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Wouldn’t it be great to sell books before yours is done? Start using the power of blogging. Take advantage of social media sites like Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn as part of your author’s promotion platform before you even finish your book.

Four Steps to Promote Your Book through Blogging and Social Media

1. Share parts of your book on your blog and gather comments and questions about it.

This works for fiction as well as non-fiction. When you engage your blog visitors, you’ll get a following, and they’ll be more likely to buy your book with a special pre-publication offer, or come back to buy after you publish it. One book coaching client emailed a sales message to her blog/newsletter subscribers and got an immediate 100 book pre-sales.

Plus, with all the great feedback, you can start to improve your book’s content as well as add in new sections that answer questions you previously did not address.

Write for the one’s who buy your book - your audience.

2. Parlay even more pre-publication book visibility by creating tweets and updates of each blog post.

Include a benefit statement and its link (hash tags too!), then share these with your twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn connections. If your blog post contains multiple sections that address different topics or sub-topics, you can create a benefit statement for each part of your blog and share the link multiple times. Not everyone sees your tweets and updates and not everyone will visit the link on the first viewing. So, write several messages leading back to your post to gain a higher volume of exposure.

3. Share your blog post with all the related LinkedIn groups you belong to.

Join as many LI groups as you can whose members belong to your book’s target audience. Post regularly and you will see, like me, in just a month your targeted visitors from LinkedIn increase your blog traffic by up to 25%.

Instead of, or in addition to, posting parts of your book on your blog, you can also share these excerpts directly with targeted LinkedIn groups and ask for feedback. You’ll be surprised of all the constructive and positive responses you will receive - as well as the surge of interest in your upcoming work!

4. Start scheduling your updates and tweets ahead of time.

To make social media marketing for my book doable and easy, I use HootSuite and schedule about 2-4 tweets a day of my book tips and blog posts. Sometimes I schedule messages days or even weeks in advance. They then show up at my FB fan page, on LI, and on twitter on the specific dates and times I set.

If you use WordPress or another popular blog format, you can also connect your blog using plugins to your social networks (even your mailing list using your RSS feed). That way, when you post something new, all of your followers and connections hear about it automatically! You can specify dates and times for your blog posts to go up as well. This way you can do all the work at your own pace, space out your blog posts and messages to your liking, and then sit back and watch your audience grow (with interaction on your part as well).

Do check in several times a week to each social networking website and your blog, or setup automated notifications when someone interacts with your posts/messages. Its great to automate, but you need to respond and engage with your audience as well.

And always remember - being a successful author is not just about writing a book; it’s getting it into the hands of your readers! So keep promoting and getting the message out.

Please feel free to share your comments.

Let me know whether this book marketing tip is working for you. Post your biggest concerns and ask me questions about social networking sites and using your blog to promote yourself. I know some of you have been at it enough to know a lot. Please share your wisdom with our readers! And I will keep giving you great content to help your book project succeed.

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  • @ceocutressa

    Judy, thank you for sharing such valuable and helpful tips - your advise is "spot on" and very much appreciated - I look forward to implementing your suggestions - and anticipate Amazing results - Thanks again so much! :-) CMW

  • Yvette Kelley

    Hi Judy,
    Yvette Kelley here from Positive Connections To The World. This is my first comment. You are really good!!! You are easy to understand. You get to the point and you provide examples and links to additional resources. I have been meeting some really extraordinary and wonderful people in the real and virtual world. Build it and they will come. You had to build this website, blog, etc., and now we are here. I want to read and learn more..unfortunately, like many of us, I have to work for a living to do the thing I LOVE. Thank you for sharing all your wealth of knowledge. I'll be back! Blessings!!!

  • Sonia Marsh

    Great tips. Would you like to join Gutsy Indie Publishers on Facebook where we connect authors who are going through publication process? Thanks for the tips.

  • Judy Cullins

    Sonia, gladyou liked these tips. Go ahead and email me the URL for group.

  • Judy Cullins

    Yvette, Glad youget value from my tips. Be sure to subscrbe to my free weekly gems at top of my home page.

  • Judy Cullins

    CMJ-glad you got value. Let me help you when you put them into action.

  • Hope

    Loved the post. Thanks. How far in advance of the book being published would you implement the pre-publication offer? I would not want customers to be upset for waiting too long for the book to be published. Also, should you offer a pre-publication discount to encourage the pre-sales?


  • NtathuAllen

    Thanks Judy, as usual timely tips. I am out of the LinkedIn loop and reading your post reminded me how valuable and informative LinkedIn is. I must get back into commenting and sharing on LinkedIn. Thanks

  • Frances

    These are all great suggestions that I need to start implementing pronto!

  • summit4sucess

    Thanks Judy, find value in all your tips and want to get my tips out to my audience who need our message. I have started using wordpress as you suggested to blog.

  • @HeatherTowns

    I did a pre-publication offer 1 week before publication date and received about 250 pre-orders - more than 10% of my forecasted annual book sales. Amazon helped me by discounting my book by 50% off the recommended retail price.

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