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How to Sell Your Book Using Your Table of Contents

Maybe you offer your book’s Table of Contents on your website. Alone, it won’t do much, but if you use a benefits approach for each chapter title, you will sell many more books. Here’s what I sent my coaching client to help her with her yoga book. I hope this example helps you too.

One web sales letter headline read:

Inside each power-packed chapter of
Write your eBook or Other Book Fast
Find These Benefits and Features…

Ch. 1. Why Write a Book?

The best way to brand your business, with you as the expert in your field, is to author a book. It’s cheaper, faster, and better received than CD’s, audios, articles or blogs.

Attract clients and customers, be known as the savvy expert, make consistent income for life and share your useful how-tos with your audience. Discover how to choose a subject that sells, test your book’s significance, and how to write it so it will stand out from the crowd. See your sales explode where you sell your book, and hear praises of how it helped your audience.

Ch. 2. Write your Chapters in Half the Time with Fewer Edits

People are more likely to recommend books they’ve read cover-to-cover. Your readers will keep turning pages and love your chapters with this step-by-step guidance. Catapult book sales on the back end with Judy’s “Fast-Forward Writing Technique” and slash editing time in half while writing engaging, easy to read copy. Consider your satisfied readers as your 24/7 sales team to put the power of “word of mouth” promotion to work for you!

Ch. 3. Market While you Write with the Essential “Nine-Hot-Selling Points”

The #1 goal of effective book marketing is to pre-sell your book by knowing what essentials will help sell it inside and outside. Design every part of your book as a sales tool before you write a single chapter. Know the “Nine Hot-Selling Points” that include benefits, a hot title, and your preferred audience as part of your book’s promotion platform. These also guide your writing to solve your reader’s concerns or challenges. These points help cut writing time and produce a superior book.

Ch. 4. Which Way to Publish is Best for You?

Publish the best way to make you, the author, the most money. Discover the myths of traditional publishing and the solutions. Learn how Print on Demand can be an author’s friend, or foe. Investigate the payoffs before you sign a contract. Another way is to be your own publisher, and with a little help, you can forget the long, slow, less money, hard road of the traditional publishing path. Speed up your book’s finish line with self-publishing.

Ch. 5. Organize your Book Before you Write it

If it takes more than a minute to find any book file or folder, you’re losing time, money and opportunities. Successful authors organize their book project files because it eliminates needless procrastination and frustration. Learn Judy’s “Think Tupperware” method. Everything important is kept handy, fresh, and easy to use.

Ch. 6. eBook Opportunities

eBooks are cheap to produce and offer higher net income per sale with considerably less risk than print. Make 100% of your book’s profits, publish easily and instantly without even using an ePublisher. Judy shares choices that suit your budget and time frame. Thousands of targeted online potential buyers want and need your information! Market and sell your ebook on the internet for highest profits.

Ch. 7. How to Choose your Book’s Format

Choose your book’s best format to suit the right style to publish and promote it. Write an ebook and a print book at the same time. Choose your format from Judy’s “Four Format Options.” Compare prices to save you money and fit your book’s purpose.

Don’t get discouraged by reading about high self-publishing costs. Your fiction or non-fiction book can bypass roadblocks when you open your mind to a tried and true way to share your important message.

With this expanded Table of Contents, you will now be able to give your potential clients what they want - Benefits first, because they are what sell books.

Sharing is Caring!

What methods do you use to build marketing into your ebooks? What great chapter titles have you written to sell more copies? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

  • Rita

    Sensational advice. I am in the final edits for the revised editions of Job Search Debugged and Networking Debugged. I will go back and change the chapter names immediately. Good job, Book Coach.

    Rita Ashley, Career Coach.

  • Judy Cullins

    Rita, thanks for the good words.

    I can coach on how to do the same within each of your chapters too to make them brand Rita. It's in my my short coaching session at if you want to make sure your book does the most it can inside and outside!

  • Aynn Daniels

    Judy, your articles are always packed with nuggets that I can use right off the bat. I’ve just published a book but never thought of high lighting chapters on my blog the way you’ve just outlined…GREAT STUFF. Thanks

    Aynn Daniels, The Commitment Coach(TM)

  • Patricia Reed

    This is some of the most brilliant advice I have ever read. Thank you so much for sharing this! It’s so funny that I’ve been getting intuition to focus more on my table of contents, amazing timing to come across your article this morning. You always give the very best advice in your articles - I’m really grateful to have found you! Thank you, and Bless You!

  • Lydia Ramsey

    Judy, thank you for publishing this helpful information. I like the idea of describing the benefits of each chapter. I will definitely follow your advice.

  • Becky Dennis

    I underestimated the attraction of eBooks to today’s readers. I wanted so bad to have that book in my hand that I focused on it first and the eBooks second. After 3 weeks of launching my book, “Brain Wreck,” it is among Amazon’s top 10 ebook sales for the medical diagnosis category. I agree with Judy, push those e-sales!! Much higher royalty, too!

    Thanks for your contributions to authors and making us more successful, Judy! I enjoy reading your blogs.


  • Judy Cullins

    Hi Aynn Daniels, Glad you are taking action on your book chapter gems. It’s like a sales letter with benefits, but also readable.

    If you are not subscribed yet for my weekly free tips, I urge you to get more of me FREE at

  • Judy Cullins

    Hi Patricia, Thanks for the big kudos. I’ve been book coaching to help authors write the best book they can and to pre-market it before they launch. See my #1 selling book at

    And I’m here to coach you too, just give me your email!

  • Judy Cullins

    Hi Becky, So glad to have you here. When a person tries me out in an half hour coaching session, I usually ask their purpose, and if it’s for business, an eBbok does the trick! A series of ebooks is good too!

    Let me know how I can help you

  • Kamekish

    Dear Judy,

    Thank you for all great advises. You are like my Godfather (Godmother) as I have mentioned in my two published book on unlearning, who guide me on my endeavor. It is so difficult to get some fruitful and good advises in India. People are just not interested here in writing, reading or commenting. I have no way to come to know about latest things or latest ideas occurring in the minds of human. I am happy that through blogs and websites like yours, I come across such ideas.

    After getting two books published and working on 3rd one, it remains miracle for me - how to reach to readers?

    I hope your insights have opened my eyes and given me few steps, I shall be implementing and trying.

    Thanks and will always look for more of such advises. Thanks.

  • Galen

    This comment is not applicable to fiction; but if you are working in non-fiction, a good, professional index should be viewed as a marketing tool that can increase sales. I seldom spend much time on the TOC since the index will give an even better “peek inside” than the TOC - he says before revealing he is a book indexer. Too often authors view the index only as an “added cost” rather than a marketing tool; but quoting from the Chicago Manual of Style, “Any serious book of nonfiction should have an index to achieve its maximum usefulness.”
    Regards, Galen

  • Judy Cullins

    Galen, I have to disagree. I’ve learned from top experts that yes, an index is great if your book is going into a library. Librarians want that. But if you aren’t aiming for the library, then I don’t see the marketing value of an index.

    To market your books you…

    1. Need to create a selling website, so watch for my web coaching specials coming before Jan 1.

    2. Need to let your best audience know your info is available-social media, internet marketing, and some in person marketing too.

  • Judy Cullins

    Kamekesh, I’m proud that your are expanding your passion in books. Wonder what your titles are? Yes, use the internet to market them.
    If you want an audience that is business minded, check out my “LinkedIn Marketing: 8 Best Tactics to Boost Book and Business Sales” at

  • Val

    Great post, Judy.

  • judycullins

    Hi Val, Glad you like the post on Table of Contents. Wonder what the best points you learned were?

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