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Shorten Your Blog Marketing Time - Write a Tip in 30 Minutes

Are you blog marketing with tips already? Do you fully realize the benefits of that?

As you look for tips to help you in your business, millions of others do too. Your online audiences love tips because they don’t want to spend a lot of time reading. They want the easy-to-read nuggets that pertain to their needs and interests so they can skim. Your potential buyers want solutions to their problems and concerns.

When you give solutions, you show yourself as a trusted authority in your niche and bring your target market to your website. Once your visitor signs up for your ongoing tips, you will develop trust that brings eventual clients and program sales. If you don’t write excellent blog tips, you won’t stand out from the crowd and won’t get those visitors you want. You will stay unknown; business will stagnate. That’s sad, because you won’t make the sales you want either.

So, are you ready to discover a blog marketing strategy that always works?

Meet the 30-minute “Tip Blog!”

Divide and Conquer to Save you Time

The “Tip Blog” delivers. You can write one in 30 minutes. Short cut and leverage your writing time. Take information from a longer how to blog of about 1200 words or take from your how to or self-help book chapters. You have hundreds of these in your files and folders, awaiting a transformation.

Even if you’re not a professional writer, you can write a tip because you know your audience’s challenges. With a “Blog Tip” you can partially solve your audience’s concerns. They’ll know you can do even more for them when they visit your website.

Solve your Audience’s Problems with your “Tip Blog.”

Remember, not all tips are equal. They need to follow a format. Many professionals write sloppy tips that don’t deliver information clearly. But now, you can be a top resource with this strategy.

Four Steps to Write your “Tip Blog”

1. Create your “Tip Blog” Title that Pulls your Audience to Read it.

Include a benefit and/or your specific audience in this title. Put appropriate key words in the blog title, so the search engines will rank you higher.

For instance, in the title above one benefit is to shorten your writing time. The intimated audience is business people with a service or product to sell. Notice the words “blog marketing” and “sell”. And, over 75,000 people each month Google the keywords “Blog Marketing.”

Blog Coaching Tip. Make your first sentence count. Use keywords in it.

2. Write a Hook and Thesis in Paragraph One.

Look at my first line and paragraph above. It engages with questions on where you are now, gives benefits so you keep reading, and it invites you in with enthusiasm.

3. Use a command verb to start each tip.

For example, “Do this, using specifics.” When you mix noun phases, some using –ing words, know that they are passive and your reader may yawn. Command verbs show action. When your tips are not consistent, your reader may get confused. When consistent, they move your audience to action.

4. Share the benefits for doing the tip or the consequences from not doing it after each command verb tip in each paragraph.

Most of us want to use positive outcomes, and yet some of our audiences will react better to consequences as motivators to move.

5. Give your readers resources to find more solutions to their challenges in each tip.

“Where do I find great people and programs on this topic?” your blog reader asks. One way is to include one or two website URL’s as a resource to use where your reader can get more information. Mention a book and its URL where they can get deeper information beyond the tips. Use Google keyword phrases in this anchor text that will take your readers to expanded information. And, mention mentors who specialize in this category. If you don’t share where to get this information, you leave your readers unsatisfied.

Blog Coaching Tip. Write 10 Blog Tips in one article if you want 1000 words or more. Some blog sites require longer guest blogs. Write 3, 5 or 7 tips for shorter blogs that you and other blog sites want.

When you apply these “Tip Blog” gems, you will put your business on a fast track, and you’ll be known as a trusted authority who will make good things happen with your clients.

What was the number one tip you learned from this blog that will make your blog marketing more successful? And, leave your burning question too! I will answer it.

One trusted authority on blog writing and marketing is the author of this blog.

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  • Ruth Ekblom

    Great tips, Judy. Thank you. I shall try to put these into practise.

  • Ivan Bayross

    Thanks Judy, reading this Blog post really helped me.

    I discovered simple, do able techniques, that I could use for creating - Tips - as Blog posts. I can now create tips for my Blog whose - Title will intrigue the reader and whose contents would add value to them.

    What you've laid out is an excellent, step by step, process, in language that is crisp and easy to understand.

    I enjoyed reading this. Thank you.

    Ivan Bayross

  • Judy Cullins

    Thanks Ivan for kudos. Glad it helped you. If you need deeper help or coaching, just email me with questions and I'll do my best to answer them.

  • Judy Cullins

    Ruth, Give yourself time and put real effort into this. it will pay off. If you have a question, just email me at contact buitton on site.

  • Nina Amir

    Great Post, Judy. I also suggest putting the tips into a word processing file. Build up a list of 25-100 of them and then publish them as a tip book. This is an easy and fast way to become an author.

  • Ruth Null

    Major thankies for the article post. Really Great.

  • kajariguha

    Learning everyday a lot from your great posts.Hope I can do better .Thanks once more.My previous site has been closed all of a sudden.I had written 11 or 12 topics there.Can I include them in my latest site?I have also written some other articles in another site.Can i include them too.These questions I am asking because I would like to publish them as a Tip book.Pl.advise.

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