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Are your eBook Sales Low - 11 Writing & Marketing Mistakes

As an author, you want to put out the best product you can. Often, writing and pre-marketing mistakes cost you sales.

Writing Mistakes to Avoid

(know that all writing should market you)

1. You do NOT provide enough consistent structure in each chapter.

Your audience wants an easy read, so your formatting and organization must guide your reader to your gems. Remember, your chapters brand you and each one should support your book’s thesis and title.

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Did you Make These Two Big Mistakes When you Wrote your Book?

If your book is not selling well, it may be because you didn’t do your marketing research before you wrote it.

What I know works for my book coaching clients, who chose me early on to write their book instead of trying to fix problems half way through the book, is that these mistakes are avoidable. When you know the business side of your book, you will have a solid chance to make it a financial success.

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How to Write eBook Chapters that Transform Readers into Clients

It’s good to have passion for your eBook’s topic. And, you also need to think about your audience and what they want from your book in any given chapter. And, what kind of time they want to spend on learning from you.

How to Write to Please your Audience

1. Think a short book first.

Write only 3-5 chapters for one book with an angle (sells better). Write other companion books that you can sell as a series or bigger package that makes you still the expert, and makes you more money too.

Yes, college text chapters are 35 pages long and traditional publishers like 10-15 chapters with around 25 pages each.

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How to Get More Book Sales by Adding Value in Each Chapter

Do you want your chapters to engage your readers, so they’ll finish and recommend your book?

Here, you can see how one client revived her yoga book chapters with specific examples and short tips, so they would be more entertaining, polished, and easy-to-read. When your chapters engage and don’t bore, your readers will gladly spread the good word of mouth about your book.

One Client’s Ahas from Coaching Session

“From just two sessions, I got so many ways to hook my audience for my yoga book to make each chapter more entertaining, polished, engaging, and easier to read. I loved your idea on using the tips as a separate blog post to promote the book. Thanks so much!”-Ntathu from UK.

When you use these hook elements like my client did to further brand her book in each chapter, you will write more authentically and naturally.

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Hook Your Reader by Writing Every Book Chapter with the Three E’s

Write your book for the one who buys your book-your reader. That’s who decides whether it sells or not. Rather than lecture or tell from your research, think what does my reader want now? How can I use the Three E’s - engaging, enjoyable and easy to motivate my reader from the first paragraph to the last?

To keep your readers motivated, you must hook them all the way through each chapter. That means…

1. Hook your reader in the beginning of each chapter. Motivate him to keep reading. Meet him where he is now-what are his challenges? Ask a few questions about his challenges to engage him.

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Book Coaching can Help Authors Avoid Costly Mistakes

Maybe you are thinking about getting help with your book project. Maybe you wonder if it’s worth it. Whatever form that coaching takes, it is worth it. A book coach can help you save time, frustration, and money down the drain because you will stop book writing, publishing, and promotion mistakes before they start.

Here’s 11 Common Author Mistakes and How to Solve Them

One. Emerging authors don’t know their book’s purpose. Answer the question why are you are writing it? For fame, fortune? To answer a challenge? To brand your business and make money? To entertain?

Two. Emerging authors don’t know who is their preferred audience (it’s not everyone, what their preferred audience wants (as in solutions for a challenge), or where to reach them so the promotion and marketing dollars spend will bring a high Return on Investment (ROI). This is the most common and costly mistake, because a general audience is much harder to write for (you must include each audience in each chapter), and harder to market and promote. Your audience is all important in social media too.

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Why Self-Publishing Beats Traditional Publishing

The stigma of self-publishing not being acceptable as a viable way to publish is long over. That’s just old propaganda.

And, you should know that the odds of you being accepted by a big publisher are 1%. And if you do get “chosen” you will still have to do the promotion. They may give you an intern who will schedule some book signings in North Dakota or Maine, but not where they will do you some good. Those book tours are grueling and a lot of work for the authors with little payoffs. My advice is not to go with a publisher unless they can make you at least 10X as much money as you can on your own. They don’t pay attention to you. You should pay attention to you!

You may know that ebook sales for 2010 will be near $3.5 billion. Traditional publishing is down 3%. So what’s the right choice? And remember, Kindle books sell at around $10. And, the younger audience is also expanding to mature adults.

Books are still the # one seller on the internet.

Why not yours? And…

1. Get real. Write your best short book with high value the first time.

Contact a book coach to help you write your chapters so they are quality, and engage your reader by solving his/her challenges.

You may know a lot, but can you share it without lecturing or telling?

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Book Branding Pre-Marketing Checklist to Stand Out from the Crowd

During my early days as a book coach, I discovered not only a creative way to present my Passion at any Age chapters, but also a way to brand myself as the Passion Coach. Since then, I changed to be a full service book coach to help authors write the best book they can and make it profitable. Branding is part of the pre-marketing you must do to win at this game. I ask you did you Brand your non-fiction book inside and out?

___1. Did you give it a branded title?  If a lot of other titles are your competition in your non-fiction or self-help category, you want yours to stand out from the crowd. A title helps do just that.

___2. Did you make each chapter title branded to support your book title? This is what big time, well-known authors do, and you can too. Again, it sets you off as the expert or go to person in your field.

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