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Blogging and Social Media Delivers Highest ROI

Do you check your financial success odds of using one or another kind of book or business promotion-the ones that bring the highest Return on Investment (ROI)-BEFORE you use it?

In one discussion at my book group at LinkedIn, an excellent marketer said they use HARO and write articles for this media group. They get 25% accepted. Is this a good return on your time? Maybe. It all depends on which audience is your best influencer, client or book buyer.

“Judy Cullins, thank you for taking time to look at my blog 

and make some recommendations. I made changes based on your

suggestions, which I think is a significant improvement.”

Ryan McManus

Since my almost 12 years online, over 9 years, I wrote almost 500 articles to market my 3 top book packages and my coaching on writing books, web pages that sell and article marketing. Ezine Articles is tough, but I got every article published that I posted there and on, a big advantage then? EA gets 15,000 people per hour (yes, Hour!) coming to their site looking for good information in different niches. It paid off for me in going from a few $1000 a month income to $6000 or more.

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Create a Wealth Stream with the BIG 3 Marketing Machine

Would you just love to have a 24/7 sales team automatically working for you so you don’t have to even leave your office? Would you like to see how your eBook, special report, and articles or blog posts as part of what I call “The Big Three Marketing Machine”? Open your mind to discover the great power of these now.

One. The Short eBook

I believe in quality, so put some effort into your book to build your reputation and credibility to be the expert in your field.

Your ebook can be anywhere from 20-100 pages of a similar topic as your article and special report. It has sections or chapters. Each nonfiction book chapter will have a title and sub-title reflecting the particular problem you will solve. For each chapter, you will use the “Fast-Forward Writing Technique” (Ch 2 or my writing book) that is a blueprint for creating an engaging chapter with just one edit.

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Pay Up Front or Pay Later to Finish Your Book

We resist paying for coaching services to get our book chapters juicy so that our readers are motivated to keep turning the pages. We do it mostly on our own, because we don’t know what we don’t know. We also may resist getting some coaching on marketing our book or business.

I know, I love getting free good information online at article directories, and now even better information on blogs, and in social media forums (groups where discussions are lively) where my primary audience hangs out. But, that’s just step one.

What you may not realize is that when your audience is motivated by your hand-holding and hooks, they will finish your book, they will become your 24/7 sales team, and tell everyone they know about it. Nothing like great word of mouth marketing.

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Update Your Articles or Die

Do you want a big piece of the profit pie or, will you settle for just a few crumbs?

This phrase inspired me to tip you off on new article marketing changes you must make to get more targeted, not just any old traffic, to your site.

1. Know that the duplicate content rule effects your Google ranking. For each site you submit to, you must change your article 50% or more. Go to and check this out.

2. Submit your article to or rather to low traffic directories. Just ask, “Who gets zillions more traffic?” EA does. Over 15,000 people click on to an article every hour. That’s terrific! Why diminish yourself and get crumbs?

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Why Self-Publishing Beats Traditional Publishing

The stigma of self-publishing not being acceptable as a viable way to publish is long over. That’s just old propaganda.

And, you should know that the odds of you being accepted by a big publisher are 1%. And if you do get “chosen” you will still have to do the promotion. They may give you an intern who will schedule some book signings in North Dakota or Maine, but not where they will do you some good. Those book tours are grueling and a lot of work for the authors with little payoffs. My advice is not to go with a publisher unless they can make you at least 10X as much money as you can on your own. They don’t pay attention to you. You should pay attention to you!

You may know that ebook sales for 2010 will be near $3.5 billion. Traditional publishing is down 3%. So what’s the right choice? And remember, Kindle books sell at around $10. And, the younger audience is also expanding to mature adults.

Books are still the # one seller on the internet.

Why not yours? And…

1. Get real. Write your best short book with high value the first time.

Contact a book coach to help you write your chapters so they are quality, and engage your reader by solving his/her challenges.

You may know a lot, but can you share it without lecturing or telling?

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Use Twitter to Fill Your Teleseminars and Build Your ROI

We did this marketing plan BEFORE tweets were connected to my FB Fan Club and my Linkedin Profile.

Over three months, I did a series of free teleseminars on eBook writing and marketing, online marketing with twitter, and one on article marketing. I gave myself a month to market on twitter primarily in addition to my email list opt-ins who come to my site for all the free content I share there.

Follow my Steps of What I Do and Fill your Teleseminars to the brim:

  1. Establish rapport with my target audience -business people who want content writing and marketing help.
  2. Give book writing and marketing tips with no URLS to show my expertise without agenda.

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Your Book Marketing Plan to Build Your Promotion Platform

Launching your book needs a lot of pre-publishing work. You want your book’s audience to know you, like you, and trust you.  I urge new authors, and even experienced authors,  to do the pre-marketing and create a book marketing plan that makes their book a success BEFORE  it’s published, either online or in print.

Here’s Pre-Marketing Steps
to Work on Now

1. Create 5-10 informational and how to articles for or  high-traffic sites with many 1000′s visiting each day ( your site has about 50-300 a day) will show your audience  your information. Be sure to attract your best audience in your resource box with a compelling free eBook, newsletter, special report, or YouTube video tips at your site.  Submit each original article to one article site to stay within Google’s duplicate content rule and your own book selling site will get a lot more targeted visitors. If they read your article and visit your site, they are already pre-sold.

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