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Why You’re Not Selling Your eBooks - 3 Problems to Overcome

Why You're Not Selling Your eBooks

Do you complain, "I've put my ebook on Amazon and have had no luck? I've sold less than 100 copies."

Well, here‘s the thing. I don‘t believe there‘s a whole lot of luck involved in book selling. Enjoying big enough book sales that make you a living involves marketing yourself effectively.

FACT: Most eBook writers don‘t market enough.

They think that it was a big enough push to finish their book. They sacrificed social and family time to get their books done. And marketing? They know it's important, but they don't know that if they don't apply long term proven marketing strategies, and that means daily attention for at least two years, they won't realize their book dream.

Hoping and Wishing Won't Work.

Remember Santa Claus? The Tooth Fairy? Eventually, you learn the truth - and it hurts at first. Then you realize you are at the helm of your great book adventure and you want what all authors want - your target audience to read and get value from your book.

To Make your Books Sell Well you Need to Overcome These Three Problems:

Problem One. You're not marketing.

When new authors come to book coaching, they share that they first tried ads in magazines or newspapers because they didn't know any better. This is one of the worst steps yet, because it doesn't target the book's audience. It's so bad, I wouldn't count it as marketing at all. Authors make this costly mistake thinking they can do it all alone. They don't want to invest much. While we love freebies, we need to invest a bit. Most authors don't even have a book marketing budget.

Instead of Luck Create Good Fortune

Think of the little fish in the big pond. They don't stand out from the crowd. Wouldn't you rather be the big fish in the little pond - where your primary audience can find you, get to know you, like you, and follow you? Feed your audience what they want. You need to know what your audience wants before any marketing will succeed. When you find out where your potential readers go, such as social media groups, make your presence known there and start to build a fan base of people who can hardly wait to get a hold of your work. The fortunate authors take marketing actions every day. This principle works for any success.

Problem Two. You don‘t know how to market.

Recently, one writer commented on my blog that she was already writing her third book, yet made only a few sales on the first one. If this is you, stop writing right now. Learn the reasons why! When you get no results on your first book - it's a warning something's amiss. Inexperience is fine, but you need to know that you are not a natural at marketing. You need to learn it. Start by studying a recently written book because the Internet changes every few months. So will your approaches. When on social media, notice all the teleseminars and webinars that can educate you, at least generally. When you want more specific valuable strategies and action steps, find a book coach and get a strategy session to get you going in the right direction the first time, before all those costly time and money mistakes. QUIT WASTING TIME on what doesn't work. Don‘t keep wasting time on marketing that doesn't sell books.

Problem Three. You don‘t have a promotion-minded website.

When I asked one new client about her website, she said she would hurry up and do it herself. That will not work for her. She came to me after using a 10 hour promise book coach, so even her chapters were not clear, not focused, not specific and were not set up for easy reading. Easy reading is not easy author writing. Old writing habits die hard and even professionals, though many don't realize this, need book chapter help that also markets them.

Simple? Yes, but you need to know how.

She agreed to do a website strategy session around her book's sales letter. She didn't have any idea how important web landing pages are.

Most important - you need a landing page with a book's sales letter to entice eventual sales.

Remember Features describe; Benefits sell. Most authors forget about benefits and focus primarily on the book's features. No wonder they don't receive the sales they expect. Even your free newsletter or blog subscribe link needs a landing page sharing the benefits of your valuable content. Free reports also need a sales message in the landing page. Offer any of these on your home page with a short sales promo and link to the landing page copy. If you don't know about these web marketing strategies or aren't quite sure how to do them, go to a book professional's site and use it to inspire yourself!. When you post your LinkedIn Profile, be sure to use a shorten format of this book sales letter in you "Summary" sections, the most important one and one that needs to be at the top.

You need a landing page for your "About You."

One that not only touts you and your capabilities on how you can help your audience, but tells your personal story leading to your success.

You need a "Contact" page.

Where you share your email, business address, and even phone number to allow visitors to interact with you. Remember the book coach's motto, "Make it easy for your customer to 'buy'". To get fans who follow you for years you need to implement all of these and more. When I don't find a contact page easily, I suspect the site is a fake. THINK about your book's sales letter. Remember, to have your book be a top success, you need to have a web presence and a website where you can offer your products and services, and encourage discussions in your blog. That's how you create long term fans who will follow you. They will be waiting for each book you write because they liked your first one and like you. It's not luck; it's fortunate because you made it happen.

Published by Judy Cullins

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  • Lesley Lodge

    Thanks! Very useful, especially as I then clicked through to the how to write the sales letter piece! It’s all beginning to add up now

  • TheGirl

    These tips make sense!

  • Cynthia Cooke

    Great blog. Thanks of the info!!

  • judycullins

    Lesley,You are smart to pay attention to the sales letter as a web alnding page for each thing you want to sell. If you need help on it, email me at [email protected]

  • judycullins

    Cynthia, Glad you agot value from this blog. Did you subscibe to it? a new article will be sent you each two weeks when you join.

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