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Your eBook or Print Book is Your Ultimate Marketing Tool

Maybe you are wondering, “Should I write a book?”

You may not be sure if it’s worth it. You may not want to spend much time on it. You may not feel you’re a skilled writer.

I understand your concerns. In the early 1980′s I didn’t even know about the power of book chapters—until I got a mentor to help me. Then, I wrote my first book “The San Diego Annotated Networking Directory.” My first printing sold out in six months, but more than that-it made me well known in the business networking community. I sold books, but they led me to so many other opportunities.

That’s proof of the power of books! If you are in business, you want to do several things to attract new customers and clients.

Here’s Four Reasons to Write your Book:

1. You want credibility. You want people to come to you for answers about your particular topic or niche. A book gives you more credibility than any other venue.

2. You want visibility-big visibility. You want more “targeted eyes” on your business. A book-even an eBook that you give away-will put your name on the internet big map. That means that your book-selling Web site gets an ample amount of unique traffic to it daily. I say unique, because if you get any old “looky-loo” to your site, they may not even want your useful information. That’s why visibility goes beyond numbers; your audience should want what you have. This can be part of your pre-marketing to do’s before you write or publish your book.

3. You want to generate leads. One of my 11 business books led me to Dan Poynter, the self-publishing guru of us all, who was happy to do a teleseminar with me on book marketing for introverts and reluctant marketers. His audience was far bigger than mine, so it really paid off. A book can help you create profitable joint ventures.

4. You want to sell copies of your book. This goal is a good one too, because the more people who finish your book, the more people will want to contact you further at your Web site and at your social media venues. They want to see if you are the right one to help further their education in such things as your trainings, your seminars and teleseminars, your consulting, and your other product packages.

You can set up a perfect sales funnel with lower priced items to your higher priced items. This is good business.

Now that you know it’s a great idea to write a book, to help you with your next step, so you’ll write a saleable book your audience will love, you’ll need some professional guidance.

What’s your book title or topic, and what do you want your book to do for you?

Low Cost Opportunities

Get the book coach for around $15 inside the book, Write your eBook or Other Short Book Fast!

Or, bring your questions and get 1/2 hour coaching on what to do next and what not to do to make your book dream a success.

  • doug

    Hem…. me thinks it might be a good idea to get writing

  • Paulette Renee Broqu

    1. I need help. I want to find a well priced printer for a short run of 100 books as my budget is in the hundreds of dollars rather than the thousands. My book has been on Amazon since 1999 for $20.00. 2. I spoke to you one time and told you about my book: Unraveling Your Past to Get Into the Present. It is a psychology book about getting rid of your ego. Eckhart Tolle has since become famous "with my original material" in his spiritual books Stillness Speaks and A New Earth. I believe he got my work from Mark Victor Hansen during a seminar I took from Hansen. Now my goal is to market my book as one of the books that inspired Eckhart Tolle's work. I have a blog: and I am on

  • Judy Cullins

    Paulette, For short run print books I can recommend digital printer They are reliable and do a great job.

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