writing takes courage. To persevere despite rejections from publishers and the media, negative responses from readers and critics, and perhaps poor sales, Erimin dose, takes courage. Overcoming obstacles takes courage. Erimin For Sale, But you have more than enough courage to meet the challenges that await you. All you have to do is summon it, and the harder your struggle, the sweeter your success.


Writers need to know more about more areas of expertise than ever, cheap Erimin. Besides the things on this list,

  • You have to have a positive but realistic perspective about publishing that balances the challenges and opportunities. The information at will help you.

  • If you want an agent, you have to know what they do, Erimin use, and how to find, contact, and work with them.

  • You have to know about using technology, especially social media. You don’t have to be a techie, but you do have to maximize the tremendous power of technology to help you.

However, you are blessed with more free resources than ever to learn what you need to know without leaving your desk, Erimin For Sale.


There was once a cartoon showing one writer saying confidently to another: “I’ve got all the pages numbered. Now all I have to do is fill in the rest.” That’s where craft comes in, where can i buy Erimin online.

Besides reading, writing has five essential elements:

1. Coming up with ideas—There’s a New Yorker cartoon that shows two women nursing cocktails, and one is saying to the other: “I’m marrying Marvin. Erimin For Sale, I think there’s a book in it.” There’s a book in just about anything and more subjects to write about than ever before. Erimin duration, If you create an idea that lends itself to a series of books that you are passionate about writing and promoting, you can carve a career out of it.

2. Research–finding the information you need to write your book.

3. A workstyle–choosing the time, place, and tools that enable you to produce your best work, Erimin For Sale. Ray Bradbury summarized the art of writing in two verbs: throw up and clean up, no prescription Erimin online. You have to decide whether it’s more effective for you to outline your book or go ahead and write your manuscript, and then massage it until it’s ready.

4. Writing–a combination of art and craft, Get Erimin, poetry and carpentry, vision and revision. Erimin For Sale, Mario Puzo, the author of The Godfather, said, “The art of writing is rewriting.” There’s a cartoon showing two mice sitting on a writer’s desk in the middle of the night reading his manuscript, and one is saying: “We’d do him a big favor if we ate chapter four.” If you don’t want rodents criticizing your work, be your own editor. Keep revising your work until it’s 100%, as well-conceived and crafted as you can make it.

5. Sharing–the great ballet dancer Nijinsky once said: “I merely leap and pause.” After you take your creative leaps, Erimin treatment, it’s time to pause and get feedback on your work. It’s been said that if at first you don’t succeed, skydiving is not for you, but writing is a forgiving craft. Only your last draft counts, Erimin For Sale. Erimin gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, You can’t get your writing right by yourself, but you don’t have to. Build a community of knowledgeable readers to give you feedback. lists eight kinds of readers to share your work with.


There are more ways to test-market your book than ever. Erimin For Sale, Test-marketing your book gives you the chance to prove it works and to get testimonials yu can use to sell and promote your work.

A Platform

Your platform is your continuing visibility with book buyers, Erimin trusted pharmacy reviews, online and off, on your subject or the kind of book you’re writing. Building your platform by test-marketing your book enables you to maximize the value of your book before you sell it, which, Erimin photos, for most nonfiction, is the only way to get the best editor, publisher, and deal for your book.


There’s a New Yorker cartoon showing two disreputable guys sitting a bar talking, and one is saying: “I tried victimless crime, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, but I’m a people person.” If you want to be a successful author, you have to be a people person. Writing is a solitary profession, but it’s the only part of the process you have to do alone. Create communities of fans, writers, and other publishing professionals to help you with your writing, promotion, using technology, and getting reviews and cover quotes, Erimin For Sale. Comprar en línea Erimin, comprar Erimin baratos, Promotion

Two cannibals are having dinner and one says to the other: “You know, I don’t like your publisher.”

“OK,” the other cannibal says, “then just eat the noodles.”

The most common reason authors become disenchanted with their publishers is lack of promotion. If you’re writing a promotion-driven nonfiction book, the promotion plan you include in your proposal will determine the editor, buying Erimin online over the counter, publisher, and deal for your book. Novelists are also as well. A plan is a list, in descending order of impressiveness, Ordering Erimin online, of what you will do to promote your book, including, when possible, how many of them. Exaggerate nothing, but submit the strongest plan you can, where can i cheapest Erimin online. Erimin For Sale, Chicken souperman Jack Canfield says a book is like an iceberg: writing is 10%, marketing is 90%. If this is true for the kind of book you’re writing, you will need to spend nine times more effort promoting your book than you do writing it. But there are more ways to promote your book at less cost than ever with just your fingertips.


You have to be a contentpreneur:

  • Your content has to be scalable from a tweet to a book, Buy Erimin no prescription, and your promotion from a one-line pitch to a one-hour radio interview.

  • You have to make your laptop and your smartphone your office and be able to work and to respond to your communities wherever you are.

  • You have to keep writing and publishing a steady stream of work for free and for fees that maximizes your pleasure, income, and visibility.

  • You have to focus on writing work that you can re-purpose in as many forms, media, and countries as you can.

  • There’s a cartoon showing two guys sitting in a bar talking, and one of them is saying to the other: “Since I started freelancing full time, buy Erimin without prescription, I’ve made quite a few sales…my house, my car, my furniture.” If you don’t want to be like him, you have to take entrepreneurial responsibility for the promotion and sales of your book.

  • You also have to be resourceful in figuring out how to solve problems and take advantage of new opportunities.

  • You have to build a community of professionals and virtual assistants with whom you can collaborate to create new products and services.

  • You have to embrace accelerating change as an opportunity to create ideas, Buy Erimin from canada, publicity, sources of income, ways to improve how you work, and renew your sense of mission.


There’s a cartoon showing a man and a woman, sitting on a couch talking, and the man is saying: “Look, where can i buy cheapest Erimin online, I’m not talking about a lifetime commitment. I’m talking about marriage.”

Being a successful author requires a lifetime commitment, and I hope that you will commit yourself to becoming the best writer you can be, not just for yourself, Buy cheap Erimin no rx, but for all of us.


Marketing guru Seth Godin says that the best time to start promoting a book is three years before it comes out, because it may take that long to build a platform, create the strongest promotion plan for your book, and have the ability to carry it out, Erimin For Sale.

You have to have patience to take the long view as well as the short view in writing and promoting your books, and building your career. You can’t look at your career as one book but ten or twenty—each new book being better and more lucrative than the previous one.


To be the best writer and author you can be, you must love the process, herbal Erimin. You have to believe that using this model is what you were born to do. You have to

  • love to read and write

  • write out of love for serving your readers

  • love the challenges of devoting yourself to becoming a better writer and communicator about your work

Erimin For Sale, The love you send into the world through your work and your relationships with your readers will come back to you many times over and provide a profoundly satisfying life, regardless of how much income you earn doing it.


Regard achievements large and small as opportunities to celebrate on a scale with what you accomplish. The prospect of celebrating your work will help keep you going.

The Best Piece of Advice

Add luck to this list, Purchase Erimin online, and your books will be failproof. After forty-four years in the business, I’m convinced that every part of this list is essential. I may have left something out—and please tell me if I have–but you will need all of what’s here to succeed, Erimin For Sale. I end the model with the best piece of advice I’ve ever heard about becoming a writer:

“If anything can stop you from becoming a writer, let it. If nothing can stop you, do it and you’ll make it.”

A Bonus

You can adapt this model for other professions and in your personal life.

My partner Elizabeth Pomada and I give talks about the model, which was adapted from my blog: and my books, the new fourth edition of How to Write a Book Proposal and How to Get a Literary Agent.

To get in touch with Michael, go to

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Buy Camazepam Without Prescription

Buy Camazepam Without Prescription, Surprise your target audience. Give them chocolate frosting, online buying Camazepam. Camazepam natural, Use metaphors in your book, blog, buy Camazepam from canada, Camazepam from canada, promo, and website, Camazepam reviews. Low dose Camazepam, One kind of writing coaching I offer is to create your promotional and web copy such as benefit statements and sales letters with metaphors. Your readers want to make that creative leap to your answers, Camazepam steet value.

Here’s 7 Ways…

1) Start a Metaphor List, Buy Camazepam Without Prescription. Camazepam pics, Keep it filed where you can find it easily and add to it. Every time you hear a good one, about Camazepam, Buy cheap Camazepam, write it down. Use other people’s metaphors as a springboard for your own, Camazepam maximum dosage. Camazepam from canadian pharmacy, 2) Notice similes and metaphors in books you read. Buy Camazepam Without Prescription, Remember the money metaphor for Daisy in the “Great Gatsby?”

3) Practice playing with metaphor examples. How about Writing is.., order Camazepam from mexican pharmacy. Camazepam photos, riding a roller coaster …as painful as a root canal.

4) Give a metaphor example in your book title or marketing message, Camazepam price, No prescription Camazepam online, the “tell and sell.
“Self care is…a bubble bath in the middle of a workday.” Optimize your health and get “Jump out of bed energy.”

5) Complete these metaphor starters: Remember to use concrete words–of image, purchase Camazepam for sale, Doses Camazepam work, sound, and feeling, Camazepam without prescription. Forgo all clichés, Buy Camazepam Without Prescription. Camazepam pictures,

  • I’m as down as

  • I’m as frazzled as

  • I’m as happy as (no clams, please)

  • I’m as dizzy as

  • I’m as low as

  • I’m as powerful as a

  • I’m as sleepy as

  • I’m as energetic as

  • I’m as spiritual as

  • I’m as loose as

Expand the list using the subjects of your book or coaching business, Camazepam dangers. Online buy Camazepam without a prescription, Think and picture your audience as you create more powerful metaphors

6) Re-define all general benefits in your introduction, “tell and sell, Camazepam without a prescription, Online buying Camazepam hcl, ” or sales letter. Instead of saying, buy Camazepam online no prescription, Buy Camazepam from canada, “Read my book and live life well,” make your benefit more specific such as “Read my book and your life will look like….” Or, order Camazepam no prescription, Online buying Camazepam, “Read my book and your life will feel like….”

7) Finish These Statements to Warm Up:

  • Stress is…

  • Authentic is…

  • Health is…

  • Spiritual is…

  • Marketing is…

  • Promotion is…

  • Goals are…

  • More life is…

  • Vision is…

  • Better Communication is…

  • More money is…

Let your potential clients know how they will see or feel themselves after they read and use your book’s ideas and suggestions. This goes for your coaching promo too, Camazepam without prescription. Buy Camazepam Without Prescription, When they can see or feel it for themselves, they are more comfortable buying. Online Camazepam without a prescription, They need to see the results and feel themselves better for reading your book or using your service.

8) Try alliteration just for fun:

“I was as dizzy as a dervish, ordering Camazepam online, Camazepam pics, as weak as a worn-out washer, as low as a badger’s belly, Camazepam description, Buy Camazepam without a prescription, as timid as a titmouse, and as unlikely to succeed as a ballet dancer with a wooden leg.”

Each of you has the powerful potential for making connections and seeing relationships in your own unique way, Camazepam canada, mexico, india. Metaphor making is a highly personal and richly creative experience. Play with metaphors and use them in all of your writing–even your sales materials.

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Zopiclone For Sale

Zopiclone For Sale, When coaches contact me, one thing they say is “I’m not a writer.” They can’t see the end of the journey, because they believe they must write a long book, and shouldn’t it be with a publisher.

My Bookcoaching Strategies:

1, purchase Zopiclone online. What is Zopiclone, Think of the benefits of writing a short book.

  • You will build credibility and be known as the expert in your field.

  • You build your brand with the book title and chapter parts.

  • You can generate leads with a short free eBook.

  • You can finish a short book in 100 days or less.

  • You can transform your readers into clients.

  • You can brand your business and build worldwide visibility.

  • You can share your mission, influence and educate your targeted audience

  • You can create ongoing life-long revenue.

  • You can repurpose your book into teleseminars and coaching packages.

2, Zopiclone forum. Zopiclone description, Take action now.

Write your short 30-100 page book for your audience to attract them to you and finish within two months or less, so you can start getting more quality clients, Zopiclone from mexico. Zopiclone wiki,

3. Focus on what topic or book you’ll write first.

I can recommend you begin with the one that shares about your coaching and how it helps your audience, Zopiclone For Sale. Remember, Zopiclone results, Zopiclone natural, the #1 business trend is education. So, low dose Zopiclone, Zopiclone images, educate your potential clients.

4, buy cheap Zopiclone. Zopiclone photos, Write a list of your audience’s problems or challenges.

Get these from your client files. Zopiclone For Sale, Then, choose a focus, and answer those questions. Think a series of short books for this to reach
different needs, Zopiclone treatment. Effects of Zopiclone,

5. Stop researching so much to write the perfect book.

You know your topic, online buying Zopiclone hcl. Zopiclone without a prescription, You know your coaching strengths. You already have the answers within, so don’t think you need to do
a lot of research, Zopiclone For Sale. In fact, buy Zopiclone online cod, Rx free Zopiclone, research makes your chapters dry and telling like a lecture, rather than engaging your readers with case studies or dialogue, real brand Zopiclone online. Zopiclone street price, Your organic, natural voice will emerge with the correct format, Zopiclone from canada. Buy Zopiclone no prescription,

6. Use all of your experience to write your book.

You may have some articles written, purchase Zopiclone, Zopiclone interactions, given a teleclass, or have some juicy client stories where you solved their challenge, after Zopiclone. Zopiclone For Sale, These translate into compelling chapters. No prescription Zopiclone online, Writing a book is like writing a program in a way. You’ll need a beginning, australia, uk, us, usa, Buy Zopiclone online no prescription, middle, and end, Zopiclone schedule. Generic Zopiclone, These strategies can short cut your time to your book’s finish line.

7, Zopiclone without prescription. Know the pay offs of finishing your book.

If you don’t create even a short eBook, and self-publish soon and fast, your potential clients won’t know what you have to offer them, Zopiclone For Sale. Where to buy Zopiclone, You won’t build your practice beyond a few, and you won’t have the confidence of being a respected coach who earns consistent high income, what is Zopiclone. Zopiclone no rx,

8. Know your audience well before you write your book.

First, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, think of your preferred audience–the one who will most want your book. Write to that one audience to make your book speak directly to them, and engage them to want to act on your ideas. Zopiclone For Sale, With too many audiences in mind, your book may lack focus and you will need to include information for each one of them in every chapter. This is the number one mistake emerging authors make–unless they are Chicken Soup marketers, of course.

9. Think about where your audience hangs out.

They aren’t going to the bookstore to find your book unless you are in the 1% famous list. They are on the internet. You need to share your book that brands you in articles, blogs and social media marketing, and put a website sales letter that will seal the deal, Zopiclone For Sale.

Traditional is no longer valid in today’s business world. From Bill Gates–the idea that there will be two kinds of businesses in the 2000’s–Ones who use the Internet, and the others, out of business. Make sure your book reaches your targeted audience the best way, so it can brand your business today

10. Write your dear audience letter before you write the book.

Dear (specific audience),

I know your suffer from these challenges (Name them). Zopiclone For Sale, You are here now. (explain) and that’s why I wrote this book called “Write your eBook or Other Short Book-Fast!” to help you solve your challenges. Here’s how my book will help you solve them: Put 3-5 benefits into a sentence here.

This letter can turn into your sparkling introduction, which should be closed to a sales letter than a story about you.

Get Judy Cullins’ blog post on book success for authors.

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Buy Mogadon Without Prescription

Buy Mogadon Without Prescription, Why write an introduction. Mogadon no rx, Nobody reads it anyhow. And do you know why, Mogadon long term. Mogadon samples, Authors get windy and “I” centered in their long introductions. They think their readers will love their journey, Mogadon wiki. Maybe, but maybe boring, Buy Mogadon Without Prescription. About Mogadon, Instead, your buyers want to know what you can do for them, Mogadon coupon. Where can i buy Mogadon online, Your introduction is the 3rd “Essential Hot Selling Point” to write before you finish or publish your eBook or Print book. So, Mogadon over the counter, Mogadon canada, mexico, india, in your new half to one-page book introduction include these five points, excerpted from my Write your eBook or Other Short Book – Fast! – the book that solves chapter, buy generic Mogadon, Canada, mexico, india, book business, and pre-marketing challenges for the emerging author, Mogadon no prescription. Order Mogadon online c.o.d,

5 Steps for a Great Book Introduction

1. The hook.

Buy Mogadon Without Prescription, Ask a few questions where your one specific audience is now to establish rapport. If you have multiple audiences, Mogadon class, Mogadon maximum dosage, rethink your book. It’s far easier to market to one audience or group than many, buy Mogadon online cod. Kjøpe Mogadon på nett, köpa Mogadon online, What are their concerns or challenges your book will solve. Just a sentence or two, ordering Mogadon online. Remember to speak in “you” not “I.”

  • “Do you find yourself unable to…?”

  • “Do you need help overcoming…?”

  • “Clueless about how to…?”

2, Buy Mogadon Without Prescription. Mogadon for sale, The benefits.

What will your book do for your readers. Only benefits sell, online buying Mogadon. Mogadon price, coupon, So include three to five benefits in sentences following your hook introduction.

  • “You will learn how to…”

  • “Discover way in which…”

  • “Master the five essential techniques to.., buy Mogadon online no prescription. which include…”

Buy Mogadon Without Prescription, 3. Purchase Mogadon online, Why you wrote the book.

Just a few sentences. “I wrote this book because you wanted or needed…”

4, online buy Mogadon without a prescription. Mogadon no rx, Include a sample of your chapter format.

What is consistently inside each chapter. Tips, no prescription Mogadon online, Mogadon steet value, quotes, FACTS, Mogadon cost, Purchase Mogadon, or stories.

5, Buy Mogadon Without Prescription. Invite and motivate them to keep reading in a sentence or two.

“Onto Chapter One!”

eBook Introduction Example

Taken directly from my most popular ebook.., Mogadon price. Mogadon street price, Write your eBook or Other Short Book – Fast!

Inside a story brews, information you must share, buying Mogadon online over the counter. Mogadon overnight, Unique, needed information you know will benefit lives–hundreds and thousands lives, effects of Mogadon. After Mogadon, Where are you now with your book. Buy Mogadon Without Prescription, Discouraged you don’t know how. It will take too long. Be too much work. Cost too much money. Do you worry it won’t be good enough to sell. Whether you are an emerging or already published author, ‘Write Your EBook or Other Short Book – Fast!’ gives you each step of the way to market while you write, publish quickly, and not make the mistakes even seasoned authors make–all to make you a successful author, Buy Mogadon Without Prescription.

We authors write the books we need—thus, after twenty years of writing, publishing and selling books, this book has evolved to give you an easy-to-use formula to write a quality book fast.

Each chapter gives short, no-nonsense “how-to” answers to your questions, “author’s tips,” and Internet resources to help you market.

With your passion, intention, attention, and patience, you will finish your treasured book years before you would with the agent/publisher route. You’ll get respect for being an expert, your business will flourish, you’ll make lifetime income, and you’ll love the adventure. So turn the page and begin now!

Sharing is Caring!

What great techniques do you use in your book’s introduction to draw in, engage, and entice your reader to buy and finish your book.

Please share your thoughts and comments.

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Sildenafil Citrate For Sale

Benenfits vs Features Sildenafil Citrate For Sale, New and experienced book authors know their topic and their story. Yet, Doses Sildenafil Citrate work, 99% make the mistake of talking too much about their book’s features on their website or in their emails, and not nearly enough about their book’s benefits. This approach gives disappointing results, Sildenafil Citrate from mexico.

Remember, Buy Sildenafil Citrate without prescription, features describe what’s in the book, such as your how to exercises or quotes so many people love. Benefits describe the results your reader will get from finishing your book, buying Sildenafil Citrate online over the counter, for example, Order Sildenafil Citrate online c.o.d, your promise of getting healthier, happier, or richer, where can i find Sildenafil Citrate online.

IT’S NOT THE BOOK – IT’S THE HOOK, Sildenafil Citrate For Sale. It’s not the beautiful website; it’s the sales piece for each book, Sildenafil Citrate results, product or service that lists the benefits of reading your book.

What you say outside your book’s chapter copy matters.

Always promote with benefits over features. Benefits show the value of your products, Sildenafil Citrate pictures. They solve your particular audience’s problem or challenge. Sildenafil Citrate For Sale, They show your intended readers what they will gain from reading your book. Sildenafil Citrate treatment, Results.

Some common results: more money, less trouble, buy Sildenafil Citrate no prescription, more time, Sildenafil Citrate without prescription, less stress, desirable relationships, more zest and energy, Sildenafil Citrate cost, less fatigue, Buy Sildenafil Citrate from mexico, and the list goes on. Ask yourself what will your readers get from your book that they must have. Sadly, order Sildenafil Citrate online overnight delivery no prescription, authors need to answer this hot-selling point taught in my books, Order Sildenafil Citrate from United States pharmacy, teleseminars and coaching, BEFORE they write a book. And you can start now, Sildenafil Citrate For Sale.

Getting Started:

One, Sildenafil Citrate natural. Write down a list of 5-10 benefits for one book at a time.

Here’s Examples of key benefits for a business book from a UK CEO book coaching client:

  1. See yourself really enjoying perpetual success and outstanding profits.

  2. Love your work so much, Where to buy Sildenafil Citrate, that you can’t wait to get to the office.

  3. Work with customers that you like and who rave about your products and services.

Notice that each benefit statement starts with a command verb. Use bullets for these benefits in your short web sales letter, email promotions, real brand Sildenafil Citrate online, and most other sales copy. Sildenafil Citrate long term, Examples: discover, improve, increase, Sildenafil Citrate dose, reduce, Sildenafil Citrate price, coupon, or relieve (not learn-that’s dull). Sildenafil Citrate For Sale, Brainstorm your best benefits with a coach or savvy business person. Many authors make this mistake, and wonder why their book isn’t selling better, where can i buy cheapest Sildenafil Citrate online. Example: One life coach used “Discover more piece of mind.” Not specific enough. Buy cheap Sildenafil Citrate, Could be something like: “Reduce tension for decision making with 5 Steps to Piece of Mind.” Show and add the feature at the end of the benefit statement for powerful results.

Keep asking yourself the results question until you get an answer that is concrete, measurable, discount Sildenafil Citrate, and definable. Choose one benefit phrase and ask, “What is the result your reader gets from reading your book or particular chapter, Sildenafil Citrate For Sale. Sildenafil Citrate recreational, For non-fiction and business books, I recommend putting the benefits right after the chapter hook to entice your readers to keep reading.

Use visual and feeling senses. Engaging with emotions compels your readers to act, low dose Sildenafil Citrate. It’s good to combine the appropriate benefit with the right feature at the end of the statement. Online buying Sildenafil Citrate hcl, Examples: After reading my book, you will…

  • See yourself receiving sales notices by mentioning your 5 best book benefits.

  • Feel 10 years younger without a facelift.

  • Sell enough books to take that well-earned island vacation and increase your satisfaction.

Two. Write down a list of your book’s 5-10 best features.

Sildenafil Citrate For Sale, Features explain parts of your books. They could include the 5 steps to achieve financial freedom, online buying Sildenafil Citrate, the stories, Sildenafil Citrate overnight, the tips, the sidebars, the quotes, comprar en línea Sildenafil Citrate, comprar Sildenafil Citrate baratos, and the number of pages to name a few. Sildenafil Citrate steet value, FACT: These alone do not sell books.

Three. Include some of your personality in your promotion copy.

For my book, Sildenafil Citrate duration, Write your eBook and Other Short Book–Fast, Buy Sildenafil Citrate online no prescription, at the end of my sales piece, I once said, ”My book is less than the price of a good dinner, Sildenafil Citrate no prescription, with wine of course!” (Guess with its low cost, Sildenafil Citrate alternatives, I should have said lunch).

Always answer your potential book buyers, “Why should I buy your book?” with strong benefits that will help them decide and solve their challenge, Sildenafil Citrate For Sale. Benefits sell books.

Judy’s Tip: Create a folder on your book’s marketing and promotion. Name and date each file, such as your book’s “Benefits List” and save within this folder to have handy.

Does this make sense to you?

Do you have some promotion strategies that you think needs changing so you can get more book sales and clients. Please leave a comment. This blog benefits from your participation :).

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Restoril For Sale

Restoril For Sale, Write your book for your reader. That’s who decides whether it sells or not, australia, uk, us, usa. Buy generic Restoril, Rather than lecture or tell all you know from your research or your story, think what does my reader need now, generic Restoril. Restoril treatment, How can I make my chapter more enjoyable and easy to read.

Our first draft may tell and not have a clear focus, buy Restoril from mexico, Restoril canada, mexico, india, but after that we authors can make our books so much better. Better enough that the reader will finish each chapter, hungry for the next, and the next, until he or she finishes, Restoril For Sale. Then comes the great “word of mouth” promotion, Restoril from canadian pharmacy. Purchase Restoril online, It’s 24/7 and free for us. A big message to the emerging author as well as the pro, Restoril dosage. Buy Restoril no prescription,

Remember To…

  • Hook the reader in the beginning with questions or shocking stats.

  • Engage the reader throughout your chapters with a YOU approach, not I.

  • Organize according to the reader’s interest, online buy Restoril without a prescription. Use Headlines throughout.

  • Include each chapter’s benefits after the hook to keep readers turning pages and finishing your book so they will recommend it.

  • Restoril For Sale, Establish the right tone. Restoril natural, Conversational is good, not pedantic or stiff.

  • Pass the “So What?” test, Restoril brand name. Where to buy Restoril, Why should I buy this?

  • Write to inform, entertain, Restoril coupon, Effects of Restoril, and engage, rather than to impress!

When you ask and answer questions for your non-fiction chapter middle, Restoril overnight, Restoril recreational, you will be clear and natural. When you do a similar exercise for fiction, online buying Restoril hcl, Where can i buy cheapest Restoril online, each chapter will brim with exciting details your reader wants to know about. That includes answering questions on who, Restoril street price, Buy Restoril without a prescription, what, what, buy cheap Restoril, Order Restoril from United States pharmacy, why and how.

Know some great book writing tells that help authors sell more copies and engage their readers, Restoril wiki. Online buying Restoril, Please share below. Restoril dangers. No prescription Restoril online. Purchase Restoril for sale. Restoril reviews. Discount Restoril. Restoril cost. Restoril without prescription. Generic Restoril. Restoril canada, mexico, india.

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