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Seven Rules for Writing Information Products and eBooks that Sell

Although a rule breaker myself, I did read the rules in Dan Poynter's "Self-Publishing Manual" a long time ago. My, how the world has changed. It's gotten so much simpler to write, publish and market your ebook as long as you write compelling tips for your primary audience who loves your niche or topic.

7 Rules That Make Your eBook Practically Write Itself and Sell All the Copies You Want

1. Create an eBook on a topic that people clamor for.

Self help and how-to come to mind.

2. Create your information product on a topic that you know and understand.

You are the "go to" person for this topic (or will be after you publish it).

3. Make a Table of Contents early on (not an outline) that brands you.

One recent client finished "Eating Disorders: 10 Solutions to Speed up Your Healing." The keyword is good too. The TOC mentions each eating disorder.

4. Use a fast chapter writing blueprint for each chapter to put the right things first.

You need to keep engaging and motivating your readers to finish. This is a one to two edit process. Your readers become your fans and 24/7 sales team.

5. Commit to your book as one of your top four priorities.

If you don't do the time, you won't get your rhyme. Move to the front burner now. Take high level actions (HLA"s) each day to finish your book.

6. Hire a book coach that knows the way, and has a proven track record.

This will will short cut your time for greater financial success. She knows all the other parts to your ebook to boost profits including a page "about the author" and the title page where you include some testimonials. These seven or so parts matter if you're serious to create lifelong income.

7. Know your pre-marketing strategies before you finish your book.

Know your primary audience, list 5-10 benefits for your book. Finally, get more education from the book coaches in the know or book writing sites. Google their names or your needs and see what sites show up at the top.

Sharing is Caring!

What other tips can you add to these to make our ebook shine and sell well?

Published by Judy Cullins

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  • Pat

    Judy - thanks for the tips and happy to find do and don’t information although a little different from where I’m coming from.

    I’m currently working on a short introductory eBook with only 10 short personal stories and reflections. I’m including a mix of stories I’ve written on my site with new ones.

  • Judy Cullins

    HI Pat, I’m curious, who is your primary audience? What kinds of ifno do they want?

  • Pat

    Judy - I feel my primary audience would be those who are looking for a sense of connection and inspiration.

    It would be for people who have experienced similar circumstances and can relate to the stories I write and are encouraged or just feel good with a laugh. Perhaps it will help them not feel alone in the world.

  • M Prabhakara Rao

    Very informating and guiding. Thanks for sharing.

  • Stacy

    At o
    What point do I find a book coach?
    How do I find a coach!
    I have never written a book. Frankly, I am a poor writer and this is a way to overcome


  • Judy Cullins

    Hi Stacy, Interesting that you didn’t catch that I am a book coach of 25 years and 13 years online. I offer 300 free blog articles on book writing, self publishing and book marketing and my signature book, Write your eBook or Other Short Book Fast! when you subscribe to my site.

    Do you have a business? Write a book that shows how you work and benefits to your audience. Know your audience first. I teach 1-edit writing when I coach!

    If you want to see how a book coach works and how to get started, see my first time book coaching sessions at

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