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Are you Paralyzed About your Book Marketing?

Maybe you don’t know what to do to bring the biggest return on your time investment (ROI). Maybe you’ve tried the latest tactic because you heard it’s the way to go, and not gotten the results you expected. Maybe you are an introvert, or don’t like pitching, and just wish someone else would do it for you. In any case, you may not have the clear information you need to take the next step to be your own best promoter for your book.

Before you leap to another strategy, review these pre-marketing questions that a good full-service book coach will ask you before you set a promotion strategy:

  • Does your title share your book’s benefits?
  • Who did you write your book for? (Think primary audience)
  • How can you reach and interact with your primary audience? (think online)
  • What are the first, second and third strategy to do for maximum results?
  • What 2 or 3 strategies should you focus on to reach them?
  • (use present networks such as Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, or in-person networking groups, blogs, press releases)
  • How much time are you willing to spend on book promotion?
  • (Think of this as an investment. Without marketing your book won’t sell and your message won’t get to your audience).
  • What are the strategies that take the least time with the best payoff for my particular book?
  • What promotion actions do you enjoy the most to reach your target audience (so you will actually do them)?
  • What is the biggest obstacle in doing book promotion for you?
  • What parts of your promotion can you delegate to a Virtual Assistant or in-person office person better suited to those details?
  • What 2 strategies that will get results do you think are easy to do for your book marketing?

Let’s face it, what you don’t know can hurt you as far as your book is concerned. It starts with asking yourself these questions before you choose a marketing path that gets you best visibility and credibility for your book project. If you don’t know the easiest, least expensive, yet workable strategies, take some time and get educated on what your options are that will make the difference between your book selling or not selling. And that would be a shame!

What promotions are working for you now? Leave a comment and share with others coming to this post!

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  • Gordon

    Good list!

    I would add a couple more:

    1. Is your target audience big enough to be profitable?
    If you’re too specific with your niche there won’t be enough buyers to make your ebook an ongoing profit-maker. (For example: “left-handed handball players from the North Pole” is going to be a really small audience)

    2. Is your target audience easy to reach?
    Does your target audience have mailing lists, LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, Twitter hashtags, etc., that you can use to reach them repeatedly and inexpensively? Because if not, you might want to re-think your target audience. (The handball players, above, would probably be very hard to reach…no LinkedIn, no Facebook, etc.)

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