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Why Write Blog Posts that Promote You and Your Book

Now that the dust has settled and you realize you need to do more promotion for your book and your business, let’s look at one way that has been proven to work over the past 12 years since article marketing emerged. That’s blogging.

Blogging is a top marketing strategy that sets you apart from your competition. You can add a blog to your business site or install a version (I recommend WordPress) for a separate site.

In your specific niche blog website, you create focused information to share with your target audience-the ones who wants solutions for their concerns, information they can use, and for fiction, entertainment and education.

For instance, at my website/blog my focus is on book coaching. I share all kinds of information on the writing parts of books, the publishing parts, and the online marketing parts, to include social media, web marketing and blogging. When you create a blog, you use social media marketing to bring your audience running to your blog site to see what else you have to offer. So here’s some reasons to get going on this proven strategy…

10 Reasons Why You Should Write Blog Posts to Promote your Book and Business

1. Because, this form of content marketing educates your target market on what you can offer them to make their world better.

Education (content) marketing has been a top business trend over the past years. That’s a green light to consider it. We know that another way to educate your audience is with an eBook or print book to attract future clients. You may have one published already.

2. Because, blogs show you off as a real person, with real interests others may enjoy and want more of.

It’s great to share one of your early mistakes that you solved. You show your humility and your strengths in the same post.

3. Because, when you ask for comments from your blog visitors,
you inspire people to leave one for you too.

You always have to ask for action in any content you give away. When you answer their comments or questions, you build relationships. People are attracted to these conversations. It’s lonely there without any comments.

4. Because, at the end of each blog post, you can put a link to lead your visitors to your subscription page that builds your mailing list, or even to a product or service page.

Thus, you can continue to promote to and stay in touch with these opt-in subscribers. The ideal? Create a ratio of 3 informational pieces to 1 promotional piece that you email to your mailing list or shopping cart list (databases).

5. Because, when you consistently create useful information for your audience, they will see you as the savvy expert in your business niche.

People will trust your book and business because you’ve given them a sample of you. Like Mrs. Field’s chocolate-chip cookies-her millions came from giving out samples to customers.

6. Because, when you consistently share your fiction characters and their conflicts, you engage your blog readers to want more of other fiction you write. Readers love conflict.

Conflict fuels action. Action-filled fiction books as well as non-fiction books motivate your readers to keep reading until they finish. When they finish your book, they become your 24/7 fan club that give you good word of mouth promotion.

7. Because, this kind of marketing is free after you set up your WordPress blog.

You can add a WordPress blog to your business website where you may have sales pages that sell your books, other products, or services. With a good sales message and great marketing with a blog, you will be amazed at how your profits will grow.

8. Because, you will spend far less time promoting online with blog posts.

It only takes me about an hour to write a 600-700 word post. Editing takes another day via email with a partner, and by the 3rd day, it’s up and running. I do all the writing, and my VA does the submitting and any other techie skills I don’t know. Results? Big increases to your blog/site that helps you attract sales.

9. Because, blog posts work well with other social media marketing.

You can Tweet a benefit or two or the topic of the post first. For example, “Build book sales with a blog” Follow it with a URL that takes your reader back to your blog or website. This 140 character message can be automatically sent to your Facebook page and your LinkedIn profile page by using HootSuite. This is better than submitting your content to ezine article directory. It’s a direct hit to your target audience. .

10. Because, this is viral marketing at its best. Search engines like blogs.

They list your blog post title and then, your blog site gets more visitors interested in what else you offer. Many of your blog posts will have powerful key words in their titles to further rank you on page 1 or 2. When you get your blog titles on page 1, you are at the top of your competition.

Like me, once you get going, you’ll love this marketing because you don’t have to go out and tell or sell with talks and live interviews that can mean travel in these difficult times.

No panty hose, even no shoes if you like. If you are an author you are already a writer, and these blog posts can come directly from your book chapters. This is easy marketing because you don’t have to invent your content from scratch.

And, if you don’t know how good your blog post is, check with a writing coach to give you feedback that can cut your learning curve in half and speed your writing to be able to produce at least one blog post a week.

Which of these reasons has turned on your light bulb moment? Are you ready to embark on this easy book or business promotion that will expand your sales and also be fun?

Judy shows you how to write blog post fast and easy in her latest book, “LinkedIn Marketing: 8 Best Tactics to Build your Book and Business Sales” at

  • Rebecca

    Is it best to keep your blog separate from your author website or incorporate it onto the website? What if you have multiple books? Would you create a blog for each book? I wonder how established authors handle this.

  • judycullins

    Hi Rebecca. I like incorporating my blog into my business site because my site is mature, and always has a high Google and Alexa ranking.

  • Judy Cullins

    Rebecca, I sell multiple books at my business site. They all relate to business-minded authors who want ther books to sell well. ____They include: Linkedin Marketing, 10 Non-Techie Ways to Market your Book, Write your eBook FAst, and Article Marketing, and Launching your Book's Promotion. And many other short eBooks.____That means individual blog posts can focus on just one topic that relates to one book. That is, if your books are related! If you have different audiences, i'd say do a sales letter site for those, and promote to those sites.

  • Maria Papadopoulou

    How can you create newsletters to promote your blog? Do you recommend it?

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