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Seven Success Secrets of Successful A...

Seven Success Secrets of Successful Authors
If you are not the author you want to be yet, incorporate the following seven success secrets into your overall plans. Please feel free to comment and add your own secrets and the end. 1. Treat your book as a business. You spend many hours creating a masterpiece to help your audience. It follows then that you need to set up a regular time sch [...]

10 Facebook Marketing Tips to Sell Yo...

10 Facebook Marketing Tips to Sell Your Book
Are you stuck on where to share the good news about your book? Maybe you think Social Media is a waste of time. And, you may be kicking and screaming about the social media learning curve. I did that too, when social media was in its youth. From the time I joined Twitter over 7 years ago, then moved to Facebook with book coaching tips on my [...]

Don’t Write That Next Book Yet ...

Don’t Write That Next Book Yet – 10 Questions to Ask Yourself
Many authors start writing their second and third book, ink barely dry on their first one. Coming from a veteran book coach, understand this decision works against your best interests. Why? Because you need to learn the proven online book promotion techniques and apply them to your original book first. Just because your first book isn’ [...]

Blog Marketing - Use These 5 Bl...

Blog Marketing – Use These 5 Blog Formats When your Muse Dries Up
Do you use blog marketing to sell books? Do you wonder how you will come up with 1-2 blog posts a week that will please your audience? You want your book and business to be noticed by the thousands of potential readers who are online and in the top three social media groups. Your readers want new, original information that they can use and re [...]

Discussion Forum Etiquette - Pr...

Discussion Forum Etiquette – Promoting Your Book
by Dave Bricker These 10 tips on forum etiquette shared by Dave Bricker will make sure your comments in the LinkedIn groups work to set you apart as the trusted authority in your niche or the go to person in your genre. I’m glad to say he’s also in my LinkedIn Book Writing, Self-Publishing and Book Marketing group at www.bookcoac [...]

Three Big Profitable Book Marketing S...

You may have concerns like my recent client, Bob. He wants to market all of his books on one site; his website is almost virgin - unfinished, without ways to get his audience of women whose husbands are cheating, to interact and respect him as a trusted authority on infidelity in marriage. In this 30-minute strategy phone session, he [...]

Online Book Marketing - 4 Reaso...

Online Book Marketing – 4 Reasons Your Books Aren’t Selling Enough
Some of you complain you do sooo much work and don’t get the money rewards from it. You may buy into the “recession blues.” Your books aren’t selling well. As a long time book coach I can tell you to keep the faith and follow a new path you may not have realized works well. So, why aren’t you selling more books? Here [...]

What’s Your Rush? A Lesson in B...

What’s Your Rush? A Lesson in Book Event Planning
I know Phil’s work as a book coach. He’s creative and tells a good story. You’ll love this one! Welcome to the Coach’s Corner! A man accompanies his pregnant wife to her doctor’s visit. She’s four months along and everything’s been going very well. The doctor announces a due date: March 21. “Aw, shucks,” says dad. “We were hoping for a Valen [...]

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