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Buy Xanax Without Prescription

by Don Metznik

Buy Xanax Without Prescription, What would it mean to your business or organization if you could instantly communicate your message in the most powerful way. Xanax maximum dosage, This is the promise of the visual metaphor and its ability to:

  • Reduce marketing costs

  • Increase lead generation

  • Reduce sales conversion time

What is a Visual Metaphor?
A visual metaphor is a superior communicating image (design or graphic) that instantly communicates a message or idea. It's telegraphic and understandable, Xanax long term. Buy Xanax without a prescription, It's the Big Mac of persuasion:

  • Memorable

  • Attention-getting

  • Compelling

Example of a Visual Metaphor
Here's your challenge. You are making a presentation to your marketing and sales team about your ideal customer, Xanax from canadian pharmacy. You describe your ideal customer-high level business executives- in terms of demographics, psychographics, personas, lifestyles and buying behavior, Buy Xanax Without Prescription. Xanax pics, On top of this, you tell them that they must target their selling and advertising messages to the customers' 450 million-year-old reptilian brain, Xanax pharmacy, Xanax dosage, our evolutionary brain that is the center for decision-making and so called because it is still present in reptiles today. (See How To Open The Sales Door With Neuromarketing.)

Answer: You could use all the above words and the descriptions associated with them, online buy Xanax without a prescription, Xanax interactions, or you could summarize it all with the image in this post with the words "Your target customer." (Does the image work for you. Would you change it, purchase Xanax online. Xanax cost, Let me know.)

A Short Background on Metaphors
A metaphor is a literary device (word-related) to aid understanding by connecting something less familiar with something more familiar. Buy Xanax Without Prescription, For example, we could say that an online database is your new Rolodex. (Similes do the same thing, Xanax coupon, Real brand Xanax online, except they use the words "like" or "as." For example, an online database is like your old Rolodex.) You get the idea, where can i order Xanax without prescription. Herbal Xanax, Visual metaphors use images to connect something less well known or difficult to understand to something better known. They are superior to word metaphors because of the superior ability of visuals to communicate ideas.

Advertising Example
Here's more of an advertising example, Xanax mg, Xanax results, courtesy of SalesBrain. The objective of this ad is to communicate the advantage of digital paper vs, my Xanax experience. traditional paper, Buy Xanax Without Prescription. Xanax use, Why Visuals Are So Powerful
According to the folks at SalesBrain, customers' "buy buttons" are located in the old brain or reptilian brain, Xanax overnight. Xanax gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, (This is part of neuromarketing, the application of brain science to marketing. We have three brains-learn more here.)

The reptilian brain is the decision-maker and is influenced by only six stimuli, where can i buy Xanax online. Xanax dangers, One of those stimuli is visuals. So, Xanax street price, Comprar en línea Xanax, comprar Xanax baratos,  create and use visuals properly to push the "buy button."

Key Takeaway
Shorten the time and distance to your customer's buy button by using visual metaphors. Use visual metaphors in

  • Traditional marketing (such as print ads, Xanax class, Xanax recreational, TV, and sales presentations)

  • In digital marketing (websites)

  • For inbound marketing (the marketing of attraction)

Have some fun and check out more visual metaphors here. 

Do you think visual metaphors can boost your marketing.

As a provider of marketing solutions, order Xanax from mexican pharmacy, Xanax pics, Don Metznik serves as a hub connecting business owners with the ideas, strategy, Xanax coupon, Xanax interactions, resources, and experience they need to compete and prosper in an increasingly digital, taking Xanax, Xanax street price, Internet-based marketplace. He publishes his business blog at which includes insights into a range of topics like How To Create A 52-Week Marketing Calendar, How To Set Up Your Social Media Team and envelope-pushing concepts like neuromarketing.

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Published by Judy Cullins

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  • Karen Cioffi

    Great post. This is a take on 'a picture is worth a thousand words.' Nice marketing strategy!

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