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Clonazepam For Sale

Clonazepam For Sale, Each month I get a lot of questions from aspiring authors. Here's a few on self publishing, Clonazepam no prescription, Real brand Clonazepam online, ISBN #'s, and copyright information, Clonazepam interactions. Clonazepam schedule, Yes, you can always Google for answers too, Clonazepam reviews. Australia, uk, us, usa,

1) Can you supply me with a suggested web address to obtain an ISBN number?

Judy: Just Google ISBN and get it.

2) Will I need a different number for each of my ten ebooks?

Judy: depends on where your sell them, taking Clonazepam. At your site, don't need them, Clonazepam For Sale. Clonazepam price, coupon, At other sites, you do need them, buy Clonazepam online no prescription. Cheap Clonazepam no rx, And yes, one for each book, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Purchase Clonazepam online no prescription,

3) Do you have a suggested web address for copywriting the ebooks?

Judy: Google United States Copyright Office and find the short form TX. They didn't include their website on my paper work, Clonazepam pics.

4) Do you have anything I can buy from you that will give me ebook publishing steps?

Judy: Did you buy Write your eBook or Other Short Book Fast Clonazepam For Sale, yet. Clonazepam samples, It has all your answers in it.

I advise you publish them yourself, where can i cheapest Clonazepam online. Generic Clonazepam, It's simple to do for print or eBooks. If you want more from me, buy Clonazepam from canada, Clonazepam maximum dosage, I suggest you get a 30 minute session from me to finish your project. Ask any question for self-pub, Clonazepam long term, Clonazepam gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, or promotion.

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2 Responses to “Clonazepam For Sale”

Judy, usually your advice for people who want to self publish is right on, but this one has a couple of BIG holes in it: first of all, the distinction between "copywriting" and "copyrighting" needs to me made. The former is writing for an advertising agency; the latter deals with rights one has in one's writings, drawing, and compositions.

That said, you don't "copyright" a work- you OWN the copyright from the moment any original work of authorship is fixed in any tangible medium of expression. (However, if you are using the works of others in your work, you may have to clear rights for those inclusions).

Registering the work is different from owning the copyright in the work. Registration can provide a way for people looking for the copyright owner to find you (through an online search) and it can offer certain protections, such as greater recovery if someone infringes your work, or speedier access to the courts after an infringement occurs. However, registration can be expensive, and is not mandatory- indeed, it is often not necessary.

Using Form TX is the older, more expensive way to go. Nowadays, you'd want to use Form CO or eCO and register online to save money and time. You can, indeed, go to the Copyright Office's website for further information, but it may prove confusing (it even did for me, and I've been practicing copyright and media law for over 30 years).

I do have an easy-to-understand book on the subject, "Every Writer's Guide to Copyright and Publishing Law." The 3rd edition came out in 2004 in paperback from Henry Holt & Co. (it is NOT self-published). I am currently in discussions with the publisher about a possible e-edition or a 4th edition or both- stay tuned.

In the meantime, you can obtain copies of the out-of-print 3rd edition from various on-line booksellers, or, should you want further information, in my law practice I concentrate on representing authors, publishers, and artists.

Ellen Kozak

Copyright, Publishing and Media Lawyer

Kozak Law Offices

Milwaukee, WI


Comment by Ellen Kozak on August 22, 2010 at 12:44 am

Ellen, I know this is not my exertise, and a rather short not complete response. And,as the years pass, the prices do change. Just trying to get one person to the site that's correct. You are so right and up-to-date with your speciality. I will refer to you next time one of these comes in an email.

Thanks for the corrections!

Comment by judy cullins on August 24, 2010 at 5:23 am

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