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Seven Tips to Get more Blog Readers from Linkedin

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Published by Judy Cullins

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  • Book Marketing

    For point number 3) Ask your visitors to comment…lately I've thrown this option more and more into the mix at the end of my blog posts. I ask my readers to include things that I've missed and I promise to come back to the post and add their personal updates.


  • Tony

    Thank you Judy, there are some of the things I do here but I have learned a couple of things I'm not doing. Thanks again.

  • judy cullins

    Tony, Thanks for your comment. I just wondered what was new to you in this blog piece? I write about social media marketing for books and business, so be sure to see the rest of the categories if you missed anything below the blog list of recent postings.

    I just finished a book on Book Marketing-and Increased credibility and visibility inBusiness with LInkedin.

    Wondering if this title pulls you? It's available at my 90-minute LI teleseminar,( but will be $12.95 after) for free at

    Take a look and let me know your thoughts!


  • Judy Cullins

    Thanks Ian for the reminder. I see so many blogs that just talk and without asking for comments and opinions, you neglect "the call to action- so important to us all."

  • Judy Cullins

    Andrea, We all need the "obvious" pointed out. I'm not much of a detail person, so your comments were especially helpful to me. Also, when we delegate our work, we lose touch with these details. Thanks so much for the post. Any other fine points?

  • Andrea Dale

    Maybe it’s obvious, but don’t forget to:

    * Update your status update with a link
    * Attach the blog so it feeds into your profile with the appropriate LinkedIn Application.
    * Include a “ask for action” web link on your profile that says “Read my blog for *whatever you write* tips.”

    Andrea Dale
    Marketing Consultant, Coach & LinkedIn Expert

  • Clint Cora

    It would seem that posting blog posts to the News section of most LinkedIn groups are okay where posting blog posts to the Discussion sections of groups are considered a no-no. Can this be confirmed? I"ve been slapped on the wrist for doing this once or twice by a group administrator.

  • Judy Cullins

    Clint, Seems we all make those mistakes in the beginning on Linkedin. I did too. Always read the rules for each group before you post. Quite a few groups will accept a question and if you have some good tips, then submit as a discussion. You can legally include a link to your blog article in most groups. This isn't selling so much. In the meantime, submit your blog articles in the news!

  • bbycombck
  • ting

    Thanks for the advice. I'm already doing some of your tips and have found LinkedIn to be such an amazingly supportive communitiy.

    If you get a chance, please check out my blog :

    Any advice you can give me would be much appreciated!

  • glamourtravel

    Asking for comments really works. I need to work on finding and joining other target groups on linkedin. But, with all the promoting and web socialising I find that I have hardly any time left to WRITE something worth promoting. I wish I could hire someone to do all the promoting for me so I can do the writing.

  • Hajra

    I am new to blogging and these are some pretty useful informative tips…
    What I don't understand is that even though I ask my Facebook / LinkedIn friends to read a very few actually stop by and do it!! Maybe interests differ but I am trying it hard to find an audience..

  • judycullins

    Andrea, thanks for leaving such a great comment. I am late getting back, but I do appreciate it. What is yoru blog url. I'll comment too.

  • judycullins

    Clint, it all depends on the manager, but they are legal now since a few monthsa go. This is how Linkedin changed. They do these things to drive us crazty, huh? what is your topic?

  • judycullins

    Ting, Yes, it's supportive at LInkedin. Create my writing group there has really added new targeted visitors and brought new book sales and coaching clients.
    Did you read my LInkedin book yet? It's at and only $12.95.

  • judycullins

    Hi Glamourtravel, I'm sorry to be tardy to this. I'm still a low techie. What I do is delegate my posting to my web guy each week. I write all the copy though and get at least 2-3 how to articles out each week. Ask a high school student to be your VA or someone from the groups-low cost!

  • Mari-Lyn Harris

    Clint, it depends upon the Group rules, most of the time you can post your articles in the Promotion tab. Adding it to a discussion, is to me annoying, because it really doesn't add any value to a discussion.

    It's borderline Spam. If it is to add to the discussion, then perhaps it's ok.

  • Mari-Lyn Harris

    To get blog content Hajra, when you post a question in a group, you can take the answers and write a blog post. I have done this, however I have given the people who write the comments credit.

  • Brenda Bernstein

    Thanks for these reminders Judy! How important do you think it is to write two new posts a week? I find one is challenging enough with all the activities I'm engaged in!

    I agree about asking visitors to comment. It's especially great when they are inspired to comment by an enjoyable or thought-provoking post!

  • Hajra

    Thanks…working on trying this out!

  • Rosanne Dingli

    I ALWAYS forget number three!!

  • Judy Cullins

    Brenda, after I found out the raise in traffic and sales, my new goal is 3 a week, so far not so so good-haha. I love your post too, so keep them coming. Interested to learn so much from a free-lancer since I had the false belief we wouldn't have that much to give each other! I'm impressed by your know how!

  • Judy Cullins

    So let me know about your experiences Hajra! Would love to hear about them!

  • Judy Cullins

    Rosanne, Thanks for your comment. you sent me to top of this discussion to see # 3. Ask your visitors to comment. I forget too sometimes.
    I do have a checklist now to help me out, and learning new skills to add each few weeks to my blog.

    Always learning and always growing!

  • cspeno

    Great suggestions, Judy. I think no 7 is especially important. My problem these days is having the time to write the posts. I keep a file with headlines and notes about posts I want to write, but am so busy right now with another contract project that time is the really stumbling block for me!
    Thanks, as always, for your very thought provoking posts!
    Visit me at

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