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Write for the Ones Who Buy Your Book - Your Readers!

Write your book for your reader. That’s who decides whether it sells or not. Rather than lecture or tell all you know from your research or your story, think what does my reader need now? How can I make my chapter more enjoyable and easy to read?

Our first draft may tell and not have a clear focus, but after that we authors can make our books so much better. Better enough that the reader will finish each chapter, hungry for the next, and the next, until he or she finishes. Then comes the great “word of mouth” promotion. It’s 24/7 and free for us. A big message to the emerging author as well as the pro.

Remember To…
  • Hook the reader in the beginning with questions or shocking stats.
  • Engage the reader throughout your chapters with a YOU approach, not I. .
  • Organize according to the reader’s interest. Use Headlines throughout.
  • Include each chapter’s benefits after the hook to keep readers turning pages and finishing your book so they will recommend it.
  • Establish the right tone. Conversational is good, not pedantic or stiff.
  • Pass the “So What?” test. Why should I buy this?
  • Write to inform, entertain, and engage, rather than to
  • impress.
When you ask and answer questions for your non-fiction chapter middle, you will be clear and natural. When you do a similar exercise for fiction, each chapter will brim with exciting details your reader wants to know about. That includes answering questions on who, what, what, why and how.

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