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Book Marketing - How to Sell More Books without the Push

Many of you know me and hear from me often. And you wonder how you too can have successful book sales or business profits.

The way I approach asking for sales is to first give, give, give great, unique information to educate my audience of business people who want to write a book and also market their businesses. I give through my free ebooks and free reports at my site. I give through all the how to comments in the groups I belong on Linkedin several times a week. I give through my blog, which I update 2X a week.

In other words, I’m using education to market my books and my coaching. It’s subtle, but when people sign up for these free things, I know they like and want my information, so then I do a third thing-I stay in touch with only my targeted audience by email. I keep giving new content and promote to them-usually one item per email. This is the database list (the list is the gold) that comes from the opt-in signs up at my site and blog. These emails are the one place I ask for the sale in addition to links at the end of my free reports or blog articles.

How do you attract book sales? Please leave a comment and share it with the visitors here.

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  • Barbara Weaver Smith


    I agree with you 100% about "giving" and "education" as keys to marketing books (and other services for that matter.) Sometimes people fear they have to hold their content close or people will get it without buying. But I find that through my blog, online community, and free tools on the website it whets people's appetite for more.

    Thanks for a very useful post.

  • Judy Cullins

    Barbara, Your post inspired met to see that all that we give to our web visitors is to "whet their appetite for more." That's why I feature a link opn the left side of my site to my book that started my business-Write your eBook or Other Short Book Fast! It's 120 pages of dynamite to get those thoughts onto paper so they will make sense and sell. The coaching and blueprints are in ch. 2 and 3 primarily.

  • Ellen Finkelstein


    You marry giving information and selling so well! One other thing I do is give an excerpt of one of my e-books to everyone who follows me on Twitter. It comes with a link to the sales page of the full e-book. I have an automatic message when people follow me that says: Thx for the follow! Can I help you with presentations? A free excerpt of my ebook: Then the e-book has a link to the full sales page. (You're welcome to download the excerpt; the book is 101 Tips Every PowerPoint User Should Know.

  • Judy Cullins

    Ellen, You are doing what I advise my coaching clients to do with free content. Always include a related link to both another freebie and your offerings you sell. The book excerpt is a good example of this.

    On book excerpts: It's best not to include a whole chapter in it, when, for how-to books, it's better to just include the hook and a few examples from each chapter to whet those appetites to buy.

  • Shelia Goss

    It's good to see I'm on the right track. I give of myself through the avenues you've mentioned. I mentor. I offer free online courses and let my readers know that I am accessible through any one of the social networks.

  • Clint Cora, Speaker/

    For one of my titles, I sell a lot of it at live talks. In fact, I usually end up selling my books to 35 to 40% of my audiences. Since this particular title is a motivational, personal growth/self help type of book, I'm finding that it's the live talks that do the selling where I'm not getting much online yet. For another title of mine which is more of a 'how-to' book and is specific to an industry, it does sell online (I don't do live talks for that one).

    So you do all think it's the nature of my motivational self help book which results in great sales levels at live talks and low levels online? After all, I'm not a known entity like Wayne Dyer.

  • Judy Cullins

    Yes, speaking works in front of the right audience, but it's so much more work than marketing with teleseminars, articles, social media and blogs!

    You need to give yoru book's titles here-maybe a sale or two.Who knows? Always give people a way to "buy."

  • Judy Cullins

    Shiela, Yes, you're on the right track. This all takes some time, but getting your marketing ducks in a row-an only the ones that bring you a Return on Investment (ROI). So do look into Google Analytics if you sell from your web site. You do, don't you? That's where most of my sales come from!



  • Judy Cullins

    Clint Cora, I think you have a good system going. I do bring print books to talks to sell at the front of the room, but also sell my ebooks this same way. In just one business talk, I sold over $650 worth of my how to books.

  • keisha

    God, I don't know how to sell books. I don't have any sales talk at all.

  • Judy Cullins

    Hi Keisha, It takes a while to learn these skills. Maybe you can get some coaching on these skills.

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