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Writing Successful Blog Posts - 7 Ways

Traffic to your blog slow? Maybe you just need a few new ideas to spruce up your posts.

1. Choose one challenge or problem your audience has that you have answers for. Write on one of these each week. These past weeks, my blog has concentrated on challenges that Linkedin business people have and how to write a useful blog that your audience will flock to. What’s your target audience’s challenge?

2. Choose titles that hook your audience (maybe with a benefit), and write some titles with good key words that will rank high with the search engines (think what people will Google for your topic). This week, we will submit a blog title that started with my new book title: Linkedin Marketing-8 Best Tactics to Build Book and Business Sales. In it will be the chapter benefits and some tips. Leave a comment on your best article title.

3. Turn longer content into shorter blog posts. They can be from 250-500 words, although mine tend to be longer.

4. Hook your readers with a controversial title. One blog entry on Biznik said, “Why No Business Should Use Social Media.” Brilliant. He had hundreds of comments on it.

What kind of controversy can you write about?

5. Write a blog and use a client’s problem and how you solved it.
Soon, I will post a piece soon on how my book client hooked her audience for her yoga book all through each of her chapters.

6. Recycle your blog posts. Use them in your newsletters, your articles for the directories, and your Linkedin group comments.

7. Write on mistakes and give solutions to them. Be open and share your own mistakes. Your audience will pick that up as humble and like your for it. What’s your biggest blog mistake?

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About the Author, Judy Cullins

Book and Blog Coach Judy Cullins helps you gain confidence and transform your ideas into life-long money-making content. Author of 14 books for business people and authors include "Write your eBook or Other Short Book--Fast!"Judy offers free, up-to-the minute weekly publications on book and blog writing and online marketing at

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  • Mamie Hill

    Hello Judy,

    How much do you charge for helping a client to promote their book? I followed your advice but I am not selling my books. Only to a few family members. I need help, but have so little money. I am now unemployed.

  • Donna Brown

    This blog post has given me lots of fodder for ideas for improving not just my blogs but articles and newsletter, book ideas as well. I especially like the idea for using my mistakes and solutions for those mistakes. Thanks again!

  • Christy

    I am just new to blogging. Where do you post these blogs? How can I find a place to post that relates to my particular business and prospective clients?

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