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Blogging and Social Media Delivers Highest ROI

Do you check your financial success odds of using one or another kind of book or business promotion-the ones that bring the highest Return on Investment (ROI)-BEFORE you use it?

In one discussion at my book group at LinkedIn, an excellent marketer said they use HARO and write articles for this media group. They get 25% accepted. Is this a good return on your time? Maybe. It all depends on which audience is your best influencer, client or book buyer.

“Judy Cullins, thank you for taking time to look at my blog 

and make some recommendations. I made changes based on your

suggestions, which I think is a significant improvement.”

Ryan McManus

Since my almost 12 years online, over 9 years, I wrote almost 500 articles to market my 3 top book packages and my coaching on writing books, web pages that sell and article marketing. Ezine Articles is tough, but I got every article published that I posted there and on, a big advantage then? EA gets 15,000 people per hour (yes, Hour!) coming to their site looking for good information in different niches. It paid off for me in going from a few $1000 a month income to $6000 or more.

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How to Engage Your Audience to Increase Sales Conversions

How do you engage your audience to want to buy your book, packages, or service?

Often, new authors and even veteran businesses don’t know how important it is to do all the steps of marketing and promoting to get to the sale.

Here’s 7 steps to engage your potential buyer:

1. Set up a book website or use your business website to offer your related book as a separate landing or sales page with benefits and testimonials.

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Following Through on Linkedin for Bigger Book and Business Sales

Now that you’ve joined the “Big Three” social networking groups of Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin, you may need a bit more coaching. In this article, I’ll focus on Linkedin as I’m currently having the best success ever with it-web traffic increases of more than 35% each month, and sales conversions to match. I can hardly wait to see what my numbers are for this coming month. I’m passing along these tips to make you as excited as I am about Linkedin!

Linkedin Optimizing -Things to Add and Follow Through on

1. Check your web stats each month to see what’s working or not working. Why tweet all day when your audience doesn’t care or buy from you? Big numbers are not enough. Where is your biggest web traffic coming from?

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Book Marketing and Business Visibility and Credibility with a Blog

Want a lot more book sales? Want your business to stand out from the crowd? A blog, one of the best content marketing techniques, can give you much higher results than you imagined. It helps you build a following, build a reputation as the savvy expert in your field, and make increased book sales!

The most important thing to remember is to write at least two entries a week, and make your posts compelling, professional, and inviting. Remember to ask people to leave their opinions, and get some buzz going. If you are an author, post points or tips that relate to your book. If you are a service business, give how to’s that you also give as a consultant or coach.

How Can You Keep your Blog Fresh?

Look at other places or blogs in your field to gain ideas. My favorite is joining Linkedin groups that relate to your expertise. These people post discussions that they want info on. So, it makes sense to stay abreast of these, and comment as often as you can with useful tips. These discussions or news articles keep my blog alive with always up-to-the-minute good information on about book writing, self-publishing, and book and business online marketing.

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Your eBook or Print Book is Your Ultimate Marketing Tool

Maybe you are wondering, “Should I write a book?”

You may not be sure if it’s worth it. You may not want to spend much time on it. You may not feel you’re a skilled writer.

I understand your concerns. In the early 1980′s I didn’t even know about the power of book chapters—until I got a mentor to help me. Then, I wrote my first book “The San Diego Annotated Networking Directory.” My first printing sold out in six months, but more than that-it made me well known in the business networking community. I sold books, but they led me to so many other opportunities.

That’s proof of the power of books! If you are in business, you want to do several things to attract new customers and clients.

Here’s Four Reasons to Write your Book:

1. You want credibility. You want people to come to you for answers about your particular topic or niche. A book gives you more credibility than any other venue.

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What’s the Missing Link in your Social Media?

The one missing link I had in my social networking was a blog at my website.

The business blog works well with your Linkedin groups too.

I submit news articles to the 30 plus groups at Linkedin I belong to (all in my target audience) with a link to my blog to help businesses with their book or business marketing.

RESULTS WERE AMAZING! In one month, my targeted website audience increased 25% and is growing! That’s because they specifically wanted my information. My client numbers have doubled too, especially those needing to optimize their social media. They also need to make sure their Web site works together with social media (This may mean a Website update).

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