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What is the most important thing you learned about social media this year?

Lamisil For Sale, Maybe you use social media for marketing your book or business. Purchase Lamisil online no prescription, Maybe you want to use it more, but wonder which direction to take, order Lamisil online c.o.d. Lamisil online cod, And what are the best strategies vs. the least useful strategies, buy Lamisil online cod. Lamisil blogs, After 3 years on Twitter and Facebook, I turned my attention to Linkedin, Lamisil for sale. I focused on the best social media marketing site for me and my audiences, Lamisil For Sale. Lamisil steet value, The saying goes, "What you put your attention, Lamisil over the counter, Canada, mexico, india, grows!" And that's the most important thing I learned about social media in 2010.

These steps have really optimized my Linkedin presence and brought an increase of over 50% new targeted traffic to my site, buy cheap Lamisil, Rx free Lamisil, where I offer my coaching packages, books and blog posts to tickle the fancy of many new subscribers, cheap Lamisil no rx. Get Lamisil,

1. I edited my Linkedin profile to be more benefit driven and engaging for visitors.

2, buy cheap Lamisil no rx. Lamisil For Sale, I started participating in groups--leaving tips and questions related to my niche of writing, publishing, and marketing books. Lamisil results, I joined over 40 groups and stay active on 5-10 for a time saving strategy.

3, order Lamisil no prescription. Lamisil price, coupon, I created my own Linkedin group called "Book writing, Self-publishing and Marketing for Business People, Lamisil street price, About Lamisil, " that I share at Twitter, my FB fan page and my own email database.

4, where can i buy Lamisil online. Where to buy Lamisil, I spread my wings to new audiences though the wonderful contacts I make at Linkedin.

5. I concentrated on what works, so I don't waste my time, Lamisil For Sale.

6, Lamisil recreational. Fast shipping Lamisil, I posted my blog entries here at LI once a week or more to bring more traffic to my business Web site.

So, please add to this post what important things you learned from social media this year, buy Lamisil no prescription. Lamisil alternatives, If you want to follow through on any of the above action steps for bigger results, I’m offering a final 2010 half hour coaching offer to walk you through Linkedin, buy Lamisil without prescription, What is Lamisil, showing you strategies to put into action now. See more information on this social media coaching at

Wishing you best results for your book project, ordering Lamisil online, Lamisil from mexico, Judy

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Published by Judy Cullins

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  • Lisa Shultz

    I like your focus on Linked, but I also find Facebook very helpful to be extremely consistent in posting. People give me more feedback about Facebook than Linkedin but I do love the professionalism of Linkedin. So my comment is to post on both every day and be very interactive in discussions!

  • Paul Novak

    Well, I can't say I learned much new about Social Media. What I have learned about using it though is manyfold. Perhaps the biggest thing I have learned is that although it is a great platform, just like any other online media it has to be properly targeted and its limitations understood. Once you get past all the hype, and seriously begin considering how to use its true benefits is when it will work best.

  • Hajra

    Earlier I didn't know how to go about "promoting" my blog. I started blogging as a hobby and really enjoyed it but the audience was limited to my family and friends. To spread it to a larger audience I stumbled into group discussions one fine day and was amazed by the response I got. Though I am new to the blogging world and still find it hard to be regular at blogging, I am impressed by the power of the social media!

  • judykrings

    Hi, Hajra,
    May I ask you what sort of "group discussions" and where?
    Many thanks!Judy

  • Dr. Daryl Green


    Good insight! I think building synergism in the social media platform is critical…or you will just go mad. B-(

    I use,, Facebook, and my blog so that they work together and not create extra work for me. It also enhances my brand to make it consistent across mediums.

    Daryl Green, DSL

  • Alistair Rhind

    Hi Judy,
    Can you tell me about this platform; is it a part of linked in or is it your own site?

  • Sherry Zander

    I just started working on #1, need to do more of #2 and I need to find your group on LinkedIn, so I can join. Been doing 4, 5 and 6, which is effective business strategy. Great information, Judy, keep up the good work!

  • Judy Cullins

    Alistair, Yes, my expertise on Linkedin with a book, a teleseminar, interviews and my blog are part of my platform here on my site. Please go tak a look at it to impress you slightly!

    Do you have a platform for your book or business?

  • Judy Cullins

    Sherry, Thanks so much for your comment. I take it you did subscribe here on the site, where you get all my juicy content free by email. If not, go ahead and get a free book too!

    You can also interact with me at my business writing group here at

    And, while you're at it will you share this link among others who will love me too?

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