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How to Make Your eBook More Valuable and Increase Your Business

You may already have an eBook out in Kindle, PDF, or another format. You may not know that when you include certain final touches to your ebook, you add additional value. Value that widens your reach and increases your regular business sales.

11 Essential Tips to Increase the Value of Your eBook

1. Cover Page.

Use a photo for an easy cover. Include your website URL for non buyers – it’s free advertising!

2. Title Page.

Comes after your cover page. Include your book title and subtitle, your name, URL, and date. I put several hot testimonials on mine =)

3. About the Author.

Use a picture on the left side or right side. Tell something about yourself. Include your name or business brand here to get more visibility. Here’s where your reader can know you and trust you. Include your URL to your subscription page for extra opt-ins.

4. Table of Contents.

Includes your introduction, but probably not a foreword as you would in a print book.

5. Introduction.

Make it less than one page like a mini sales letter. Give reasons for the reader to finish reading your ebook.

6. 3-5 Chapter Titles.

These should brand your work. Include links within the chapters to other products you sell – even affiliates.

7. Screen Shots and Graphics.

You can use a service like Snagit. Place these on the right or left side of your pages. You can copy and paste them in. Pictures add value and make your book more interesting and readable.

8. “Pull Quotes”

Text you want to emphasize, usually in a larger font in a box.

9. End Remarks.

Here’s a chance to review the benefits to your new readers. You can include these at the end of your chapters and at the end of the ebook.

10. Resources and Resource Page.

Give short write-ups for these you already mentioned within the ebook and include links to purchase them.

11. Final Page.

List and describe other ways you can help your audience that include audios, coaching, seminars and other more expensive programs in your sales/marketing funnel.

Sharing is Caring!

What ahas did you get from these tips? Can you add any tips of your own? =)

Published by Judy Cullins

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  • jfay1995

    a very good share. I wouldn’t have thought of the url to my website. Great idea. Onto chapter eight of my book, The Glorious Money Tree and I started editing my other novel in progress. This will be great to come back to for reference when I am ready.

  • Frances

    This is another great post, Judy. I am learning a lot for you and saving these posts for future reference. Thanks so much!

  • Marrian Efua

    thanks for sharing headed back to kindle to explore how to make some changes.

  • Brandon Pipkin


    I think it’s extremely important to give away some content in modern world. Smashwords and Kindle take care of that for you, but to increase your value another notch you can pull together a few sample chapter and send it to everyone on the planet (associations, friends, relatives, etc.) and ask them to share with anyone who might be interested. Of course you include a plug about your full book and have all of your contact details such as website, Facebook page, twitter handle and such.

    For example, I have a free report listed on my website at….

    Best to you and your readers!

  • Judy Cullins

    Brandon, Did you get any value frrom the article? You only mentioned your tips. For non-fiction, don’t send out a whole chapter, but just the beginning hook, benefits as part of intro. OK to send chapter for fiction, and I appreciate your boldness in your pitch here for your report. Boldiness helps market-although some will run the other way from it.

  • Judy Cullins

    Thanks for the kinds words Marrian-I"m glad you got some value from this blog.

  • Judy Cullins

    Frances, Glad you got value from this one. Did you know you can get these articles free by email with a subscribe at

    The bonus is a free ebook on writing and marketing!

  • Judy Cullins

    Hi again jfay, Love your title! Is it a novel? Be sure to subscribe for free how to’s to your email doorstep at this link-

  • Brandon Ppkin

    Keen insight, Judy. I thought perhaps you were leaning a bit toward giving away a hook in Tip 6, which is what led me to my thought of giving away content.

  • Sandra Arthur

    Hi Judy, Helpful list of tips.

    Note, LULU/iBooks do not allow url on the front cover. At least they reject my cover and asked for the URL to be removed.

    In the same way as we all flip through pages in a bookshop, there is value in sharing content – if people like what they read, they will buy.

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