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20 Reasons to Choose a Book Coach Over a Self Publishing Company

20 Reasons to Choose a Book Coach Over a Self Publishing CompanyYou may be stuck on your book project now. Maybe you aren’t so happy with your book title. Your chapters seem a bit stinted and flat. You aren’t confident that you can do this rather daunting task. You aren’t sure who will buy your book or want your service. You don’t know much about marketing. You want to self-publish and when you start shopping, you learn that self-publishing companies cost more and can’t do what a devoted book coach can do for you.

An Excellent Book Coach Who Makes Your Book a Financial Success Can and Will Do These Things for You.

She can and will…

1. Help you find your right audience before you waste time on general information that no one wants. 2. Save you $1000’s on what many self-publishing sites charge and get published with a PDF, Kindle, or print version of your book. 3. Make sure your chapters engage your readers enough that they become your 24/7 sales team recommending you and your book to their friends and associates. 4. Brand you as the savvy expert in your field, so your book brings you many clients. 5. Attract your primary audience who already loves your topics, your information, and your personality. 6. Prepare you to make money, get visibility and credibility by showing you specific marketing strategies such as blogging, social media, and what sales pieces your web pages need. 7. Help you brand yourself inside the book to sell you more – your introduction, your chapter headings and titles, even your searchable book title that you hadn’t thought of. 8. Show you how to do an author’s page and resource page to make your book more valuable. 9. Act as your sounding board who can quickly see what’s good and not so good in your copy. 10. Show you how to get to crisp, engaging, active sentences that your audience loves. 11. Apply her chapter blueprint so you only have to do one or two edits instead of over editing that many other experts say is normal. Think of the time this saves. 12. Show you what pre-marketing strategies to apply before you publish. (do you know your book’s benefits)? 13. Save you time and money because she knows what kind of writing and marketing works or doesn’t work. 14. Care about your success and is devoted to it. 15. Keep you on track so you finish, publish, and profit from your efforts. 16. Believe in your project and help you let go of negative beliefs that stop you from succeeding. 17. Challenge you in small steps to learn the book writing, publishing and marketing strategies. 18. Appreciate where you are now (we’ve all been there) and use the strategies that fit your current stage of growth. 19. Show up ready to move forward each week or two weeks so you can finish any writing or promotional project fast. 20. Demonstrate her expertise of 25 years in book and business coaching by her 14 books, 50 seminars, 700 articles, her LI group of 5000, her FB group of 2000, Twitter at 2900 and her blog of 5900 subscribers. As you shop for self-publishing services, bring your quotes to a book coach who can make sure you offer the best quality ebooks that will not only make a difference in your audience’s lives, but make you stand out as an authority in your niche and sell many more books. All at a price you’ll love.

Sharing is Caring!

What do you see in this list that appeals to you? What is your experience with self-publishing? Or coaching? What is your opinion on getting help from someone who has gone before you successfully? We would love to interact with you here, so leave a comment!

Bonus Benefit

A good coach will give you a chance to try her out in half hour strategy session before you commit to ongoing coaching.

See if any of these intro sessions work for you!

Published by Judy Cullins

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Your Idea of Publishing Success and How to Achieve It

by Nina Amir

Quite often I speak with my clients and to audiences about successful books. I have to remember that every author has a different idea of success. For some, success means having a book become an Amazon best seller or a New York Times Best seller. For others, it means selling more than the average number of books most authors sell per year — about 300 copies. For still others, it means selling more than 3,000 during their book’s life time – better than average. And some authors feel successful if they simply get their book published so their friends and family can enjoy reading it. Others won’t be happy unless they sell 100,00+ and creating a speaking career around the book. However, prior to actually writing or publishing a book you should get a picture of what success looks like to you. By defining publishing success you can set realistic goals for your book. These goals help you when it comes time to create a marketing plan, write a book proposal or promote your book as well. By taking this step first, you can determine if your book is a business or a fun project, a career step or an experiment. When determining what publishing success means to you, examine what factors play into your book’s success. Then try to visualize success as an author. What would becoming a successful author look like to you? Try to create a visual picture of success for your book and describe it. See all aspects of success, including how your book’s success will affect you and any parts of your life or business, such as whether a successful book will increase sales of a product or service you offer, affect your free time or marriage, etc. Pick a number of books you’d like to sell per year and include this figure in your vision of success.

Create a Vision of Your Publishing Success

To help you come up with a publishing success vision, complete this sentence:

For me, nonfiction book publishing success looks like…

You might write it in the past tense, as if you’ve already achieved the success. This can be very powerful—to see yourself as already a successful author. Write as much as you like! Describe your success in detail.

Don’t forget to include this information:

My publishing success also includes selling ___________ books per year. I’d like my book to sell ___________in its lifetime. Consider placing this vision of success close to your computer and reading it often. It’s a good idea to read it ever morning when you wake up or start work and every evening when you complete work and just before you go to sleep. This will keep you moving toward your goal of a successful book – whatever that looks like to you. You can also create a vision board or map of what success looks like to you. This can be a visual representation to help you get into a feeling place with publishing success and remind you daily.

Get From Your Vision to Reality

So, how do you get from the vision of being a successful author to the reality? Work backwards. Once you know what it looks like—how many books you want to sell, for example—figure out how you will accomplish that. Create a step-by-step plan to make it happen. For each image or item in your vision of success, write down 3-5 things you can do (at a minimum) to help you achieve that goal. If you want to sell 5,000 books per year (or 500), for example, what will you do to accomplish that?

If you don’t know, write down:

  • Hire a coach.
  • Read 1001 Ways to Market Your Book, Write Your eBook or Other Short Book – Fast!, The Frugal Book Promoter, The Savvy Book Marketer’s series, and Guerilla Marketing for Writers.
  • Hire a PR or promotion expert.
  • Hire a social media coach.
  • Research the tactics used by bestselling authors.
You get the idea. Then create promotion plan for 3-6 months prior to publication of your book, 3-6 months after publication of your book, and 6-12 months after publication of your book. You might also want to have a plan for 1-3 years after release of your book. This is the kind of promotion plan that publisher are looking for in a book proposal. It’s quite simple really—just a list of bullet points that say how you will help sell your book. Whether you plan on self-publishing or becoming traditionally published, however, it’s your success plan. So, create one and then follow it. When you combine this promotion plan with your written success vision and your vision board, publishing success comes more easily. You have a way to visualize your success and to feel as if you are successful already—so you get inspired and energized—and a way to take action to achieve success. If you still feel you need help, hire an coach to encourage you, provide you with additional help and to make you accountable for your action plan. Before you know it, you’ll be that successful author you dreamed of becoming.

Sharing is Caring!

We’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to post your questions, comments, and stories below 🙂

About the Author

Nina Amir, Inspiration-to-Creation Coach, inspires people to combine their purpose and passion so they Achieve More Inspired Results. The author of the Amazon bestseller How to Blog a Book, Write, Publish and Promote Your Work One Post at a Time (Writer’s Digest Books), she motivates both writers and non-writers to create publishable and published products, careers as authors and to achieve their goals and fulfill their purpose. You can sign up for a free book, author or blog-to-book coaching session with Nina or receive her FREE 5-Day Published Author Training Series by visiting

Published by Judy Cullins

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The One Safe Prediction – 8 Guesses About Publishing in 5 Years

We are fortunate to have this post from Mike Larsen.
“People, companies, and countries that don’t reinvent themselves every three-to-five years will get left behind.” -John Chambers, Chairman and CEO, Cisco Systems
“The future of publishing is self-publishing.” -Editorial consultant Alan Rinzler
The one safe prediction you can make about the future is that you can’t predict it. Anyway, here goes: the three keys to the future of publishing in the next five years are mobile devices, social media, and self-publishing.

Here are Eight Guesses About the Industry’s Future

1. Successful writers will be CEOs…

of one-person, multimedia, multinational conglomerates who crowdsource their needs with a community of collaborators and rely on word of mouse to make their work sell.

2. Agents will be Executive VPs…

of their clients’ conglomerates, mentors who help them maximize their visibility and income.

3. The Six Sisters who dominate trade publishing…

will be fewer in number and smaller in size, and will survive by empowering their writers and devoting themselves to what they do best.

4. Because updating ebooks and integrating all media…

into them will be easy, enhanced ebooks will be huge, and readers will judge writers by their ability to tell a story so compellingly that awareness of medium and technique disappear.

5. Fans will communicate with authors at teleconferences…

and receive personalized autographs they can print.

6. Barnes & Noble will be gone…

and a growing network independent booksellers around the country will thrive for four reasons:
  • They will be community-supported nonprofits like other cultural institutions, such as libraries, museums, symphony orchestras, and dance and opera companies.
  • They will always have the book you want because they will have EBMs, Espresso Book Machines that store books and print a book in a minute.
  • They will be even more needed as community centers (and a respite from staring at a screen) that respond to their community’s needs and tastes, provide events and classes, and serve as a meeting place for reading groups and writer’s organizations.
  • Readers will understand that a quarter of every dollar spent in a chain store leaves the community while indies spend that income in the community.

7. Readers will again understand that when it comes to media,

it’s not either/or, it’s both and. Books will continue to do what only they can. Concern about design will make books more beautiful than ever. In a high-tech, visual culture, the physical and literary pleasures they provide will be more needed and appreciated than ever.

8. More than eight billion web-enabled devices will help…

unite the global village, and the potential they will create for communication, creativity, collaboration, and commerce will open endless possibilities for writers and publishers.

What did I leave out or get wrong?

The goal of the blog is to help you and me understand writing and publishing. Rants, comments, questions, and answers most appreciated.

Just Announced

The 4th San Francisco Writing for Change Conference / Writing to Make a Difference September 15, 2020 / Unitarian Universalist Church / Geary & Franklin, San Francisco The 10th San Francisco Writers Conference / A Celebration of Craft, Commerce & Community / February 14-17, 2013 / / [email protected] / /@SFWC/ San Francisco Writers University / Where Writers Meet and You Learn / Laurie McLean, Dean/free classes/[email protected]/@SFWritersU 415-673-0939 / 1029 Jones Street / San Francisco, 94109 In five years, content will still be king, but writers will be CEOs. John Chamberlin, Cisco Systems, Alan Rinzler, Espresso Book Machine, independent booksellers

Published by Judy Cullins

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Valium For Sale

by Carol Wilson

Valium For Sale, For some writers, putting a good plot, great dialogue and strong character development to paper is the easy part—the huge battle is actually getting their book published. If you have recently finished your book but are struggling finding a publisher to get your work out in the public, Valium without prescription, Valium blogs, you may still be able to your book in the hands of millions of readers. How, where can i cheapest Valium online. Valium description,

Use of the Three Most Popular Self-Publishing Electronic Companies–Kindle Direct Publishing, PubIt, my Valium experience, Valium dangers, and Lulu

While all three are different, they serve the same purpose—to get you the exposure you need through an electronic, Valium price, Valium price, coupon, digital medium. And did we mention the services are absolutely free, Valium without a prescription. That’s right, Valium For Sale. Valium coupon, All three offer free registration and you will still get all of the royalties you earn. You just need to make sure that you investigate all three options carefully since each venue caters to a distinct audience (and once you choose a publisher you must stick with it), canada, mexico, india. Valium canada, mexico, india, That said, to learn a little more about each self-publishing e-agency, online Valium without a prescription, Buy Valium online no prescription, continue reading.

1, buy generic Valium. KindleDirect Publishing

Valium For Sale, If you choose to use this self-publishing service, your digital book will be available to Amazon Kindle users. What is Valium, And with more than 17.5 million Kindles sold just this year (and a predicted 26 million to be sold in 2012) this is certainly a great option to pursue. Ideally you may also be able to reach iPad and other tablet users if they download the Amazon Kindle app to their devices, Valium treatment. Is Valium safe, Like the other self-publishing companies listed below, Kindle Direct Publishing allows writers to personally set a distinctive price for which their book will be sold for, Valium mg. Real brand Valium online, However, writers can only participate in a 35% or 70% royalty program and the set price must fit accordingly, order Valium from mexican pharmacy.

2, Valium For Sale. No prescription Valium online, Pub it

This self-publishing outlet is distributed by Barnes and Nobles and is especially designed to reach Nook users (Barnes and Noble’s very own e-reader). It’s pretty easy to use and self-explanatory: all you need to do is make an account, taking Valium, Discount Valium, upload your work in the proper format, submit your cover art and then determine a price, buy Valium from mexico. Valium pictures, The publishing company also helps you make more sales since it gives you the power to choose what keywords will help readers locate your material.

3. Lulu

Lastly, buy Valium without prescription, Valium overnight, Lulu (while similar in format) is a great option to consider because it more or less allows you to reach just about everyone (Kindle, Nook and iPad users), Valium duration. Valium For Sale, But of course readers must be an active member of the Lulu community before they can download a book— and since the site isn’t as popular as the Kindle market or the Nook, it can either be a hit or miss. Valium trusted pharmacy reviews, What makes this option neat however is that users have the option of purchasing e-books or pdf versions of the book.

This guest post is from from Carol Wilson who writes for business insurance, australia, uk, us, usa. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, She contributes articles about a variety of marketing, business, Valium results, Valium wiki, stock market, small business topics, Valium from mexico. She can be contacted at wilson.carol24 @

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Published by Judy Cullins

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Imovane For Sale

Imovane For Sale, You may think you need a New York publisher in order to be a successful author. But as a long time book coach, order Imovane no prescription, Imovane street price, with many clients who self-published for business successfully, I can show you non-vanity publishers who have given great information to our world, buy generic Imovane, Imovane forum, gotten great word of mouth, and even made millions, ordering Imovane online. Imovane interactions, So, be encouraged and start your education on self-publishing now, buy no prescription Imovane online. Imovane online cod,

Here’s 5 High Profit Self-Publishers

Please comment below to add to this list. I can edit this page to add your successful mention to this list of known successful self-publishers, Imovane for sale.

1, Imovane For Sale. Imovane overnight, Think about “What Color is Your Parachute” by Richard Bolles.

The book came out in 1970, and now has 10 million copies in print, where can i order Imovane without prescription. Generic Imovane, It still works for the recession job seeker today.

2, after Imovane. Low dose Imovane, Remember Chicken Soup for the Soul series?

Mark V. Imovane For Sale, Hansen is a real marketing machine and from his talent, the books sold more than 112 million copies.

3, Imovane dosage. Imovane without a prescription, Did you Read “The One-Minute Manager?”

In 1981, I bought this book by Kenneth Blanchard and many of his other books, Imovane reviews. Buy cheap Imovane no rx, I named a time and life management seminar I gave in San Diego after this book, called “The One-Minute Nurse.” Today he and Spencer Johnson, order Imovane online c.o.d, Herbal Imovane, co-author, have sold 10 million copies, real brand Imovane online. Imovane use,

4. Wayne Dyer Sold His “Your Erroneous Zone” from his Car Trunk.

5, Imovane For Sale. Self-publisher Paul Young Declared Bankruptcy and Suffered from Devastating Family Deaths.

In 2005, where can i cheapest Imovane online, Imovane used for, to ease his pain, he started a novel and spiritual thriller, Imovane no rx, Buy Imovane no prescription, “The Shack,” while on the commuter train, buy Imovane online no prescription. Imovane coupon, Sales were 7.2 million copies. He wrote about what he knew (you know that advice) how he and his six kids lived with tragedy, Imovane images. Taking Imovane, The compelling story evolved from his childhood scars including sexual abuse in New Guinea while with his missionary parents. Imovane For Sale, Before he made $4 million from this book, he printed 15 copies at Office Depot early on. The revised book got passed on to a Christian podcast and Paul and two supporters networked the novel by email, Imovane wiki. Online Imovane without a prescription, Churches ordered “Windblown” a transformed title, in bulk at 88, no prescription Imovane online, Imovane samples, 000 copies; then 300,000 copies, australia, uk, us, usa.

The idea is to not give up writing your story. Whether your book will brand your business, or share part of your life that will make people’s lives better, you need to start now.

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Published by Judy Cullins

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Buy Clonazepam Without Prescription

Buy Clonazepam Without Prescription, Judy, thanks so much for agreeing to be interviewed for Today, we have Judy Cullins, Generic Clonazepam, author of “Write your eBook or Other Short Book Fast!”–available in print, Kindle and eBook formats. Judy is a noted book shepherd and hosts a Website that is filled with free how to articles, blog posts, comprar en línea Clonazepam, comprar Clonazepam baratos, and free reports along with her stellar 13 books and teleseminar MP3 audios, and short-term coaching opportunities. Buy Clonazepam without a prescription,

Q: Judy, can you tell us how your journey has taken you to online book coaching?

A: From 1980 to 2000, I coached book writers in San Diego seminars and took committed writers as coaching clients. In 2000, buy Clonazepam from canada, I got online and have updated and optimized my site 6 times over the past years.

I left traditional publishing and marketing because it took so long and didn’t pay off as well as writing e or print books and selling them online, Buy Clonazepam Without Prescription. 75+ authors have published with me. Clonazepam trusted pharmacy reviews, They learned how to write a quality, saleable eBook that many emerging authors don’t pay attention to. Too short or too general books don’t sell well. As a long time book coach, online buying Clonazepam hcl, I just want all the work that goes into a book to get rewarded. Buy Clonazepam Without Prescription, And that’s why I wrote my book, Write your eBook …Fast. Authors need to do pre-marketing inside the book and they need to know how to write an engaging chapter so their readers will finish each chapter and recommend it to many. Clonazepam dosage, They can become your 24/7 sales team.

If you don’t write your book with some professional help either from a book or coaching, you may be deeply disappointed in your sales. If an author doesn’t invest a bit in each book, effects of Clonazepam, all the marketing in the world won’t work if the book is not excellent.

Q: How do you see the future of dog eat dog traditional publishing verses online sources for reading material like

A: I see the future of eBooks looking good, especially for the business or non-fiction writer with a great target audience, who is ready to buy it, Buy Clonazepam Without Prescription. When people Google “writing an eBook” or book marketing, Low dose Clonazepam, they are my best audience who wants what I offer. They come for free information, but stay and revisit many times and many buy my eBooks. People online want how to books on all kinds of skills, where can i find Clonazepam online. These help market one’s business. Buy Clonazepam Without Prescription, That’s why I recommend you make a business out of your books. And learn what you need. Clonazepam used for, And enjoy the journey.

If just reading material, and you mean novels to entertain, I think low cost eBooks available at your site are a good idea, Clonazepam long term. If an author sells 500 copies at $4 a copy, that’s $2000, Where to buy Clonazepam, so if an author wants to make bigger money, he or she needs at least 3-4 books to perhaps package later for bigger profits.

One happy note: For 2010 the prediction for eBook sales is over 2 and 1/2 billion, that is now true, Buy Clonazepam Without Prescription. So I encourage all who see this interview to start writing and developing your author’s promotion platform while you write. Planning ahead makes a sure success, online buy Clonazepam without a prescription.

Q: There is a lot of criticism and some it justified that self publishing is a haven of poorly written and produced works. Others have looked at SP as a sort of “farm team” approach where the cream of the crop will rise to the surface. How do you see self publishing and how does it relate to your work?

A. Buy Clonazepam Without Prescription, Slapped together books won’t sell. Rx free Clonazepam, I only write and coach my clients to self-publish quality books that answer their reader’s concerns, or what they want to know. They aren’t poorly written, because they did the pre-work to make their books successful, buy Clonazepam without prescription.

Q: What is that standard piece of advice that you give to nearly every one of your clients?

A. Think of your reader as you write your book. What does he/she want to know. Stop telling and lecturing, Buy Clonazepam Without Prescription. Clonazepam from mexico, Engage them.

Tighten your writing to be compelling so you don’t lose your readers.

And start with a short non-fiction book that will sell well before you write that fiction. With good online promotion, doses Clonazepam work, the one can finance the other. Buy Clonazepam Without Prescription, Do the pre-marketing steps before you finish your book. Ideally, Online buying Clonazepam, they should be known before you write a chapter.

And for promotion I know most authors don’t want to do it themselves, but who better to promote. You know your book’s benefits, discount Clonazepam, audience, and just need to realize other book-selling sites or publishers will not do specific marketing that really brings in the sales. Clonazepam from canadian pharmacy, It’s a lifelong project. And once you get going, you can delegate some of it, Buy Clonazepam Without Prescription. I do.

Q: Dan Poynter on speaking of newly published books stated, “Welcome to your new full time job, Clonazepam maximum dosage, marketing…” Are marketing plans and their follow through perhaps the most common reason for an SP writer’s work to fail to sell. If so, Canada, mexico, india, how do they combat this phenomenon?

A. Lack of investment in promotion and marketing is always the reason any book doesn’t sell well. That true, you in this audience need to be willing to learn from mentors about book marketing. Buy Clonazepam Without Prescription, Invest in several books, invest in how to write a book teleseminar, and check out free information at book groups on LinkedIn (very interactive) and blogs like mine, and even invest in a book coach who can point out what’s good and will work and what’s not and won’t work for you, so you can cut expensive mistakes and your writing and self-publishing time in half. And up your profits at least triple, Clonazepam samples.

It’s important to take time and keep educating yourself.

Q: Do you see online marketing continuing to grow in importance and of what kind of grassroots marketing can a newly published writer make the most productive use?

A. You can all sell a lot more books if you get active on LinkedIn, Ordering Clonazepam online, Facebook, and Twitter. They work in tandem to get your tweets seen by a targeted market. That’s why knowing your audience before you write or publish is so important, Buy Clonazepam Without Prescription.

I love article marketing and now blog writing because it brings my targeted audience to my website ready to get more free content, Clonazepam no rx. Then they see me as credible, then trust me, Clonazepam dose, then get a little coaching or if self-starters, read my book on writing an eBook.

Most authors don’t have a marketing budget, (too bad) so they must bite the bullet and learn some social media and article marketing, Clonazepam dangers. My favorite marketing venues are LinkedIn and Blogging. Buy Clonazepam Without Prescription, They work together well. I just wrote a new 38 page eBook–LinkedIn Marketing: 8 Best Tactics to Build your Book and Business Sales aimed at newbies, Cheap Clonazepam no rx, because I was one too. And wow, what a difference. In this book, Clonazepam over the counter, I show you how to spend less than 3 hours a day, two days a week on promotion and do only the kind that works best for you. Purchase Clonazepam,

Q: What do see as the “death knell” of a writer’s path that once they set upon it, might as well discard the project and start over?

A. It’s one thing to have passion for your book’s topic. It’s another to go beyond that and learn the book game, Buy Clonazepam Without Prescription. If writers don’t get the business part to learn the pre-marketing points before they write chapters, and write the best chapter their audience really wants, Clonazepam steet value, they really aren’t serious or committed enough to make the money they expect. Create a best-selling eBook on the front end, Clonazepam alternatives, so the back end will bring you life-long wealth.

While this is the hardest concept for an emerging author to get his/her head around, I understand. That’s why I wrote my books and offer inexpensive teleseminars and coaching, about Clonazepam.

Q: Can you relate one of your favorite successes?

A. Buy Clonazepam Without Prescription, I love the successes most of my 75 published clients have had with their books. I helped them get their eBooks into PDFs and printable downloads to sell at their book-selling site. Their stories and tips have educated and heartened me so much. Clonazepam use, I learn so much from them.

For a financial success, before I wrote “Write your eBook…” I wrote 10 health books. I sold in just one day 300 copies of “Ten Ways to Super Memory” at $1200 to the people who enrolled in my local seminar in San Diego, and also enrolled 5 of these readers into individual life coaching that amounted to $4000, Buy Clonazepam Without Prescription.

As with all of you, each book I write has its own success, and “Write your eBook or Other Short Book Fast” is still my top seller on Amazon and my site to provide me 2-3 adventurous vacations each year.

Q: How can we get in touch with you and take a class with you?

A. Since each person here is in a different place with different needs, I’ve given specific help by a specific live link anyone can just click.

You can come to my site and get a free ebook on eBook on Book Writing and Marketing Tips when you subscribe to my free fresh weekly messages, articles and blog. It’s at

If you are inclined you can send me an email with your burning question, and I’ll answer it at–no charge:

I can also recommend you check Kathleen Gage’s blog post that says act now, stop waiting to inspired. At

If you want my 99 page $15.95 book on eBook writing, it’s at

I’d love to hear your comments and questions.

What I want for all of you is to create enough wealth from your eBooks to do all you want to in life.

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Published by Judy Cullins

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Buy Xenical Without Prescription

Buy Xenical Without Prescription, The stigma of self-publishing not being acceptable as a viable way to publish is long over. Herbal Xenical, That’s just old propaganda.

And, Xenical natural, Order Xenical online c.o.d, you should know that the odds of you being accepted by a big publisher are 1%. And if you do get “chosen” you will still have to do the promotion, Xenical blogs. Xenical canada, mexico, india, They may give you an intern who will schedule some book signings in North Dakota or Maine, but not where they will do you some good, buy no prescription Xenical online. Those book tours are grueling and a lot of work for the authors with little payoffs, Buy Xenical Without Prescription. Comprar en línea Xenical, comprar Xenical baratos, My advice is not to go with a publisher unless they can make you at least 10X as much money as you can on your own. They don’t pay attention to you, is Xenical addictive. Xenical overnight, You should pay attention to you.

You may know that ebook sales for 2010 will be near $3.5 billion, Xenical maximum dosage. Buy Xenical Without Prescription, Traditional publishing is down 3%. Xenical from canadian pharmacy, So what’s the right choice. And remember, is Xenical safe, Xenical mg, Kindle books sell at around $10. And, Xenical images, Xenical photos, the younger audience is also expanding to mature adults.

Books are still the # one seller on the internet.

Why not yours, Xenical coupon. And…

1, Buy Xenical Without Prescription. Xenical class, Get real. Write your best short book with high value the first time, ordering Xenical online. Get Xenical, Contact a book coach to help you write your chapters so they are quality, and engage your reader by solving his/her challenges, Xenical from mexico. Xenical duration, You may know a lot, but can you share it without lecturing or telling, order Xenical from mexican pharmacy. Buy Xenical Without Prescription, More than editing, an experienced book coach can show you how to write a chapter that attracts your reader to finish and recommend your book in just a few sessions, so the cost is minimal compared to the mistakes you’ll make. Xenical use, Think of it as an investment, not a cost, Xenical pharmacy. Xenical forum, Your book is also a great promotion tool, itself, where can i order Xenical without prescription. After Xenical, 2. Get real, buy Xenical no prescription. Set up your book’s promotion platform BEFORE you finish or publish it, Buy Xenical Without Prescription. Xenical trusted pharmacy reviews, Here’s just 3 ideas:

One. For best book promotion, my Xenical experience, Buy cheap Xenical no rx, think about investing in your book sales. Most clients come to me for help in article marketing or social networking promotion because their book sales are only 400-1000 so far, Xenical gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Purchase Xenical online no prescription, Low and traditional promotion is one culprit. Buy Xenical Without Prescription, Another problem is an old Web site that needs updating. Another big culprit is not being willing to invest a little in their book’s success such as short term coaching

Two, Xenical steet value. About Xenical, For best book promotion, write articles and submit them to only the top directories such as or

Articles work for you for many years. After a 2003 article on eBook pricing, I just got a contact from a person who read it and wants help in 2010. Naturally, you must update your web and world content on a regular basis.

Three, Buy Xenical Without Prescription. For best book promotion, consider social media. And be sure to join groups that will be your book’s audience. After setting up Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin with a benefit-driven profile, fan page and targeted list of my audience, my results have amazed me.

In just one month after setting up my blog, Google Analytics showed me a 25% increase in unique visitors who stay a while coming from Facebook and Linkedin. The longer they stay, the more opt-in and sales conversions you’ll make.

Online self-promotion is the key.

Please comment here to keep this conversation alive. Just click here to leave your email and site and be notified of all new blog entries and discussions ==>

Want to ask me a question?

Take advantage of my 30-minute coaching and check out my offer good until the end of the month.

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Published by Judy Cullins

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Halazepam For Sale

Halazepam For Sale, Opinions vary about self-publishing. Buy Halazepam online no prescription, I self-published 11 of my own print and eBooks that are business books about book writing, self-publishing, where can i cheapest Halazepam online, Halazepam brand name, and marketing.

Self-Publishing vs, Halazepam natural. Halazepam blogs, POD

Self-publishing is not a vanity press option, where you can get a company to get your family cookbook or anything into print, Halazepam photos. Online Halazepam without a prescription, Print on Demand is a digital print offering however, but does not include publishing or marketing for your book, effects of Halazepam. Many choose POD and get disappointed because they don’t know its downfalls, Halazepam For Sale. Fast shipping Halazepam,

Think YOU when you think self-publishing.

YOU are responsible for all the things that you must do to get your book into the hands of your readers.

YOU get an ISBN number for each book, cheap Halazepam no rx, Halazepam street price, which makes you the publisher, unless you plan to only sell your book at your website, Halazepam description. Halazepam used for, YOU can set up a publishing name/business as Dan Poynter advises since some book printers won’t work with individuals. But, Halazepam price, coupon, Australia, uk, us, usa, you don’t have to.

YOU will need help on your book.

Halazepam For Sale, You choose a book coach, such as myself, to help make your book more saleable. And a good book coach knows a lot about non-fiction chapters to help you engage your readers, buy Halazepam from mexico, Halazepam no rx, not lecture to them. It’s amazing how few people realize this, online buying Halazepam hcl. Halazepam from canadian pharmacy, A book coach will look at the whole picture and help you set up proper pre-marketing and develop your author platform to sell a lot of copies and brand you, your book, buy Halazepam without prescription, Where can i buy cheapest Halazepam online, and your business.

With a professional book coach’s expertise, buy cheap Halazepam, Where can i buy Halazepam online, YOU arrange for your own editors, proof-readers, Halazepam wiki, Halazepam long term, book cover designers, and formats, online buy Halazepam without a prescription.

If you want a print version, YOU choose a printer.

Or a combination printer-and-distributor such as LightningSource or CreateSpace who allow you to print-on-demand with your own ISBN, Halazepam For Sale. Halazepam maximum dosage, Or you go to an offset printer who has experience in making books, some of whom can recommend providers of services you can’t or don’t want to do for yourself, Halazepam dose. Halazepam reviews, As a 24+ year book coach, I advise my clients to not do what many POD services tell them to do – such as printing huge numbers of books for a discount, Halazepam trusted pharmacy reviews. After Halazepam, Forget the discount and use a digital printer like Deharts to print only the number of books you can sell in three months. Then, purchase Halazepam online no prescription, Halazepam pharmacy, you’ll have more money for promotion and marketing – the self-publishing task that matters even more than what’s inside your book. Halazepam For Sale, Without marketing, not much will happen.

You can self-publish an eBook with little effort and money.

It’s a good idea, Halazepam steet value, Halazepam price, because you can get the mistakes and kinks corrected before you spend a lot on printing. I often advise clients to write an eBook first, then a print book which you may wish to expand on and make longer. You can actually write them at the same time.

Think about your audience before you write your book.

Know for non-fiction or self-help, your target readers want a much shorter book – easy-to-read and one that solves their problem.

Sharing is Caring!

Are you self-publishing a book, Halazepam For Sale. What stage are you at now. What hurdles much you still overcome. What progress have you made. Your experiences help us all :).

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Published by Judy Cullins

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