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Write Your eBook or Other Short Book--Fast!
is available now as an eBook.

Imagine Thousands of Readers
Buying Your Book Next Month!

Now you can write, publish, and sell your eBook
or other short book in less than 30 days with:

Write Your eBook
or Other Short Book-Fast!

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"Wow! In earlier book and web coaching sessions, you helped me choose the right print book title "Tug of Heart" for my book. Today you helped me decide on my best subtitle. From one possibility: "How to GuideYour Decisions with Inner Wisdom,"our brainstorming led to this best title and subtitle: "Tug of Heart: How to Trust your Decisions." Definitely worth so more than the price of the book coaching session.

Thanks for getting me started on the short benefit-driven sound bite, the "30-60 second tell and sell." which will presell the book before they are even printed! From this, I'm now on my way to create my Web site sales letter with marketing pizzazz."

Debbie Call
[email protected]

Why write an eBook?

Because of these benefits...

  • Vast audiences will pay for your unique information
  • You eliminate the middlemen and can keep all the profits
  • You make lifelong, passive profits
  • You spend much less time writing and promoting yourself
  • You reach your Online target audience easily and directly
  • You finish your book within 30 days and start making money
  • You spend much less time and money distributing your book yourself
  • You have little or no competition Online (no need to be famous)

 Maybe you are asking yourself…

  • I'm not a professional writer, so can I write a good book?
  • I already work full time, so will I have enough time to write?
  • I don't want to spend much money on writing.
  • Who will publish this book? Who will distribute it?
  • How can a Newbie like me learn about Internet promotion and marketing?
  • How can I be sure my book will sell and be worth my time?

Let your 20-year Book Coach, Judy Cullins,
Dispel the Myths of Author Limitations:

  • Write a short book. Think 5-90 pages (saves time)
  • Write your eBook and print book at the same time (saves time and money)
  • If you are willing to learn a new way, your Non-techie book coach, Judy Cullins, can help you from start to finish line.
  • Be your own publisher with a little professional help. Do what you do best, and hire (or trade for) the rest.
  • Promote your book yourself using some coaching help. (publishers won't promote your book)
  • Don't waste time (up to 2 years) and sales jumping through hoops for agents and publishers who accept only 1-2% submissions.
  • Realize that brick and mortar bookstores are the worst place to sell your books. You can't compete with Dr. Phil and your target Online audience doesn't go to traditional book stores. They go to the Internet.
  • Market and promote Online where vast audiences hunger for your information.
  • Know it's your passion that creates and sells books.

 Want Even More Benefits?

  • Become the expert in your field
  • Gain trust, credibility, adventure and monthly sales
  • Don't have printing or inventory costs
  • Can use word in 8 1/2 by 11 Word, Word Perfect, or PDF
  • Don't have to package and mail books
  • Don't have to dress for the occasion.
  • No wasted time in traffic or parking
  • No telling or selling in person
  • Sell Online from email or Other Book-Selling Web sites
  • Meet thousands Online who become loyal customers

"If you are willing to learn a new,
improved way, your non-techie coach,
Judy Cullins, can help you."

Here's what Marcia Reynolds, Past President of International Coach Federation Said about this book:

"Save yourself from headaches, disappointments, and money down the drain. Read Write Your eBook…before you write another word. Judy puts you on the fastest track to publishing success."

-Marcia Reynolds
Past president of International Coach Federation.
Author of How to Outsmart Your Brain

Do you love your work,
your message, so much
that you want to share it
with 1000's daily instead of hundreds?

Information is King! A vast audience online
and offline await your unique information, tips,
how to's, and stories.

To accomplish this you need the first in my four-book series:
Write Your eBook or Other Short Book--Fast!

Here's What's Inside this Powerhouse book!

Essential "Seven Hot Selling Points" to Design Each Part of Your Book to Sell Copies! (Chapter 3)

It's less effective to market and promote after your book is finished. If you think about marketing before writing your book, each chapter title will sell your book, your back cover information or sales letter will sell your book, and of course your sparkling introduction will help sell your book.

Benefits of "Hot Selling Points"

These "hot-selling points" will guide you to write compelling, organized copy, and write with purpose. You'll also cut editing time in half!

2. How to Write Each Chapter Fast, Organized and Answer Your Audience's Questions! (so you can solve their problems) (Chapter 7--"Fast-Forward Writing Formula" )

Benefits of "Fast-Forward Writing Formula."

Applying the "Fast-Forward Writing Formula" Where you pose and answer questions your audience wants answered yields a fast-written chapter. When you solve your audience's problem, your information will be gladly purchased!

Experts Sing This Book's Praises:

"This is not a book on how to write. It is a book on how to get it written. It is full of the shortcuts, resources and how-to's, experiences only an insider could know. Whether you are working on an eBook or a pBook, you will find Judy Cullins' wisdom invaluable."

-Dan Poynter
author of The Self Publishing Manual
and Writing Non-Fiction -www.parapublishing.com

"An Excellent book full of information any aspiring author can use. Get your highlighter ready!"

-Jacqueline Marcell author Elder Rage -www.ElderRage.com

You can write your book fast too!

You will published in one month and start making sales immediately. You don't even need your own Web site to sell your books. (See Ch. 6)

All you need is this 7-Chapter book _Write Your eBook or Other Short Book--Fast! that gives you the book's foundation and the formula to write it fast.

To buy now Click here

The 20-year Book Coach Says:

  • Just think if you only write a page a week, that's a 52-page book a year.
  • You can also choose to write a page a day and at the end of 3 weeks, you will have a 21-page salable book ready to promote. .
  • Remember, like you, people want their information short, and to the point, so they can get back to their other business.

Get Your Book Out of Your Head
and Onto the Shelves!

"Whoever said 'Fifty percent of writing is getting the first word on a blank piece of paper' should have had Judy Cullins' book! It's inspiring and practical, an unbeatable combination. Write Your eBook or Other Short Book -Fast! offers checklists, tips, tricks and the encouragement you need to get your book out of your head and onto the shelves. If you've ever thought of writing a book or even written one but want to improve the process, get this book."

-Mary Westheimer
CEO www.BookZone.com

Click here to Order Now!

Like me, you want ongoing passive income, you want to take a vacation to a beautiful island, you want to feel relaxed, giving your gifts to others, and enjoy life.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Write Your eBook or Other Short Book--Fast!- italics) comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Read the book cover to cover, and if the strategies don't work for you within 60 days, we'll cheerfully refund your money, and you can keep the book too!

Write Your eBook or Other Short Book--Fast!
is the right approach for you!!

As a 20-year book coach who has helped 24 clients publish since 1999, I guide you step-by-step. You'll multiply yours skills fast, so you can get going and finish your book! After that? The rewards you deserve--profits, maybe fame, and a great adventure.

Note: Get my Free monthly ezine called "The Book Coach Says..." by sending an email to [email protected] For more information on Book Coaching in small groups or one-on-one, see "Coaching Information" on this Web site. Or, just send me an email and put "small-group coaching" in the subject line.

Remember if you don't act,
NOTHING will happen.

Click Here for secure order form to download your book.

Or call this toll-Free 800 number 1-866-200-9743.

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