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Do You Need Your Own Book-Selling Website?

Do You Need Your Own Book-Selling Website?
It’s great to have multiple sales going for you at Amazon and other book-selling sites, but you, the hardworking author, will receive only $5.50 on a $12.00 book on Amazon. Other book-selling sites will send you 20-30% royalties for print books, and possibly 70% from ebooks. Not so good. With your own author/publisher website you reap 100% of the harvest!

If you don’t offer a book, this information will work for any other product or service.

  • You receive all of the profits.
  • Your customers give you their email addresses, which allows you to follow up and contact them about future books, products or services.
  • Your visitors bring you worldwide publicity at almost no cost to you.
  • Your promotion opportunities open up.
  • You are more accessible to your readers.
  • You establish yourself as the expert.
  • You gain your visitor’s trust you are here to stay.

How Can I Setup an Author’s Website?

Just like anything else, you need to get organized first. What do you need to learn to put up an attractive, professional, book-selling site? Start a new file called “Website To Do’s.”

Include in it:

  • My website’s purpose
  • What I can do for my readers
  • What results do I want
  • What links do I want to include?
Put these and other topics in your computer files and hard copy manila folders placed in your “Website Planning” folder. Author’s Web Tip: A former time management consultant I know said that only 20% of all papers are important. Stop keeping the other 80%. The important papers or computer files, which include files on your book and its contents, your Offline Marketing Plans and your Online Marketing Plans, should all be put vertically and alphabetically in folders and/or in hard files, or placed alphabetically within one main computer folder, within which you place different related documents. Your website is your virtual office. You need to design each part of it to titillate and inspire your visitor, to be fast loading, and to be easy to navigate. You must know your site’s purpose before you design it. After you read the plan do your field work and run it by your coach and other friends and associates. Take some time and thoughtfully respond to the questions below with the help of your coach.

Answer These Questions for Your First or Updated Site

  1. What is the purpose of your Website? Sales? Build credibility? Show that you’re the expert? Is it a branding website? Or, is it a single site to sell your book? What do you want to sell? (all sites want to sell something) Note: Each type needs different information and offers.
  2. What visitors do you want to attract? (target audience)
  3. Will your website have a theme?
  4. What should be your visitors’ action and reaction once they arrive at your site?
  5. What challenge or problem does your target visitor have?
  6. What’s on your site to solve that challenge?
  7. What hardware are they going to use while accessing your website?
  8. By the end of 6 months, what goals should you have achieved? Money? Clients?
  9. What’s your technical expertise, and are you willing to learn something new, or delegate it?
  10. What list of keywords are you using? Does it include the more specific keyword phrases (long-tailed and low competition)?
Book Coach’s Tip: Spend time planning your website. Before you design or write a word of copy, get a visual and mental picture of your preferred audience. Your visitors will spend up to 10 seconds on your homepage, so plan accordingly. Draw their attention with compelling headings that include benefits, rather than just a listing.

1. Define your preferred audience.

Picture them as you create your website. Create an audience profile including their special needs and concerns. Make sure your website solves their problem, and it has a lot of free information that will help your visitors. Think WordPress blogs.

2. Make your homepage simple and easy to read so it will load fast and not make potential customers wait.

Include benefits and a few testimonials. Forget the large photos or spinning and flashing signs that distract. Put navigation bars (topics of other pages – things your want to sell) on the side or top to lead your visitors to different pages. With new keyword phrase research, you can rename the links and titles so you’ll get a higher page ranking. These will include seminars, free articles, blog posts, archived past ezines, product pages (one for each product), testimonials, and a how to order page.

3. Send an email survey to your potential buyers to skyrocket your web sales.

Ask them, “Which titles and benefits would make you want to buy?” From their feedback, make every word count on every webpage. Dramatic headlines with specific benefits and hot keywords lure visitors to read, then buy. One author changed his copy from “Money-Saving tips on Car Buying, Leasing, Repairs and Insurance Reduction Tips” to “How to Buy a Car at $50 Over Dealer Cost.” He discovered why his surveyed customers bought it. More of them wanted to buy a new car far more than the other benefits he offered. When he changed the title and keywords, sales increased by over 300% in 48 hours.

4. Put a short sales letter on your website for each product and service.

This is so important. If your visitors don’t have enough specific information (benefits) to make an informed buying decision, you’ve lost them to other website choices. To get your visitors to get to that choice, you first need to share that link with a benefit blurb in Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn groups you are part of. Or, to get more responses from those who don’t trust you yet, you need to get them to subscribe to your website blog, ezine, or newsletter. To entice them, include a free ebook or special report to give away. Then, when your visitors come to the site from your internet marketing that includes the top three social media venues of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, they will see the benefits of the free product and free ezine or blog subscription. The purpose? To collect your target market’s emails for future marketing, staying in touch with their needs, and offering useful information to keep them with you over the years. It takes time to build trust, sometimes up to two years. These opt-in conversions help you build your database for more effective online promotion. Most sales are made from this database when you email your list about special offers. Author’s Tip: Update your long sales pages to shorter ones. Include hot keyword phrases in the headline, just a few benefits, and testimonials. Your visitors only spend a minute or two per page, so give them the essentials they need to make an educated decision to buy or not to buy.

5. Check and test every part, every navigation bar, and every link with your webmaster to see how they work.

If you are selling a product or service, test your headline and your copy. Replace dull copy with passionate testimonials.

6. Check out all the rest of your site.

A good tweak before your guests arrive will bring you many more positive results.
  • Check your headlines. Do they offer a reason to read on?
  • Check your offer. Did you include a free bonus report?
  • Check your prices. Low cost isn’t always best. Let your products reflect your professional status. With your webmaster, check your layout–how you lead the prospect to your order page.
  • Check your ordering process. Will your orders come back with proper information on them?
  • Always include a thank you page after your customer buys. You can mention other products and services there too. Or, include a link to a free special report where at the end, you can put a link to your product or service, such as small group coaching.
  • You may also want to test the use of color, typestyle, and copy.
In fact, test everything you put out to your website visitor. Friends and associates can be your friendly sounding board. Email them a few pages to comment on. But check with a writing coach for the final copy.

7. Include a lot of free content, and make it easy to reach.

Your visitor should be able to click and receive your “gold” in seconds. At the end of each content piece, such as a blog, include a link to your free subscription. Sometimes include a link to your related products, teleclasses, or services page. Put up your social networking buttons too. Links to your profile at LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. This content is easy to share with the world with just a click. We discovered our unique visitors shot way up one month after 5 months of submitting articles. Eventually, blogs turned out to be better than articles, because Google would notice them. We use Google Analytics to see our monthly stats and found out that LinkedIn is our third best source of traffic. That encourages me to pay more attention to Social Media.

8. Think about search engine placement, but also think how you communicate with your visitor.

Just create a user-friendly, easy to navigate site with meaningful content and submit it manually to the Social Media sites.

More Tips for Updating your Website

  • Check and Correct misspells, typos, bad links.
  • Create a shorter, benefit driven sale page for each product or service.
  • Know that sites must be updated every few months, so new content shows Google you’re active. Old brochure types get no real action, signups or sales.
  • Schedule time to write that new copy that sizzles and sells too.
  • Meet with a coach who knows the game and has done it successfully for years.
  • Learn what to let go of that doesn’t work and invest time wisely in what does.

Sharing is Caring!

Questions? Concerns? Success stories? When you comment, we all benefit.

Published by Judy Cullins

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Lorazepam For Sale

by Phyllis Zimbler Miller

Lorazepam For Sale, I know Phyllis from Linkedin. She’s a real pro with online marketing, where can i order Lorazepam without prescription. Buy Lorazepam without prescription, Book authors may be relieved when their books are published. Yet the next stage of being a book author – marketing the book – awaits them, what is Lorazepam. Where can i buy Lorazepam online, And by now many authors realize that, for purposes of connecting with prospective readers, Lorazepam natural, Buying Lorazepam online over the counter, they need to be active on social media sites and have their own “home base” book author website.

Now here is an important piece of information about that book author website:

While your book may be finished, your website should never be “finished.”


First, let’s talk about SEO – search engine optimization.

You want your website to attract the search engines so that your site has a good possibility of coming up in people’s search results, Lorazepam For Sale.

Search engines are picky – and many of their quirks are secret, Lorazepam duration. Lorazepam blogs, Yet it is known that search engines have a “taste” for fresh content.

For example, Lorazepam dosage, Lorazepam trusted pharmacy reviews, if your site is three years old and there have been no blog posts, new pages added, Lorazepam pictures, Purchase Lorazepam online, or new content, the search engines probably believe that your site is not an active one, purchase Lorazepam online no prescription. Comprar en línea Lorazepam, comprar Lorazepam baratos, And search results do NOT like to include inactive sites. Lorazepam For Sale, How do you tell the search engines that your site is indeed alive. You add fresh content as often as possible to demonstrate that all is well, Lorazepam over the counter. Lorazepam dangers,

Second, let’s talk about attracting readers – those people who appreciate what you write, Lorazepam results. Online buying Lorazepam,

Fresh content appeals to the search engines and also appeals to your prospective readers. Particularly as you are a writer (you did write a book, Lorazepam for sale, Lorazepam use, right?), having a blog on your website offers the opportunity to showcase your writing and continually add fresh content, where to buy Lorazepam.

What you blog about should preferably be somehow connected to your book(s), Lorazepam For Sale. Online buying Lorazepam hcl, The “somehow” gives you plenty of writing space as long as you stay on what I call the “spine” of your blog.

For example, buy cheap Lorazepam, Discount Lorazepam, if you blog about food and cooking, to suddenly write a blog post about coal mining would be off the “spine” of your blog unless, Lorazepam dose, Buy Lorazepam online no prescription, perhaps, that post includes the description of a special food dish prepared by the coal miners, doses Lorazepam work. Lorazepam description, The consistency of your blog post topics is important for readers who have expectations as well as search engines, which also have expectations, Lorazepam use. Ordering Lorazepam online, If you have been telling the search engines via the content on your site that you write about food and cooking, the search engines will rightfully be confused by a post all about coal miners, where can i cheapest Lorazepam online. Lorazepam For Sale, Search engines strive to return the most accurate results when a person searches on a word or expression. Rx free Lorazepam, A website/blog with information about food and coal miners could hinder your website URL being returned in search engine results for blogs about food and cooking.

When you write your blog posts, Lorazepam price, coupon, Kjøpe Lorazepam på nett, köpa Lorazepam online, share interesting information with your readers while staying on the “spine” of what you write about.

Okay, Lorazepam samples, no one said that being a book author required becoming an expert in search engine optimization. Yet it is a good idea to remember that the on-the-spine content you continually provide your prospective readers will also please the search engines.

Phyllis Zimbler Miller has an M.B.A. from The Wharton School and is the co-founder of the WBENC-certified marketing consulting company, which also builds WordPress websites/blogs for clients.

Check out Phyllis’ fiction and nonfiction books plus her other online projects at

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Published by Judy Cullins

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Prozac For Sale

by Kathleen Gage

Prozac For Sale, “If I know a great conscious business woman, it is Kathleen Gage. She’s helped me over time and you will get great value from this post.” -Judy

Have you given thought to why you do what you do, is Prozac safe. Purchase Prozac online, Why are you in the business you are in. What motivates you to work with the clients you work with, Prozac duration. Buy no prescription Prozac online, In the last few years, the energy of business has shifted dramatically, rx free Prozac. With all the spirit-driven businesses currently in existence and those that will be created, there is an incredible shift taking place, Prozac For Sale. Online buying Prozac, If you are reading this, chances are you are aware of this transformation, where can i find Prozac online. Order Prozac online overnight delivery no prescription, If you are not yet aware of the shift, the fact you are reading this means there is a slight ray of light shining through your consciousness, Prozac description. Order Prozac online c.o.d, It is in this awareness we know we have the ability to influence change on many levels. What an awesome opportunity and responsibility this is, Prozac dangers. Prozac For Sale, There are reasons beyond money we are in business. Purchase Prozac, Our primary purpose is to serve. Granted, Prozac trusted pharmacy reviews, Online buy Prozac without a prescription, not everyone agrees with this and that’s okay. My job is not to make someone wrong for what their priorities are, Prozac used for. Prozac natural, My job is to be clear on my priorities and purpose.

In order to stay focused on my primary purpose, I sit quietly and visualize my mind as a vessel that channels information from Source, Prozac For Sale. When I am able to allow myself to reside in this space, Prozac without prescription, Prozac price, everything becomes simple.

Do not confuse simple with easy, generic Prozac. Prozac alternatives, There are times the actions I must take to fulfill what I am called to do can be challenging, time consuming, buy cheap Prozac, Is Prozac addictive, and require a high level of trust of the unknown.

Truth be told, Prozac maximum dosage, Prozac samples, every day is a day of unknowns. Prozac For Sale, The more we can stay fully present in the present moment, the easier it all becomes.

Again I ask, ordering Prozac online, Where to buy Prozac, “Have you given thought to why you do what you do. Why are you in the business you’re in, no prescription Prozac online. Prozac pics, What motivates you to work with the clients you work with?”

Is it for the material gain you will obtain or is it for a high level of service that results in consciousness raising shifts.

Get Kathleen’s latest tips at her blog

, Prozac over the counter. Prozac cost. Cheap Prozac. After Prozac. Prozac for sale. Effects of Prozac. Buy cheap Prozac no rx.

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Published by Judy Cullins

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Buy Serax Without Prescription

Buy Serax Without Prescription, Over the past twenty plus years, I wrote a piece to give my clients before I accepted them, called “Are You My Ideal Client?” This piece set the values and respect I require, and set the bar high enough for me to enjoy my coaching. Serax for sale, It worked for a while. How soon the impatient, get Serax, Serax australia, uk, us, usa, needy, desperate, purchase Serax for sale, Serax recreational, and wanting all strategies to be done yesterday clients started knocking. They wanted much more than what makes this calling of book coaching so much fun for me and the passionate people I work with, Serax reviews. Serax pics, Open hearted, open-minded communication needs some tweaking, online buying Serax hcl. Make sure your clients don’t suck you dry with these 7 sins, Buy Serax Without Prescription. About Serax,

One. They complain about your fees.

Think about the “mistake money” that costs far more than your service, where can i find Serax online. Purchase Serax online no prescription, One thing is for sure, many clients seek me out AFTER they wasted so much time and money going down the wrong path, Serax cost, My Serax experience, especially in publishing and marketing.

Two, Serax photos. They don’t value what took you a long time to become a master at.

Buy Serax Without Prescription, One of my recent clients did not want me to be a book coach, but her editor. Serax blogs, She thought it would take too long. She forgot my value – to make sure her new book contains the pre-marketing strategies within her work and the fast chapter writing blueprint to make sure her reader would finish the chapters and recommend it, Serax from canada. Buy Serax no prescription, She really wanted me to just line edit the book – and believe me, although this therapist needed to shorten those long unwieldy sentences and a plethora of passive verbs and -ing sentences, real brand Serax online, Herbal Serax, she really needed to write a clear and easy to follow, reader-friendly copy, where can i order Serax without prescription. Purchase Serax online no prescription, Chapter parts help your reader get your message across smoothly.

The problem here is writers don’t know their ignorance as another client just shared on her FB page, Buy Serax Without Prescription. The same is true for any consultant and coaching business, Serax dose. Buy generic Serax,

Three. They don’t appreciate your valuable time.

Yes, Serax from canadian pharmacy, Serax no rx, you want to help them succeed, but not for a free 20 minutes more than the session, buy no prescription Serax online. Order Serax from mexican pharmacy, You have schedules you need to honor and they need to honor your time.

Buy Serax Without Prescription, Four. They just can’t ever be pleased enough, purchase Serax. Order Serax online overnight delivery no prescription,

Oh, how I don’t miss those daily emails asking me for more – free of course, what is Serax. Buy Serax without prescription, Yes, I did confront this recent client I mentioned and we parted ways, is Serax safe. Serax alternatives, Now I can give more to the sane clients who aren’t “crazy makers.”

Five. They act like they own you.

These clients know your value, but when you confront them with your boundaries, they protest, “Who me, Buy Serax Without Prescription. I thought you loved me!” I can tell you I don’t do guilt well, Serax natural. Serax class, I’m forever positive, and I don’t put up with behavior that doesn’t respect me.

Six. Your client is ignorant about the skills and strategies you are teaching them.

Buy Serax Without Prescription, One much older client, an astrologer, as other many personal growth people believe, did not know he needed a book sales letter up on his site and a LinkedIn profile. As a master coach he didn’t honor my how to books on LinkedIn marketing and Profile Up leveling and my 25 years experience behind the teachings. He argued with me every step of the way. He didn’t enjoy it and I felt like I was experiencing a root canal.

Seven. Your clients don’t pay on time, Buy Serax Without Prescription.

To solve this challenge, you can do what I do. I don’t have to chase any monies owed me. I require already trusting potential clients to take responsibility and pre-pay and pre-register at my coaching pages to show their commitment. Then they email me their agenda ahead so we have more fruitful coaching phone sessions.

Buy Serax Without Prescription, Eight. Bonus. When a client complains, you start doubting your abilities.

We empathetic coaches relate to this one. We don’t mind a few emails to clarify, but solutions come in the sessions. Are you a go giver as I am. Now what I do is send the free requests to my free 170 blog articles on my site, Buy Serax Without Prescription. I let them know, they can have all these freely, but coaching is my business and livelihood.

For me, I’d rather let go of a problematic client sooner than later. Then, I can appreciate and give more to my wonderful clients who take the business strategies and actions I suggest.

What’s your take on these tips. Share your insights with me too and put a smile on my face.

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Published by Judy Cullins

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Buy Lunesta Without Prescription

Buy Lunesta Without Prescription, So many coaches complain about their ongoing income from their craft. Here’s 3 tips to get you profitable where you are now and where you want to be, Lunesta treatment. Lunesta wiki,

1. Set a Monthly Income Goal

Set one that is realistic and optimistic at the same time, Lunesta pharmacy. Lunesta duration, For instance, if your fee schedule is a low number, buy Lunesta no prescription, Where can i order Lunesta without prescription, how can you build an income that goes over the moon without working too hard. How many clients do you really want, Buy Lunesta Without Prescription. Take that number and see what you need to charge for coaching, Lunesta forum. Online Lunesta without a prescription, When your coaching openings fill up and you don’t like your income, raise your fees, Lunesta australia, uk, us, usa. Lunesta photos, Price accordingly with your level of expertise. Of course a 20-year coach who impacts many clients will earn higher fees, purchase Lunesta online. Buy Lunesta Without Prescription, If you are starting out, give a special offer based on your client’s results. Where can i buy cheapest Lunesta online,

2. Develop Different Coaching Packages with Different Fees

Your coaching is one part of your sales funnel, Lunesta pictures. Lunesta from canadian pharmacy, In order to get bigger visibility, credibility and trust from your audience, online buying Lunesta hcl, Lunesta images, you need offer these products/services as part of your sales funnel at your website.

-Free opt-in educational blog posts or reports, order Lunesta online c.o.d.

This brings eventual trust after the 5-7 times they connect, Buy Lunesta Without Prescription. Order Lunesta online overnight delivery no prescription, When you establish trust, you’ll get many more good clients, about Lunesta. What is Lunesta,

-Low cost or free sample coaching.

This one is the best to transform your potential client into a paying one. It’s the # 1 way for me, Lunesta reviews. Cheap Lunesta,

-Coaching packages for the busy person or committed person.

All coaching package choices can go on one page of your site with links to your coaching schedule and your discount choices as well. Buy Lunesta Without Prescription, My site is almost automatic with these and saves me so much time that I can keep fees lower rather than higher. People opt-in and prepay before we coach, buy Lunesta from canada. Effects of Lunesta, They already trust at this point after reading all your useful tips over time. It does take 5-8 months to cement the deal, Lunesta price, coupon. Lunesta from canada,

3. Monitor Your Total Monthly Income

Review your income every few months to see if your online promotion and website marketing is working, and you are getting what you want from your efforts, Buy Lunesta Without Prescription. I test my marketing each month to first see where I am on Google, purchase Lunesta, Lunesta cost, and ratings. This month, Lunesta without prescription, Lunesta use, I’m down from 500,000 six months ago to 283, taking Lunesta, Lunesta photos, 886 on Alexa as of 1/7/2020. That’s where lower scores are better, online buy Lunesta without a prescription. Lunesta for sale, Just Google your name, a blog post title, Lunesta duration, an article title, or a few key words that match you coaching niche. Buy Lunesta Without Prescription, And do check out your Alexa rating. You simply go to and put in your Web site URL.

I’d love to hear your comments on this piece. Do you disagree. Or, what’s your challenge now.

For more on marketing, see my optimizing LinkedIn at

I also recommend one of my favorite mentors, Kathleen Gage at

If this information interests you, see this blog article on business building at

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Published by Judy Cullins

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Acyclovir For Sale

Acyclovir For Sale, Whether it’s speaking or writing that brings you clients, professional coaches, who are in the 5% Success Club, need to spend more time on promotion, publicity, and marketing. Acyclovir no prescription,

Here’s 10 Ways to Build your Coaching Business

1. Know your business’ defining statement.

Have this short sound bite ready to use at networking meetings, where can i buy cheapest Acyclovir online. Buy Acyclovir without prescription, Like an elevator speech, you must send a clear message of who you are, Acyclovir online cod, Where can i buy Acyclovir online, what your business does and the benefits of it.

2, about Acyclovir. Power up your email signature file.

Does it inspire your reader to take action, Acyclovir For Sale. Is Acyclovir safe, Make sure you put your defining statement under your name. Potential clients don’t care about the initials after your name, buying Acyclovir online over the counter. Order Acyclovir from United States pharmacy, They care what you can do for them. Automate your signature file so it’s on every email you send out-a really soft way to sell yourself, online buying Acyclovir.

Here’s an example of mine:

Acyclovir For Sale, Book Coach Judy Cullins helps you transform your book idea into a helpful, entertaining, and engaging book. Acyclovir duration, Now you can get far more visibility and credibility for your business. Author of 13 business books include “How to Write your eBook or Other Short Book-Fast!, where can i find Acyclovir online, Acyclovir cost, ” and “LinkedIn Marketing: 8 Best Tactics to Build Book and Business Sales.”

Get fresh, useful free weekly publications on book writing, cheap Acyclovir, Where can i cheapest Acyclovir online, self publishing, and online marketing at

Network with Judy on.., Acyclovir blogs. Acyclovir pics,


3. Create short sales letters for your service.

This is a most important copywriting task that many coaches just don’t pay attention to, Acyclovir for sale. Send out the one page version via email when you get an inquiry, Acyclovir For Sale. Cheap Acyclovir no rx, Post a similar one on your website under your “coaching pages.” Include long-tailed keywords to optimize your site at the top. Then, Acyclovir recreational, Real brand Acyclovir online, a short paragraph on your service followed by 5 bulleted benefits, 2-3 testimonials, Acyclovir overnight, Acyclovir dosage, and your guarantee. To get started, get Acyclovir, Acyclovir overnight, get ideas from my web pages.

4, Acyclovir no prescription. Write short tip and how to posts for your blog.

Acyclovir For Sale, Or, submit these to your opt-in email lists each week, to Linkedin groups, to Facebook, and to twitter. After Acyclovir, Then, tweet the link in your daily updates, cheap Acyclovir. Buy Acyclovir online no prescription, For content marketing – submit only to the high traffic ezine and a blog-like site like and – who get 15, about Acyclovir, Order Acyclovir no prescription, 000+ potential clients each hour. (yes, Acyclovir from canadian pharmacy, Acyclovir online cod, I said per hour!)

5. Write a talk about one aspect of your service.

It can include why your information is so important to your client’s success, or a client’s story about a particular challenge, and how you solved it, Acyclovir For Sale. One of my clients wrote a book and talks on coaching mastery and shared how coaches can let go of their own agenda to be a better coach, discount Acyclovir. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal,

6. Present mini one-hour talks to local organizations in your city.

Sell yourself, service or book from the platform. Always collect the audience’s email addresses via an offer for your free website subscription or a free report.

Acyclovir For Sale, 7. Create a newsletter, or even better, a blog on your business website to stay in touch with your clients.

Besides giving useful information such as how to tips, resources, and your special message, include an opportunity to buy one of your products, a group coaching, teleseminar, or low-price introductory session.

8. Write a short print or eBook.

You don’t need to write an end all, be all book. Today people want a short read to get their particular problem solved. They don’t have time to read long books loaded with stories, Acyclovir For Sale. They want their information fast and easy-to-read. A book coach can help you make each page of your book market you as well as create compelling chapters, well-organized and well-formatted.

9. Choose two-to three favorite ways to market first.

Put all of your effort into these. Acyclovir For Sale, Refine your blog, and choose to participate in social media marketing, such as LinkedIn. It works well with your blog. Write goals and schedule LI and twitter marketing time that will automatically go to FB too. Put as much time into marketing as you have with training or reading. Specific actions are what pay off.

10, Acyclovir For Sale. Rewrite and optimize your website, especially the home page if you are not attracting three-five new clients a month.

Your web visitors are not attracted to sites that say “Welcome,” “My mission is…” or “About me” and feature a long bio. They want to know what’s in it for them and you must capture their interest within 10 seconds or they will surf to another site. Be sure to write a sales letter for each product and service.

Share Your Experiences, Failures, and Successes!

We’d love to hear what’s working for you in propelling your coaching or service business forward. Please feel free to comment below.

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Buy Flomax Without Prescription

Buy Flomax Without Prescription, Are you worried that your business will slow down too much in this low economy. Are you concerned that not many people are buying from you as they were before. How’s your business going to keep growing with the holidays just around the corner, Flomax reviews.

If you are concerned the cash flow won’t flow and you won’t have enough income for the next six months, Order Flomax from United States pharmacy, check out these ten tips:

1. Create written, useful, is Flomax addictive, copy to email your opt-in web subscribers – your all important data base.

And, Flomax treatment, post similar copy on Twitter, FB, your blog and Linkedin groups, Flomax pharmacy. Linkedin offers many groups for all of your audiences, Buy Flomax Without Prescription.

Just for your faithful customers on your growing data base, Flomax dose, send a free how-to report, a thoughtful poem to celebrate the holidays, or a free offer of answering a question via email, purchase Flomax for sale. This action keeps your name out in front of your audience, Buy Flomax from canada, and it makes them feel acknowledged.

2. Create a form letter to send by email to your potential clients.

It reminds them you are available for them when they are ready to make a decision, cheap Flomax no rx. Buy Flomax Without Prescription, Sample: “Dear name or group, Just wondering if this is the time for you to begin action on your book, internet marketing or web project. As you know I work with small business people who want to write, Flomax without a prescription, publish and sell their books, that will make a difference in others’ lives, become the savvy expert and household name, Flomax images, and build business profits consistently.” Follow with a special offer like a half hour phone session, Effects of Flomax, or your free ezine or articles. Send it during and after the holiday.

3, buy no prescription Flomax online. Organize your computer files to locate the gold.

Perhaps you’ll find an unfinished article that you can edit and send to the opt-in (no spam) ezines or even better, Real brand Flomax online, post on your own Web site blog. These articles placed your book coach #1 in Google and other search engines as well raising her traffic 57% in the last 4 months of this year, Buy Flomax Without Prescription. Now, her Alexa score has gone way down to around 400, Flomax duration,000 for global and 200, Low dose Flomax, 000 for the US and even lower for the UK, from when she started to measure her success about 10 years ago.

4, buy Flomax online cod. Offer a strategic alliance with top people in your field.

Joint venture benefits include exposing your talents to new audiences, Comprar en línea Flomax, comprar Flomax baratos, and these adventures take all kinds of forms. Just recently I offered 6 complementary businesses a chance to exchange blurbs and URLs to tweet or put up on FB fan pages as recommendations. Buy Flomax Without Prescription, All 6 said yes. Years ago I got a column on a big publishing site with 30, Flomax pictures,000 newsletter subscribers that brought me new business. Online buy Flomax without a prescription, This year, I’ve been interviewed via teleseminar on skills sets for writing and marketing books with a favorable split of future profits.

5, online buying Flomax hcl. Hire a part-time organizer, Is Flomax safe, computer assistant, or Virtual Assistant (VA).

Call your local high school and place an ad for their career center. Find techie people through the computer classes, Buy Flomax Without Prescription. Offer more than minimum wage, my Flomax experience, and you can double, Buy cheap Flomax, even triple your business results with just a little investment. If you don’t promote each day, you lose your momentum and potential buyer’s responses, order Flomax from mexican pharmacy. You can do the creating, Online buying Flomax, your assistant can send the emails out, clean up your files, and do web marketing, Flomax natural.

6. Send out an email survey to discover what’s on your potential customer’s or client’s minds.

Buy Flomax Without Prescription, Ask them what is the number one question they would like to have you answer for them. Flomax photos, Then compile the questions and answers. Leverage them to place on your web site, place a few in several ezines to add new content, Flomax brand name, post them on your blog, Taking Flomax, or exchange with strategic partners.

7. Take some time off.

Renew yourself with a walk to hear the birds, Flomax wiki, see the green and enjoy the smells. On my walks I take a big whiff of Starbucks coffee aromas as I pass by to my local lake, Buy Flomax Without Prescription. Where can i buy cheapest Flomax online, Check out nearby places such as a spa, hot mineral springs, or gardens to be silent, Flomax results. Include more yoga in your day. Flomax gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, When you stay in the present moment, you renew and restore yourself to keep going.

8, buy cheap Flomax no rx. Get your expenses tallied before tax season.

Buy Flomax Without Prescription, See what else you can do to get more deductions before the year’s end. I usually guestimate my deductions, including office in the home against my estimated year’s income. Then, I can adjust my buying new office equipment or investing more in my team.

9. Stop spending time on things you don’t enjoy.

Say, “I let go of all that doesn’t serve me.” Look over your daily to do pages, and instead of dashing from one thing to another, list just 3 High Level Activities you want to accomplish for each day. Then, finish one before you move on to another lesser priority, Buy Flomax Without Prescription. That’s the trick. This is a $25,000 tip from Charles Schwab just for you.

10. Make promotion and marketing part of your daily life.

Doing a little each day does bring great rewards. Buy Flomax Without Prescription, You may not get to pick the time someone uses your service or product, but ongoing promotion does work. I just found an email from one year ago from a potential client. Today, he is with me as a full on client for his site, his new eBook and social media marketing.

These tips are just the beginning. Put an easy attitude on as your build your business even during the low economy or the holidays. Then, reward yourself with quality time with friends and family.

Judy offers you all a free subscription to her Web site where you can get her free eBook writing and market tips, and her weekly how to business writing and marketing messages straight to your email door step. Just go to==> and scroll down to leave your email.

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Zolpidem For Sale

Zolpidem For Sale, Many coaches and self help experts come to me for their book projects, but I also coach on websites that sell and brand you. I see so many unnecessary mistakes. Zolpidem without prescription, I know, I’m on my 5th revision. I’m constantly optimizing and updating my own website and would love to share with you some powerful tasks we did to boost clients and sales, Zolpidem overnight.

But first, Zolpidem maximum dosage, to set up a website that offers books and services, you need to agree it’s for attracting and keeping clients. In other words, a site that sells, Zolpidem For Sale. No shame in that, my Zolpidem experience.

One question came to me in my book group at LinkedIn:

Q. Zolpidem coupon, “How can I create a new or revise my website/blog to sell more books and attract new qualified clients (not lookie loos)?”

Your site must work in tandem with your online promotion. It must build your book platform. Zolpidem For Sale, What good does it do to tweet if your best audience doesn’t get a link to your web subscription to be come part of your business gold – your email database. You must coordinate all of this, Zolpidem gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release.

Follow these important steps that guarantee lifelong income for you at your site:

1. Is Zolpidem addictive, Know your targeted audience before you write your website or blog.

This is what I coach all clients on as the first step to book writing and promotion success for anything, including their books. Do you know your book’s and website’s best audience?

2, Zolpidem treatment. Make one website for one audience.

Don’t hodgepodge with your business and your personal growth book at the same site, unless you are a personal/life coach, Zolpidem For Sale. Create your site around a theme. Zolpidem class, Write a letter to your #1 best audience; name it specifically, not generally. For example:

“Dear Small Businesses, purchase Zolpidem online,

Many of you want to write a book to brand and promote your business. Online buying Zolpidem hcl, When you educate your audience, you are really educating and promoting in a positive way to attract them to your site and your book. Zolpidem For Sale, In my ‘Write your eBook or Other Short Book Fast!’ you can get all the answers you need to not only write engaging chapters that will get finished, so you have a ready to go sales team to give your testimonials and word of mouth, but to know all your pre-marketing needs to put inside and outside the book to brand you as the expert. Most new authors ignore the 9 hot-selling points as they write their books, low dose Zolpidem. Such a shame, Zolpidem from canada, because they need this know how to write a much better book that solves their audience’s problems or challenges.”

3. Know your site’s purpose BEFORE you write it.

Taylor your web copy to your primary audience.

If you didn’t do this step, after Zolpidem, you can always do a little update. My site is on its 5th revision, so don’t think your original site will work so well, Zolpidem For Sale. Zolpidem street price, The web changes every minute, so be on top of your web marketing. Educate yourself and get a little feedback on what isn’t working and what will work, Zolpidem photos.

This is just the beginning. Zolpidem over the counter, If you want hands on how to’s for your site update, consult a writing coach before your webmaster.

Zolpidem For Sale, 4. Set up or update your book/business web or blog site frequently.

Offer brand new content that your targeted audience wants, purchase Zolpidem online no prescription. This will encourage new subscriptions and bring back current followers who are more likely to buy from you. Buy no prescription Zolpidem online,

5. Put only fresh, original content up on your blog and site.

Why compete with other website’s syndicated content, Zolpidem no rx. Why bore your readers with copy they already read, Zolpidem For Sale.

With original content, Ordering Zolpidem online, you’re more likely to get ranked higher on search engines like Google. That means you are getting maximum, FREE, comprar en línea Zolpidem, comprar Zolpidem baratos, TARGETED VISITORS who stay longer on your site. Zolpidem wiki, All the more opt-in and sales conversions for you.

Maybe you noticed my blog has new weekly material to help authors and small businesses make their book project a huge success. Check out these tips to speed up your blog writing for quality content.

Zolpidem For Sale, 6. Change your keywords.

We have changed our keywords to long tail, Zolpidem steet value, low competition phrases, Zolpidem online cod, and we switched them out as necessary after we gather enough data. You need to use phrases that people on Google and other search engines type in to get their information. That’s a HUGE part of your website’s success, Zolpidem price, coupon. Many of my site’s pages are on page one of Google search results for our targeted keywords. For example, the keywords “book coaching,” “how to write a book outline,” and “how to write a book fast.” These keywords and your content show you as the”go to” person they should come to when ready for your service, Zolpidem For Sale. Zolpidem pharmacy,

7. Offer useful free content at your site to gather email opt-ins.

Include free reports, a newsletter, rx free Zolpidem, videos, Zolpidem canada, mexico, india, blog articles, and even teleseminars. If you don’t collect emails from your audience, Zolpidem from canadian pharmacy, you drop the promotion ball. Is Zolpidem safe, Think at least two or three offers. Your best audience will come back to you for answers to solve their challenges when they are ready. Zolpidem For Sale, These offers build our email database exponentially. We send great information and offers to our list weekly. I write the promotions and my webmaster schedules them.

The point is: To get more sales you need more opt-in signups for free reports, purchase Zolpidem, your blog, Discount Zolpidem, and your free teleseminars. Just look at the rest of my site to see what I offer.

8, Zolpidem cost. Write sales copy with benefits and testimonials for each product…

Or seminar, or coaching package, Zolpidem For Sale. Many coaches and self help gurus don’t want to be salesy, Zolpidem pictures, but they do need to write useful marketing content with their target audience in mind to attract them to their service. Call it sharing, not sales if you like. “Welcome to my site” doesn’t motivate.

9. Share your great content with social media websites!

Zolpidem For Sale, My sales and opt-in conversions went up 25% once I started becoming active on Facebook and in LinkedIn groups. Make sure you’re not committing these ‘7 Deadly Sins’ of online networking.

10. Keep track of your website progress.

I track my website data using Google Analytics. I know since I began using the strategies above, people started staying longer on my site (lower bounce rate), which you all should pay attention to. I check Analytics monthly and adjust my online marketing accordingly, Zolpidem For Sale.

Always ask yourself, what’s working and what’s not. Correct it if you do want more business and book sales.

Sharing is Caring!

Do you have some great website business tips you’d like to share. Please leave a comment below.

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