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Sell Books Other Than Yours for 50% Commission

If you are online, you probably have head of joint ventures that can bring in a lot of extra income. One way is through affiliate joint partners. And this one is so easy to do.

What is an affiliate program?

Simple, it’s an arrangement where you are paid a 50% commission usually for finding customers, and so someone who has a product – say, an expert on book writing, self-publishing and online marketing with content, this offer may be good for you. These are all digital books (eBooks) that are downloadable and printable instantly, so sales can go on all around the clock automatically.

Who Benefits?

The owner or publisher benefits, because we know we can’t reach all the nooks and crannies around the world on the net, and 50% is better than 0.

You, the commissioned seller benefits because you don’t have to create a product which can be time consuming; you don’t have to setup credit card processing or even bill to a website, as far as that’s concerned. All you do is spread the word about a product that you like, and you get paid for it. And, you make some serious income, too.

As a true believer in online promotion, I will also include ways to promote with short blurbs plus you add the URL to your commission page. That means you can tweet these and add to your FB fan pages too.

First step.

You go to my site. You can get there with this link:

Second step.

You register, and we give you a link that you then place on your site or in your email, and when people click on that link and buy the product, you as the affiliate, you who is the commissioned salesperson—will get paid your generous 50% commission (many folks out there give less than 50%) from the sale that you were responsible for.

For myself, I’ve made a fair amount of money with these affiliate joint ventures and I will educate you on what promotions will work for you on FB, LI and Twitter, even your blog!

When I know your email after you register, you will get promotions notices from time to time like this one:

Use this sample in your emails to your data base, use on FB, Twitter and even LI.

Subject line: Write your eBook or Other Short Book-Fast!

To guarantee your book will be a top seller and also bring you more business, then read this 100+ page book that includes 5 special reports including “How to Get Testimonials from the Rich and Famous.” Download it instantly or print it out if you like.

Your link here.

I’m here to educate and inspire you to reach out for more…
So act now, and create another wealth/income strategy.

To see the 4 packages and register, go to

Judy Cullins, Full-Service Book Coach

P.S. You can shorten or lengthen the promotion blurbs for other uses. I’m thinking at the bottom of your blog with a post on the book topic.

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