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Want to be a Best Selling Author and Grow Your Business with a Book?

SkillBites, an innovative resource center for learning important skills quickly, will be hosting a free Author Summit on...

November 5 - 9, 2012 from 1-2:30pm EST

Please click here to register for this free opportunity!

“We are excited to hold our first Author Summit and are thrilled with the terrific speakers we’ve got lined up,” explains Judy Weintraub, President of SkillBites. “Attendees will gain vital information on the entire self-publishing process, including how to generate income from authoring a book, and how self-publishing an eBook can help them grow their business.” Held virtually, the web-based SkillBites Author Summit will give attendees access to 15 world-class speakers: Judy Cullins, Michael Tasner, Matthew Ferry, Dwan Twyford, Kurt Dowdell, Jay Levinson, Kevin Small, Michael Reddy, Steven Roddy, Bryan Heathman, Amy Larrimore, Teresa de Grosbois, John Kremer, David Hancock and Ellen Violette. “Writing a book is an incredible marketing tool for building a business and generating income,” advised Michael Tasner, CEO of Taz Solutions and bestselling author of 'Marketing in the Moment.' “The SkillBites Author Summit provides an excellent opportunity to learn the ins and outs of writing a book and exploiting its potential.” These high-profile speakers will each speak on a specific segment that supports the main theme of the summit: how to grow a business and generate income by self-publishing an eBook. Attendees can expect to learn the self-publishing process from start-to-finish, including how to write an eBook, how to market and promote an eBook and how to use an eBook to promote their business.

Currently, the topics for the SkillBites Author Summit include how to:

  1. Write your book to attract your ideal client.
  2. Complete your book quickly with a one edit book chapter.
  3. Choose the ideal title for your book.
  4. Publish your book online.
  5. Promote your book pre-launch and post-launch.
  6. Become a best-selling author.
  7. Become a NYT Bestseller.
  8. Expand your online visibility and reach through social media and blogging.
  9. Grow your business using your book.
  10. Choose the right technology for your business needs.
This is a great opportunity for individuals who have either previously authored a book and want to find additional publishing outlets, or are in the early stages of the process looking for some guidance.

Please click here to register for this free opportunity!

Published by Judy Cullins

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