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Use Power Words to Spice Up Every Page of Your Book or Website

Power VerbsMake all parts of your book or website roar - your title, cover, back cover, introduction, table of contents, and every chapter beginning, heading, and ending with POWER WORDS. Give your readers a reason to want to read your copy and buy your book.

Like an artist, a writer paints with words and metaphors.

They exude powerful emotions and perceptions through these riveting phrases and words. Power words attract your readers' attention and compel them to read on. Think about the word "rape," belying a tragedy, a power struggle, dark and dangerous. Any word promoting emotion draws in your readers' hearts.

Power words can make a dull title zing!

Rather than "Taking Care of Your Parents," isn't "Elder Rage" much more exciting? They produce strong reactions, positive, and negative. Some "Power words" make you smile, others, cringe. Some stimulate the senses while others exude a fragrant aroma or flavorful taste.

Power words refer to nouns and verbs.

They show a picture, reveal an emotion, and help create dazzling metaphors. When you use powerful nouns and verbs, you won't need to use adjectives and adverbs that merely tell. Look over power verb list samples below from A-Z. See which ones fit your title, chapter titles, or information within your chapter. Take five minutes and list ten words including verbs and nouns for each project, each chapter, or each marketing piece. Browse the lists often to spark your own imagination to create exciting new metaphors. Use any form (ie. fade, fading, faded) of the verbs your project demands.

Power Verbs That Roar

A abort, abduct, abound, abscond, accuse, adore, advance, afflict, aim, amass, amputate, ,annoy, applaud, apprehend, arouse, attack. B babble, badmouth, balance, banish, bamboozle, bare, bash, bask, bawl, bay, beat, bedazzle, beguile, behead, belch, bellow, betray, blab, blame, bleed, bless, bloat, blubber, blow, blush, blur, bluster, boil, bolt, botch, bounce, box, boycott, brandish, brave, break, bristle, broadcast, bruise, bubble, burn, burst, bury, buzz C calculate, campaign, cancel, capture, caress, capsize, chant, chafe, challenge, censor, castrate, cheer, chase, chew, cheer, chisel, choke, chomp, chuckle, churn, clash, climb, clench, cleanse, clobber, climax, club, coerce, collapse, collide, commandeer, commiserate, commit, compel, compete, compose, complain, compress, concoct, concentrate, condemn, confer, confess, condense, confide, conflict, confiscate, confuse, congeal, concur, connive, consecrate, conspire, construct, contrast, converge, convict, copy, cope, corrode, course, covet, crack, cram, covet, create, crawl, creep, cringe, crouch, cruse, cry, culminate, curdle, cuss D damn, dangle, dash, daub, dazzle, dare, decay, deceive, decipher, decorate, decompose, deep-six, defeat, defend, delve, defy, demand, demolish, denounce, dent, deplete, deport, depose, derail, desert, desire, destroy, deter, detonate, devastate, devour, digest, disarm, discern, discover, dislocate, dispute, dissolve, distort, dodge, drag, drift, drown, dunk, dwindle, die E eject, eliminate, elope, elude, embalm, embezzle, embrace, enchant, endanger, endure, energize, enhance, enlighten, enrapture, entangle, entice, envelop, erode, erupt, escape, etch, evacuate, evade, evict, evoke, excite, exhilarate, exonerate, expel, explode, explore, expose, exult F face, fade, fail, faint, fake, fall, fan, fascinate, fantasize, fend, fence, fester, fight, flail, flap, flare, flash, flaunt, flee, flicker, fling, flip, flirt, float, flog, flounder, flourish, flush, fly, foam, foil, fondle, forage, force, forecast, foretell, forge, forgive, fortify, flounder, fragment, frazzle, frolic, frustrate, fulfill, fumble G gag, gallivant, gallop, gamble, gasp, garnish, gasp, gawk, generate, gesticulate, glide, glimmer, glisten, glow, gnash, gnaw, gobble, gore, gouge, grab, graft, grapple, grasp, graze, grill, grind, grip, grope, grovel, growl, grunt, guard, guide, gurgle, gush, guzzle, gyrate H haggle, hang, harass , haunt, heal, heave, heckle, hibernate, hide, hike, miss, hit, hoard, hope, hop, horrify, hover, howl, huff, humiliate, hunger, hunt, hurl, hurtle, hush, hypnotize J jerk, jab, jam, jangle, jar, jibe, jingle, jolt, jostle, joust, judge, juggle, jump, K kick, kidnap, kill, kiss, knead, kneel, knock L labor, lament, languish, lap, lapse, lash, laugh, launch, leach, launch, lead, leak, leap, leer, levitate, liberate, light, linger, liquidate, loathe, lob, lock, loom, loop, loot, lose, love, lower, lug, lurch, lure, luxuriate M maim, make, malfunction, maneuver, mangle, manhandle, manipulate, march, marinate, maroon, marry, marvel, mash, massage, mate, maul, meander, meddle, mediate, melt, merge, mesmerize, miscalculate, misjudge, moan, mob, mock, molest, mollify, mooch, moonlight, mount, mourn, mow, mug, muster, mutate, muzzle, mystify, N navigate, nestle, nibble, nose-dive, nourish, nurture, nuzzle O ogle, ooze, oppose, oppress, oscillate, outnumber, outshine, overcome, overflow, overrun, overshadow, overshoot, overthrow, overwhelm P palpitate, pan, pamper, pant, paralyze, pardon, patrol, paw, peak, peek, peel, peer, penetrate, perceive, perch, percolate, perish, permeate, perpetrate, perplex, persecute, persevere, persist, perspire, pervade, petrify, pierce, pillage, pinch, pitch, pit, pivot, play, plead, plodding, plop. Plot, plow, pluck, plug, plummet, plunder, plunge, poach, pose, pommel, pop, possess, pounce, pound, pour, praise, prance, pray, predict, prepare, preserve, pressure, pretend, prevent, prickle, probe, proclaim, prod, prolong, propel, prosecute, protect, protest, prove, provide, provoke, prowl, puke, pull, pulsate, pulverize, pummel, pump, punch, punish, purge, purr, pursue, push, puzzle Q quarrel, quel, quench, quiver R race, radiate, rage, raise, rally, ream, ramble, rampage, ransack, rant, rape, rap, rattle, ravage, rave, ravish, raze, reach, rebound, rebuke, recoil, recoup, redeem, reek, refine, reflect, refuse, regain, reinforce, reject, rejuvenate, relax, relay, release, relinquish, reminisce, render, renew, renovate, repair, repel, repent, reproach, rescue, research, resist, resolve, resonate, restrict, resurrect, retrace, retract, retreat, retrieve, revive, reveal, reverberate, revert, revive, revoke, revolt, revolve, reward, ricochet, ride, rinse, riot, rip, rise, risk, roam, roar, roast, rob, roast, rock, roll, romance, romp, rot, rotate, roughhouse, rove, row, rule, rumble, rummage, run, rupture, rush, rustle S sag, sail, salvage, sanctify, sanitize, sap, satiate, satisfy, saturate, save, savor, saw, scald, scalp, scan, scare, scavenge, scoff, scold, scoot, scorch, score, scorn, scour, scourge, scout, scowl, scramble, scrape, scratch, scream, screech, scrounge, scrub, scrutinize, scuttle, sear, search, secure, seduce, seek, seep, seize, self-destruct, sense, serenade, sever, shake, shear, shed, shimmer, shine, shock, shout, shred, shriek, shrink, shrivel, shudder, shuffle, shun, sideswipe, sigh, signal, silence, simmer, simmer, sing, singe, sink, siphon, sizzle, skate, skewer, ski, skid, skim, skinny-dip, skip, slam, slash, slaughter, slay, slice, slide, sling, slip, slobber, slog, slosh, slug, slumber, slump, smack, smash, smear, smell, smile, smirk, smolder, smooch, smother, smuggle, snag, snap, snare, snatch, sneak, sneer, snip, snivel, snoop, snorkel, snort, snuff, snuggle, soak, soar, sob, sock, sojourn, solve, soothe, sow, spank, sparkle, spatter, speed, spill, spin, spiral, spit, splash, splice, split, splurge, spoil, spout, sprain, spray, spring, spur, spurt, squander, squash, squeal, squeeze, squelch, squirm, stab, stagger, stagnate, stain, stalk, stall, stammer, stampede, stamp, stare, stargaze, startle, starve, stash, steal, sterilize, stifle, sting, stomp, straddle, strafe, straggle, strain, struggle, stray, strike, stumble, strut, stun, stupefy, submerge, succumb, suffer, suffocate, sulk, suppress, surge, surpass, surprise, surrender, surround, survive, swab, swagger, sway, swear, sweet-talk, swerve, swill, swim, swindle, swing, swipe, swirl, swoon, synchronize T tag, tamper, tantalize, tap, tear, tease, tempt, terrorize, testify, thaw, thrash, thread, threaten, thrill, throb, throw, thrust, thump, tickle, titillate, topple, toss, totter, touch, track, trail, traipse, tramp, trample, transcend, transform, transgress, transmit, transmute, transpire, transplant, trap, traverse, tread, trek, tremble, trickle, trip, triumph, trot, trounce, tweak, twinkle, twitch U undermine, undulate, unleash, unload, uproot, unravel, usurp, utter V vacation, vaccinate, ventilate, venture, vibrate, violate W waddle, wade, waft, wag, wail, walk, wallop, wallow, wander, wane, warble, warp, waylay, wean, weep, wheedle, whimper, whine, whip, whirl, whistle, wield, wiggle, win, wish, withdraw, wither, wobble, woo, worship, wrangle, wrap, wreak, wreck, wring X x-ray Y yank, yell, yelp, yield Z zap, zip

Final Words

Keeping this list near your workstation will radiate your copy to engage your readers fully. Print it out now and start capturing your audience's attention that will pay off in wealth, stature, and income?

Sharing is Caring!

What are some of your favorite power words? Which have brought you the most success and spurred the most feedback from your audience?

Published by Judy Cullins

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  • Annie Daylon

    Love the list of roaring verbs! Have already printed it. Many thanks, Judy.

  • Judy Cullins

    Hi Annie, Glad you liked those power words, especially roaring verbs. So many writers unconsciously write passive sentences, marring the quality of their writing because it’s boring and slow. I wonder what you are writing?

  • Judy Cullins

    Hi Annie, Glad you liked those power words, especially roaring verbs. So many writers unconsciously write passive sentences, marring the quality of their writing because it’s boring and slow. I wonder what you are writing?

  • Annie Daylon

    Writing historical suspense, set in Newfoundland c. 1915- 1943. Lots of research. In editing stages. Manuscript is now ‘resting’; in other words, I’m letting it ‘percolate’ for a few days. :-)

  • Colin Guest

    Thanks for the list, which I think most interesting.

  • Shmaya David

    What a wonderful resource. I;m saving this list. TNX!

  • Nancy

    Thanks for the list! I’m putting it in my binder right now!

  • judycullins

    Hi Nancy,

    So glad these power words will help your writing. They work for fiction and non-fiction well.

  • judycullins

    Hi Shmaya,

    So glad you like these power words. They work for fiction and non fiction, so pretty useful as is all my information.

    Wonder what you are writing?

  • Shmaya David

    I do both, but mostly non-fiction books. Coaching, Management, Business etc.(like this one
    I was thinking mostly about my non-fiction books. The others I do for the fun of telling a story.

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